A Weekend To Remember Episode 4

A Weekend To Remember

Happy Reading Naijalandedier’s

(Caught in a Dilemma πŸ˜°)
Written by Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š

Roman walked out of the room where Beatrice was kept feeling so guilty. He ran into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror looking into it.
He removed his mask and dropped it on the pavement where the basins were. He bent his head and opened the tap taking some water in his hand and washing off his face with it.
“Hey!” He heard someone call behind him and it happened to be one of the men but this one is a little close to him.
“Hey Daniel,” Roman responded brushing back his black curly hair with his hand.
“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.” Daniel said approaching Roman.

“How do you expect me to be happy when all we do is kidnap and torture people?” Roman asked looking into the mirror again.
“C’mon Roman, we aren’t torturing anyone,” Daniel said smiling.
“We are. Haven’t you seen that beautiful lady’s hand? Can’t you see how red and swollen it is?” Roman asked in anger.
“Roman,” Daniel called narrowing his gaze at Roman.
“What? Why are you looking at me like this?” He asked
“You called her beautiful.” He said with a smile on his face and Roman sighed.
“Seriously? I said something important, Daniel! And that’s the only thing you can remember?” Roman said and Daniel busted into laughter.
“Sorry! My bad!” He said and Roman breathed out picking up his face mask.
“Roman whatever happens to the victims shouldn’t affect you. You are here for the money, you should focus on that.” Daniel said and he shook his head.
“I am here for no money. I curse my father for pulling me into this mess! I can’t believe he worked with heartless people like this.” Roman said in regret and Daniel sighed.
“Thinking about that now would make you do something stupid. So please forget about that and come serve the boss.” Daniel muttered.
“I would prefer they looked for someone else to serve, I can’t keep meeting with those victims seeing them this way,” Roman stated holding his mask in his hand and walking to the door of the bathroom.
“Wait. You are acting differently.” Daniel said and Roman looked at him.
“How?” Roman asked.
“You are so concerned about this victim than the others. Why?” He asked and Roman sighed.

“I am concerned about everyone that comes here. Not only her.” Roman lied walking out of the bathroom.
“You can’t fall in love with a victim you know?” Daniel told following behind him.
“And who is talking about love?” Roman asked.
“No one. But I can see it written clearly on your face.” Daniel mumbled and Roman looked at him.
“I am wearing a mask dummy,” Roman said and they both laughed.
He walked to the kitchen and he met Damon in there.

“Why are you yet to serve us?” He asked in his hoarse voice.
“I am the sorry boss. I will do just that.” Roman said rushing to the pot and Damon stood in his way.
“Look at me Kiddo! You can’t keep acting this way. Your father was smarter than you are.” He said grabbing him by the neck and Roman grew angry.
“But you ended up taking his life. Is that how to repay a smart person?” Roman asked and Damon in fury punched him in the face.
“How dare you! Your father tried to play smarter than I. I had to show him who is superior. If you try the same thing, you would have the same fate.” Damon roared.
Damon’s phone began to ring and this made him release his neck.
“Serve me my food now,” Damon ordered drawing out his phone from his pockets and walking away.

He got to where he knew Roman couldn’t hear him and then picked up the call.
“How is she?” He asked from the other end.
“Fine. She is doing fine.” Damon responded.
“You are not to hurt her now. Once I get what I want, you can do whatever you want with her.” He told and Damon nodded.
“Got it, Sir,” Damon responded and hung up the call. He looked back at Roman and saw he was busy serving the food on his favorite plate.
He kept mute and walked past Roman to the door. Immediately he stepped out, Roman breathed out in anger throwing the spoon he was using across the kitchen.
“Don’t damage the spoon. You would have to work to get another one again.” Daniel said behind him and he looked back.
“I hate what I am doing! I want to quit.” Roman said feeling so full of guilt.
“You and I know quitting isn’t that easy. You are yet to repay half of what your father stole from Damon. You will be here for a long time dude.” Daniel explained and Roman kept mute.
“Okay.” He replied and Daniel furrowed his brows.
“I don’t trust that okay. Don’t tell me you want to plan something because I feel it’s stupid already.” Daniel said and Roman smirked.

“I said okay. Why are you overthinking it?” Roman and Daniel shook his head
“Nothing. You just have to be careful.” He said walking out of the kitchen and Roman glared into space.

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