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A weekend to remember episode 7

A Weekend To Remember
A weekend to remember episode 7
A weekend to remember episode 7

Happy Reading Naijalandedier’s

(Caught in a dilemma πŸ˜°)
Written By: Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š

“what is it?” Roman asked glaring into her eyes.
“You look so handsome.” She said placing her palm on his face slowly and as soon as her hands touched his Face he shut his eyes loving her touch.
He opened his eyes gradually and moved his face very close to hers.
He leaned forward and their lips brushed each other making them shiver. Beatrice suddenly moved back remembering she has a fiancée at home.
“I am sorry.” She said and Roman bit his lower lip moving back.
“No, I am sorry. I was too forward.” He stated and Beatrice nodded looking away. She just too shy to look him in the eye.
“I should leave before Damon gets here.” He told and she nodded speechlessly.
Roman stared at her for few seconds before finally walking out of the room. He shut the door and leaned his back on it breathing in and out.
He kept feeling her touch on his cheeks. It was driving him insane.
“I need to get her out of here. I can’t let her keep suffering. I need to know who is behind her kidnap.” He thought standing properly and walking away.
Beatrice heard him walk away and she slammed into the bed. She felt her heartbeat very fast and she held her chest staring into space.
“Why did you get so close? You have a fiancée Beatrice. You can’t do this to Tokyo.” She said to herself hitting her head carefully.
Tokyo walked into the company, and the staff greeted him happily. Though some had never liked him so they ignored his presence and kept walking.
Beatrice is the CEO of one of her father’s companies, and she had an assistant. Tokyo was there to see the assistant.
Immediately her assistant Gordon saw him, he stood up with a large smile on his face.
“Welcome, Mr. Tokyo.” He greeted and Tokyo smiled.
“How are you Mr. Gordon?” he asked walking to Beatrice’s chair.
“Great sir,” Gordon responded wondering what Tokyo was about doing.
Tokyo sat on her chair and placed his leg on the table smirking. This made Gordon confuse.
“Sorry Sir, but you can’t sit down like that,” Gordon stated and Tokyo arched his brows.
“Why? Have you forgotten I am your CEO’s husband-to-be? “ Tokyo asked and Gordon shook his head.
“I haven’t forgotten, but you aren’t the CEO sir. And Miss Beatrice never told me you would be sitting on her chair during her vacation.” He said suspecting Tokyo.
“Well, here I am. I am here to take over of the company till she is back.” He said and Gordon scoffed.
“I am sorry Mr. Tokyo but I am yet to receive any confirmation from Miss Beatrice and I can’t do anything behind her back.” He said and Tokyo got too vexed.
“Hey, have you forgotten this is my fiancée? She wouldn’t tell you everything. I am taking over the company and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.” Tokyo declared and Gordon nodded swallowing hard.
“Yes sir.” He responded and walked out of Beatrice’s office.
He got out and looked into the office through its transparent glass and saw Tokyo smiling widely.
“Why don’t I trust him? “ Gordon asked himself picking out his phone from his pocket.
He searched for Beatrice’s phone number. He found it and dialed the number, but it wasn’t connecting.
“Where did she keep her phone?” He thought of trying it again but it was the same thing.
“I can’t just let Mr. Tokyo take over that seat. I need to do something about this.” He thought walking away.
Damon was at the edge of sleeping when his phone rang and he saw his boss calling.
“Yes, Boss.” He said after picking up.
“How is she?” He asked from the other side sounding happy.
“She is good. Probably sleeping. Any updates?” Damon asked tiredly.
“You would be getting rid of her soon. I have achieved what I want.” He answered.
“Today?” Damon asked.
“No! I still need her alive to convince her people.” He stated and Damon nodded.
“Got it.” He responded and he hung up the call.
He stood up and walked to the bathroom yawning. Ramon who had been eavesdropping heard he opened the toilet shower and he quickly opened the door and walked into the room.
He saw the phone on the bed and picked it up quickly. He checked the recent number that called and began to memorize it.
“234-564-24” He muttered to himself repeatedly. He heard the running tap stop and he quickly dropped the phone and ran out of the room shutting the door quietly.
“Who is there?” Damon asked as he saw the door close.
“It… it is me. Roman.” Roman responded in haste.
“What do you want?” Damon asked in a hoarse voice.
“I am here to tell you we are running out of foodstuffs.” Roman lied breathing very hard.
“Why are you just telling me?” Damon asked walking to the door.
“I just found out,” Roman replied as Damon opened the door.
“Get some money from Don and get more! And me careful you can’t be noticed out there.” Damon warned and Roman nodded walking away.
“Don’t worry Beatrice. I am getting you out of here.” Roman said to himself.

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