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Written By naijalanded writer โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ
๐Ÿฅ€๐ŸŽ Chapter Two ๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒ€

(A Poor Girl And A Rich Guy)
Audrey’s POV
I woke up very early the next day, thanks to the small alarm I met by my bed-side.
Ready for school…
My new school, Wearous High School.
Do I need to introduce myself? Nah, I already did that yesterday.
I still don’t believe I could sleep all alone in this pretty room..
At Aunt.Bridget’s place, my mom and I shared a room.
I halt the alarm which won’t stop ringing if I don’t, I wore my slippers and staggard to bathroom as if I were drunk.
The school uniform was Whao! , what else do you expect? It’s expensive too yet mom got it for me.
I had to put it on anyway since there aren’t other options than to do what she wants.
The only problem I think I’m worried about is the new school itself and my new classmates. They sure will all be from a wealthy home and they might not want me in their midst whereas I love to make friends not withstanding their background.
I came out from my room, dressed and of course looking like a student of Wearous Higj School.
Mom already set the table with slices of bread and tea.
“Good morning mom” I greeted perfunctorily and she came over to hug me and peck me on both cheeks.
“Morning darling and Wow you are looking so stunning in that uniform, you’re now a unified student of.. ”
“Oh Mom please! ” I interrupted then went to have a seat.
“You know what Audrey, Wearous High is on fire to have a very beautiful girl amidst them” Mom flattered me.
“And also the poorest girl too” I pouted.
“Don’t say that again” Mom shunned me, somehow angry with what I said.
I ate two slices of bread and drank the full cup of tea well-sure that not even a little dropped on my uniform.
“So it’s a restaurant” My Mom just suddenly said.
“What are you taking about? ” I asked.
“Your new working place”
Oh, I almost forgot, the after school job.
I frowned.
“I talked to the manager, the pay is quite good and guess what? they pay daily” My Mom said.
“Let’s not talk about the pay yet. Mom you said I’ll be working at a restaurant, you know what that means? There would be lot of customers there” I told her.
“Why not, it’s the most popular eatery”
I placed my both hands above my fore-head.. Arrgh, the whole thing is giving me headache.
“Mom, there would be a lot of customers” I repeated “And some of the male customers may be flity…You called me a very beautiful girl didn’t you? So when flirty guys sees a beautiful girl, what do you expect? ”
“Audrey, do you know what I went through before I got you this huge paying job? ”
“Are you trying to tell me to give it to them? ”
“No and why would I? Not after what your father did to me” Mom said frowning.
I hate when she talks about Dad.
“You know what to do dear, Ignore them okay? ” My mom said.
I looked at the small wall clock. Oh my God! I woke up very early, how did I spend so much time already.
“I’m already late” I almost shouted.
“On my first day of school” I added as I stood up and quickly took my schoolbag and hung it on my back.
“Take care baby” My mom gave me a peck on the cheek and I walked hastily out of the house.
Even the cab driver would be surprised..why I’m just going to school by this time.
* Wearous High School ๐Ÿซ
I climbed the stairs following all guides and instructions scribbled on the walls and doors.
…Soon I found my new classroom and there was a teacher in there-teaching.
I sighed first before I walked in.
“I’m a transferred student” I said to the teacher when he kept gazing at me with a what-do-you-want look.
“Oh, welcome. Hey class.. Meet…” He paused since he doesn’t know my name.
“Audrey Kathleen” I told him.
Kathleen is my mom’s name.
“Introduce yourself” He said.
I walked forward
“Hey everyone, my name is Audrey” I repeated.
OK, the word shy is not in my dictionary.
I’m so bold and- friendly.
But as if they already knew my identity as a poor girl, only few replied back with “Hi”
“There” The teacher, whom I’m yet to know his name pointed at the back, the last seat.
“It’s an empty seat, get sitted and I hope you’ll get along soon with your new classmates” He said.
Hm! I hope so too.
“Hell noo” I can’t believe some girls actually shouted at me.
I exhaled, ignoring them while I went to have my seat-comfortably.
“Hi” I said to my seatmate who happens to be a guy, drowned with handsomeness.
I love to make friends remember?
The handsome guy looked down to my hand which I offered for an handshake, then shook his head in negation and he looked away.
“I’m Audrey”
Oh, I already introduced myself.
“It’s nice to meet you, what’s your name? ” I asked him but he gave me deaf ears.
Why am I bothering myself to make friends with him?
The class came to an end quite soon and I overheard the students saying the next teacher is busy and he or she won’t be coming to class.
At this point, I’m beginning to miss my former school. If there wasn’t a teacher in the class, someone would come out and read out romantic poems and rhythms and those with no lover would pretend to be in love.. It was fun but here, …. One, two, three, why are these girls all gathered here in front of me? with some sort of look, angry looks!
Why? What have I done to them? Why are they upset with me and who are they?
Talawon ? (Who are they?) ๐Ÿ˜‚


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