17 Things You Should Treat And Love A Woman

Sure, we’ve been told to make compromises in our relationships because no one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t hold out for excellence. Every woman deserves a partner that will love and respect her, but it’s the little things that actually add up over time, like DVRing your favorite TV shows and knowing your actual shoe size. So if you’re putting your list of “must haves” together, you might want to include some of these…
1. Call her everyday, every woman wants to hear her man’s voice.
2. Respect her.
3. Don’t force her to do what she doesn’t want to do.
4. Yes… She loves you, she want you to love her back, it means a lot to her.
5. Care for her.
6. If you have money, give her once awhile, girls need money to solves problems.
7. Don’t cheat, she really want you to be faithful, she want you to be different.
8. Love her unconditionally and sincerely.
9. Pet her, petting does good work, call her sweet names, when calling her sweet names, be real about it.
10. Be patient, be romantic, be serious about the relationship.
11. Show her she’s the only one in your life.
12. Never abuse her or beat her up non matter the circumstances.
13. Work hard as a man, she want you to succeed, she knows if you successful, she will enjoy with you.

17 Things You Should Treat And Love A Woman
17 Things You Should Treat And Love A Woman

14. Never stop loving her, never stop caring about her, never stop trying to do something new for fun and merriment, every woman want to catch fun, make her happy.
15. Appreciate your woman, support her, love her dearly, love her deeply, always love her, treat her perfectly fine, make her the happiest woman on earth.
16. She’s your wife, she need cuddling, kissing and romance every day.
17. Don’t mingle with girls, it will hurt her feelings and emotions, don’t cheat bro.
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