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πŸ₯šπŸŒΏ Chapter Three πŸ’šπŸŒΏ

Two with a red and pink blond hair, another with a black ponytail..
“Ah..Hi H…Hi” I stammered.
“Huh, Hi? ” The one with a red blond hair said.
“Do you want something from me? ” I asked and three of them bursted into laughter as if I just preformed a comedy or cracked a joke.
“Did you hear her? She just asked if we want something from her” The one with a pink hair said and they laughed again.
“What’s funny? ” I managed to ask.
“What can a worthless girl like you give to us? ” The black haired girl said.
“Well, you are sitting close to my Simon” The one with the red hair said. Looks like, she’s the boss.
“Your Simon? ” I muttered. “Oh, the teacher told me to sit here” I said courageously.
“Hey, are you blind? this isn’t the only blank seat here okay? ” She said, she sounded angry.
This isn’t her seat too,
I snubbed them and turned to the Mr handsome sitting beside me.
He didn’t even say anything to those ladies that are trying to attack me.
“Your name is Simon?” I said to him.
Lo, he stood up and hit his desk sharply with his hand then looked at me and said to me.. “Find somewhere else to sit, I don’t relate with people from the slums” Then he walked away.
How did he know that I’m poor?
How could he tell so easily that I’m not the same as them?
Those were the first words I heard from the first student I wanted to be friends with here.
How rude!
“Look at her shoes, I’m sure she bought it from the market of ancient” One of the girls said.
“And her hair, so shabbish”
“She looks weird”
They all said and hurried to meet up with the Simon-handsome-but rude guy.
I don’t belong here, I don’t.
This is all mom’s fault. Oh no!
“Hey Audrey…. Right? ” Someone called.
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I fought back the wanting-to-drop tears..
Wait, was I gonna cry?
“Hi” I looked up to him
Him? Why is it another him?
“I’m Kyle” He said.
“You know my name” I replied back sheepishly.
“Yeah Audrey, and you are a newbie”
“Yeah” I said turning away from him.
Staying away from anymore trouble.
“I saw what just happened and you are still sitting here” He said.
“Yes? ”
“Are you out of your mind? Those girls or even the guy could harm you when they return and still sees you sitting here. And well, I don’t have a seatmate if you don’t mind” He said pointing to his seat which was at the centre of the class.
“And then, some girls would come here too and yell at me again right? ” I said adamantly.
“I’m not leaving this place” I added.
“Hey you are a newbie.There is much you don’t know, I really need to enlighten you” He pulled me by arm to his seat and made me sit next to him.
“Be my seat partner” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
Well, I’m glad someone is trying to make friends with me.
“Simon is a very popular guy” He resumed.
“So? ” I shrugged.
“That’s why he is so pompous and rude ¿ and so many girls drool over him” The Kyle guy said.
I gave another eye roll “That’s a lame reason, you said the guy is so arrogant would some stupid girls drool over such attitude? ugh! ”
“Well, as you already know this school is filled with rich students. Simon is the wealthest, his father own all the wealth”
“An over-statement obviously” I scorned. “How stupid of you, boasting about someone else’s wealth” I said and he frowned and turned away.. That’s because I called him stupid.
“I’m sorry” I quickly apologized.
I’m still new here, I know I’m so brave but I shouldn’t start stepping on people’s nerves yet.
Besides, in a class of 20 students I think…He is the only one willing to talk to me.
“I’m sorry” I repeated softly.
He smiled and turned to me not reluctantly.
I love this kinda guy.. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.. I’m a kind of girl with multiple crushes. Lol.
“But, what the hell, he is just a student not a celebrity or something and you’re telling me he is famous? ”
“He is the talk of the internet, you sure have a cell phone don’t you? His father is very prosperous, would you believe if I tell you he built this school and he owns so many buildings here in Wearous estate even in other estates? ” Kyle rushed all words.
“It’s okay; like I don’t wanna hear more because I don’t care” I said “The key part about the guy is he lacks good manners and you are pretending not to be his friend”
“Never! ” He exclaimed
“Well, Whatever” I said and he looked at me with keen interest and he smiled. “Uhm? ”
“You are different from other girls, you are not crazy or so happy about the fact that I said Simon is the richest guy in the school” He said.
“Oh.. Nonsense, why would I? ”
“You know.. Most girls are after Simon because of his money. That’s what 99.5% of girls do.. When a guy has a lot of money, they stick to you more than a glue” He expantiated.
These words hit me so hard, it’s the same mistake my mom made and unfortunately, the guy jilted her _ my supposed father.
“I hope my instinct about you is right. I dislike Simon and it would hurt me if I find out that you are one of those girls that wants him” He said.
Ok, please can someone bail me out from this guy here?