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A Weekend To Remember Episode 3

A Weekend To Remember

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(Caught in a dilemma ๐Ÿ˜ฐ)
Written by Authoress Ti Fe ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ“š

The opening of the door in a loud way woke me up. I opened my eyes slowly and my vision was blurry. I shut my eyes and opened it again and it became clearer.
“Good morning.” I heard Roman say and I sat up in haste.
“Good morning,” I said staring at his tummy.
” Your food.” He said and was about leaving when I held his hand.
“How are you? Does it still hurt?” I asked looking at his Facebook through the mask.

“A little.” He replied and I sighed.
“I am sorry,” I said and he nodded.
“Eat up. I was asked to stay here while you eat.” He said moving away from the bed and standing still staring at him.
“Can I see the wound? I am so sorry. I just want to be free.” I said and he sighed.
” I understand you, and I am fine. Eat up.” He said in a calm voice and I sighed looking at the food.
“It’s… It’s hard, and my hands are sore already. I know you can’t release my hand, but can you at least feed me? I swear I won’t hurt you.” I said hoping he would listen to me.
He looked at my hand and saw it was red and swollen already. He breathed out loud and walked to the door.
And when I thought he wanted to leave, he shut the door and walked back to me.
He sat on the bed and began to open up the plate he brought. He picked up the spoon and scooped some rice into it.
He passed it to my mouth and I opened it up taking it in. I began to chew and I couldn’t stop staring at his mask.
“You seem different,” I said and he looked at me.
“I don’t understand.” He said scooping another rice in the spoon.
“You are different from the others that kidnapped me. You are kind and fast to trust.” I said and he sighed moving the rice to my mouth.
I took it in and he went for the sause in the other plate.
“You don’t want to be here. You are here for something.” I said and he dropped the spoon.
” You know nothing about me.” He said looking away.

” Sorry. I just feel you shouldn’t be here, you will complicate yourself when you are seen with these people. You are even suffering here.” I said and he stood up abruptly.
” Shut up.” He said calmly moving away and I kept mute.
“I am Sorry. I didn’t mean to annoy you.” I said sadly and he looked at me and walking back to the bed.
“Eat up fast. I have other things to do.” He said and I nodded.
He kept feeding me and I kept eating staring at him.
“Can’t I at least see your face?” I asked and he shook his head.

” It isn’t allowed.” He replied helping me with the bottled water.
“I don’t care what is allowed or what is not. I was kidnapped and I shouldn’t listen to what they say, and you shouldn’t too. They treat you anyhow just because you are nicer than their f**king a*ses.” I stated and he sighed.
” You don’t know anything about how this goes, so don’t try to get into my head.” He said and we heard a bang on the door.
“Sh*t. They are here.” He said and I quickly picked up the spoon pretending to fee myself. He stood up and walked to the door to open up.
“Why did you shut the door?” The leader with a fierce voice asked.
“I didn’t want any chances of her running away.” He said and he pushed him aside walking to me.
“So you are still thinking of running?” He asked and I ignored him and kept eating.

“Wow, such guts.” He said laughing but I summoned courage and kept eating.
“Are you dear?” He growled and I looked up dropping the spoon in anger.
“What is wrong with you? When I talk it’s a problem! When I don’t, it’s another problem. What do you want me to f**king do! You can’t command me to do what I don’t want to! I ain’t your f**king slave!” I muttered in anger.
” Have you forgotten your life lies right in my hands?” He said reaching for my chin and raising it.
“You know what? Why not kill me and get this all done? Cos if you don’t succeed in doing so, you would end up in jail.” I said picking the spoon as I continued eating.
“Pack the plates immediately she is done.” He said and walked out.
I breathed out the fear in me and looked up to see Roman staring at me.
“That was brave.” He said walking back to me.
” Thanks. It was a one-minded act.” I said and he laughed making me smile.
“Let’s get you fed.” He said sitting on the bed again.
” Won’t you lock the door?” I asked and he shook his head.
” No need for that. Since he has come he won’t return.” He said.

” Thank you,” I said and he rose his head to look at me.
“Why?” He asked.
“For at least talking to me. If not I would have been paralyzed by boredom.” I said and he laughed.
“It’s no big deal.” He said passing the food to my mouth again and I opened it up taking it in.
“You don’t want me to see your face?” I asked and he shook his head.
” No.” He said and I nodded.
“Just know that anytime you change your mind, I will be so happy and would never use your face against you if at all I escape,” I said.
” You shouldn’t think about escaping because it isn’t possible. You are in the middle of nowhere.” He said and my mouth dropped open.
” What! You mean like an island?” I asked and he nodded.
” Something like that.” He replied and I sighed.
So they won’t be able to get me easily.
“But why are you all doing this to me?” I asked in a shaky voice.
” They have their reasons.” He said and stood up as he began to pack the plates.
“Water please,” I said as I felt like I was going to choke. He opened it in haste and gave it to me to drink. I signaled him to stop after I felt a little relieved.
“Thanks,” I replied when he withdrew the bottle.
“My pleasure. Am off now, try to have some rest. Lunch will be served when it’s time.” He said and began to walk to the door.
“Will you be the one to serve me?” I asked.
” Yes.” He said and I smiled.
“Okay. I will be here waiting.” I said and he nodded walking out finally.
I sighed and looked at my tied hands tiredly.
I couldn’t stop wondering why a person like Roman would be part of the heartless humans here.

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