A weekend to remember episode 5

A Weekend To Remember

Happy Reading Naijalandedier’s

(Caught in a Dilemma πŸ˜°)
Written by; Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š

Tokyo and Beatrice’s father sat in the living room lost in thoughts.
“Beatrice didn’t come home last night, and she never told me she would not.” Her father stated looking at Tokyo.
“I am also confused,d Sir. She never come to my house last night and she never called or texted me. I called her for the video calls we used to do at night but it wasn’t connecting.” Tokyo complained.
“We need to call the cops, enough of these stories okay? We need to involve the cops.” Her mother said fearfully walking out of the kitchen.
“Involve the cops? What if this is just a misunderstanding and we are thinking something else entirely?” Tokyo asked and her mother shook her head.
“There is no time to guess. My baby girl is out there and I don’t know where she Is. Until I do, I can never be at rest.” Her mother Stated.
Her father picked up his phone and made a call across to the police station. Tokyo stared at him and waited for him to speak up.

“Good day, My daughter is missing, I need intervention immediately.” Her father.
“We would have to ask some question,sir.” They responded.
“Okay? What do I do?” He asked.
“We would be at your apartment very soon sir.” They stated and he hung up the call.
“What did they say?” Her mother asked restlessly.
“They would be here in no time.” He responded and Tokyo stood up.
“Sir I am sorry but I have to leave now,” Tokyo said and her parents looked at him.
“Why? You didn’t tell me you would be leaving this early.” Her father stated.
“I never thought I would leave this early, but I just got a message from the company now and I need to be there. I promise to be back as soon as I am done.” He said and they nodded in understanding.
“Thank you. I would update you on whatever the Cops find out when you are back.” Her father said.
“please do. I can’t wait to see Beatrice.” Tokyo said and they sighed.
“we would find her.” Her father said and Tokyo walked out of the house.
Damon finished eating the food Roman had served him when his phone vibrated. He picked up his phone and saw it was a phone call.
He picked it and signaled everyone around to excuse him and they all did immediately.
“They involved the cops.” He heard from the other side.

“Why am I not surprised?” Damon asked comfortably.
“Are you not getting it? Her father has eyes and ears everywhere. In no time, they would find out where she is.” He said and Damon smirked.
“We are not where they can find us. You need to calm down and trust our services.” Damon said picking his teeth with a toothpick.
“Don’t be so stupid to think that way. We are dealing with Mr. Robert here okay? We need to be on the safest side, not on the safe side.” He replied from the other end.
“So what do you want me to do?” Damon asked.

“I need you to give her a cell phone and let her talk to her parents.” He said.
“What?” Damon asked in shock.
“shut up and let me finish. You have a gun on her skull when you give her the phone, you tell her that she has to tell them she is fine and is on a vacation. She has to tell them she is okay and would be back home soon. After the call, you get rid of the phone and sim card.” He explained from the other end and Damon nodded.
“got it.” He responded and he hung up the call.
Damon stood up and walked out of his office heading to where Beatrice was kept. He opened the door and walked in to see her fast asleep on the bed.
“Hey!” He shouted making Beatrice shake to reality.
“Why did you shout that way?” She asked angrily. Her heart was beating very fast and this made Damon smiled behind his mask.

“Have this phone. Call your parents and tell them you are on a vacation and you are fine. You lost your phone on your way so you couldn’t call until now.” Damon said stretching the phone to her.
“And you expect me to tell them I am fine when I am not? I can’t lie to my parents. Are you scared they would find out where I am?” Beatrice said boldly.
Damon sighed In frustration and pulled out his gun from his back pocket pointing to her.
“It’s a command.” He muttered and when Beatrice saw the gun she kept mute swallowing hard.
Her body began to shake as she reached out for the phone. Her fingers shook as she began to type in her father’s phone number.
“you say exactly what I told you.” Damon declared cocking his gun and the sound made Beatrice jump In fright.
She put a call across to her father and he picked up on the second ring.
“hi, Father.” She said trying to sound calm.
“Beatrice? Baby girl, how are you? Where are you?” Her father asked.
“Father I am fine. I am sorry for not calling you earlier. I misplaced my phone so I couldn’t call until now.” She said and her father sighed in relief.
“So where are you now? I can come to pick you,” he said and Beatrice looked at Damon who tightened his grip on the gun. He nodded for her to continue and tears rolled down her eyes.

“I am on a Vacation Father.” She said in a shaky voice.
“Vacation? You never told me about it.” Her father said feeling confused.
“Yes. I didn’t want to tell you because you would want some guards to go with me and I just want few days without anyone watching.” She lied shutting her eyes as she did.
“At least you should have told your mother. When will you be back?” He asked and Beatrice looked at Damon.
“You would tell them later.” He whispered and she wept silently.
“I would let you know Father. I have to go now.” She said glaring at the gun that points at her head.
She hung up and busted into tears giving the phone to Damon.
“you seem smarter than I thought. You handled the old men well.” Damon said and right In front of her he threw the phone across the room and it shattered.
Beatrice held her head crying profusely.
“Aww baby, don’t do that. You are more beautiful when you try to act strong.” Damon said in mockery walking out of the room.
He shut the door behind him and walked away.
Beatrice tried to stand up and she walked to where the scattered phone was. She tried putting it together but it was too shattered. It was beyond repairs.
“No! No! Please work.” She cried weakly.
This is suffering πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜°πŸ˜°πŸ˜°
One name for Damon πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ’”πŸ’”
Good πŸŒž
I love y’all β€β€

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