[STORIE] Bad Girl, Big Bully Episodes 3

Bad Girl, Big Bully

Episode 3 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️✌✌
πŸ’ƒ KennedyπŸ’ƒ
“what did you say? ” she asked again and started moving to me while i moved back
” did she just yell at me? ” she smirked
” Jane, stop it, it’s enough ” moreen said
” wow, I can’t believe you guys, I should stop what? What should I stop? ” she said and used the broom to hit moreen head again
” isn’t it enough to bully me? Why are you bullying moreen too? ” I said and she beat me with the broom
” hey, scholarship boy, I guess you want to be a drop out, you are coming to this school with the help of your scholarship, remember?” when she said that a cold spine ran through my chin
“you are being too much jane ” moreen said
” hey, beautiful girl, will you keep quiet ” jane yelled at her
” do the cleaning your self, moreen go home while I’m being nice ” she said and walked out
” will you be ok? ” Moreen asked and I nod
” I will be fine, you can go ” I faked a smile
When I was done with cleaning i went home and got ready for my part time job
I work in a restaurant
I was serving the customers when I saw jane and her friends coming inside
” Kennedy, come and get the order of our customers” my boss said
I want to avoid the witches
I off my apron and decided to run out in the count of 3
Well I started counting in my head
But as I was about to run I felt someone touch my shoulder
“Kennedy, do you work part time here? Today is a really good day for me ” jane smiled evily
” hi Kennedy ” Eliza and Bianca greeted from where they were sitting
” we will love to order three plates of chicken” she said and I placed their order
“that will be 15,000 thousand naira ” I said and they smirked
” are you still asking for the money, we have a friend that works part time here ” they giggled
I left them and walked to my boss
” I think I’m feeling sick, I’m going home “I went out be4 he could even reply me
We finished eating and were about to leave when the owner of the restaurant stopped us
” won’t you pay for your food ” he asked
” our friend who works part time here promised to pay for our food ” Bianca said
” your friend? Who? ” he asked
” Kennedy ” I said
” Kennedy went home some minutes ago, he said he was not feeling well ” he said and I scoffed
” are you kidding? ” Eliza said
” kids, will you pay up your money or you get beaten up ” the man said
I checked my bag and noticed my wallet was not in there
I have no money with me
” do you guys av any money with you? ” I asked Eliza and Bianca but they shook their head and muttered the word ‘no’
Just like the man said
We were beaten up and told to wash so many plates
Kennedy you av messed with me
I won’t forgive you
Am Kennedy Eze AKA Naijalanded writer ✍️😍
For the men of the house always know you are fearfully made.
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