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A weekend to remember episode 8

A Weekend To Remember
A weekend to remember episode 8
A weekend to remember episode 8

Happy Reading Naijalandedier’s

(Caught in a dilemma ðŸ˜°)
Written by Authoress Ti Fe ðŸ’žðŸ“š

Roman took the normal route from the island to the city. He kept repeating the numbers in his head so he wouldn’t forget.
He got to the call center in the middle of the road and picked up the telephone to call the number.
The number began to ring and immediately it was connected.
“Hello,” Tokyo answered from the other side.
Roman kept mute trying to figure out if he has heard that voice somewhere apart from Damon’s phone.
“You are unto Tokyo, how may I help you?” Tokyo added when he heard nothing at the other side.
Roman’s eyes widened and he hung up the call.

“So he is behind all this? He asked for her kidnap.” Roman thought unbelievably. He didn’t know what to do.
“Should I go to the cops? What if I am also found guilt? Or should I tell Beatrice first? She should know how to get him? I don’t even know!” He screamed in his head.
He went to the market to get the foodstuff he had lied was almost finishing. Now he knew who was behind it but was yet to know why?
He needed to ask Beatrice, to know the next step. Why would he do something like this to her?
“I would so kill him when I set my eyes on him. Even if we are in the same prison yard.” He thought angrily.
He walked down the path with the bags of foodstuff in his hands. He acted cool and walked down to the kitchen.
After putting the bags down, he walked to the room Beatrice was kept and opened the door carefully. He looked around to see if anyone was looking, he couldn’t risk anyone seeing him go in and out of the room like it is his business.
He walked in and was Beatrice laying on the bed. Immediately she saw him, she sat up. Roman stared at her and noticed she had been crying.
“What happened? Did he come in here again?” Roman asked and Beatrice shook her head.
“he didn’t. Roman, it’s my second day of been here, and I don’t see any sign I would be released soon.” She muttered in a shaky voice.
“You won’t be here before the end of tomorrow,” Roman said boldly and Beatrice looked at him with broadened eyes.
“What? Is Damon going to kill me tomorrow? Or is he releasing me?” She asked anxiously and Roman walked up to the bed and sat next to her.
“releasing you isn’t the deal. He is planning to kill you after you are no more useful to the person who ordered for your kidnap.” He said and more tears rolled down her eyes.
“Why is this person doing this to me?” She mumbled in tears.
“What does Tokyo want from you exactly?” Roman asked and Beatrice stopped weeping.

“what?” She asked.
“Why do you think he is with you?” Roman asked.
“Because we love each other of course? Hold, what does this have to do with what is going on?” She asked in confusion.
“It has everything to do Beatrice. He is after something that is yours.” He said and Beatrice furrowed her brows.
“no, he is not. Why are you saying all this?” She asked clueless about it.

“He ordered for your kidnap Beatrice. I shouldn’t have told you this way but you need to know that he isn’t who you think he is. It is either he is after your money or your father’s money. Or even properties.” Roman stated and tears automatically rolled down her face.
She couldn’t believe her ears. Though Tokyo had always told her to speak to her father about giving him one of his companies.
She couldn’t because she knew Tokyo isn’t that intelligent to handle those companies. She didn’t tell him these, so she kept giving him excuses.
“I think I know what he is after.” She spoke up and Roman nodded.
“What?” He asked.
“My company. He is after my company Roman.” She said in tears and Roman pulled her into his hands.
“Do you have anyone we can talk to in the company? I need to speak to anyone in the company. For us to be 100 percent sure, we need to know if he has taken any steps.” He said and Beatrice nodded.

“My assistant. I know his number.” She said and Roman nodded eagerly.
“Tell me the numbers. I can memorize it. I would find a way to give him a call.” Roman said and she nodded.
“022-458-00,” She told.
“022-458-00” He repeated after her.
“022-458-00” They both chorused, and that was it. Roman knew it already.
“I need to go now. I would be back soon.” Roman said standing up. Beatrice held him back and he turned to look at her.
She stood up still holding his hand and she kept staring at him. She reached for his mask as soon as she was up and pulled it up to his nose.
She leaned forward closing her eyes and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Roman’s eyes went shut automatically and before thinking he wrapped his hands around her waist drawing her closer.
She opened her mouth wider and Roman’s tongue found its way into her mouth.
They kept kissing and Roman felt aroused. He stopped kissing her and moved back slowly.
“We can’t do this now. I need to get you out of here first.” He said and she nodded still staring at his lips.

She leaned forward again and wrapped her arms around him burying her face in his chest.
“Come back at night.” She whispered looking into his eyes. He nodded and kissed her forehead before she let him go.
“Bye.” She said and he nodded adjusting his mask.
He walked to the door and took one last look at her before walking out of the room. He got out and saw his friend Daniel.
“You are going to get yourself in trouble lover boy.” He said and Roman sighed.
“You have been watching me right?” He asked and Daniel nodded. They both walked away from the door leading to the kitchen.
“What is going on?” Daniel asked as soon as he got to the Kitchen.
“I need your help,” Roman said and Daniel creased his brows.
“My help?” He asked and Roman nodded.
“Can you help me with that cellphone?” He asked and Daniel’s eyes broadened. He looked around to see no one was around before moving very close to him.
“We promised not to mention that again.” He whispered.
“I know but this is the only way to save Beatrice. Please, you know if it isn’t important I wouldn’t risk it.” He said and Dan shook his head.
“Nobody can know I have a phone and you know it.” He whispered.
“I know and nobody will know okay? Please. I need this more than anything else.” Roman pleaded and Dan was forced to nod.
“Fine. But you can’t use more than five minutes.” He said and Roman nodded with a smile on his face.
“Deal.” He responded.
Good morning ðŸŒž
I love you all â¤â¤

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