Dreams Episode 2


Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 2
Meeting Chase Delgado
Candace Noah
I sat on the sofa working on my assignment when I heard a car drove in
“Daddy is home”. Max announced running out to greet him
I sighed staring at the equations
“How will I solve this?”. I wondered, maths really sucks
I looked up when my dad walked in with Max following behind him
“hi Dad”. I greeted flashing him a smile
“how are You candy? he asked collapsing on the sofa opposite mine,He was obviously tired.
I stood up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen to get him something to eat, I dished some rice flakes into a plate placing it gently on a tray along with a glass filled with water.
I returned to the sitting room and placed the tray gently on a stool in front of my father
“Thanks”. My dad appreciated
I watched him rushed the food and smiled, he must be really hungry
He belched in satisfaction when he was done eating. He instructed Max who was watching cartoons to take the empty plates to the kitchen.
“but Dad let Candy do that”. he whined
“Do as I say”. My dad grunted
“Fine”. Max glared at me before standing up lazily, I smirked watching him pick the empty plates from the stool before heading out to the kitchen.
I turned to look and my dad and met his gaze
“What is it dad?” I asked looking away
“You went to the train station again right? he asked
“I can see mom already called you”, I drawled.
“She just want the best for you candy so try to understand her”
“can’t she just let me be? she already seized my guitar so what else does she want?
“She wants you to improve on your studies and that is all”. he replied
“But I am not cut out for studies, I just want to sing”.
He stared at me for a while and smiled . I understand you candy, I really do
“Really?”. I asked in excitement and he nodded
“Then please don’t stop me from doing what I like best”. I pleaded and he just stared on at me
“What do you think about Delgado music school?”. he suddenly asked
“Delgado! that is my dream school. I exclaimed in excitement but I heard the fees is really expensive or is there another way I can get in?
“I don’t really know. he shrug but I heard my boss talking about a scholarship or something like that, I will just ask him about it
“Really?” I asked in excitement, how did he get to know about it?
“That is because he holds a high position in the school and also because he is a close friend of Mr Delgado”. he explained
“Why didn’t you tell me about him?” I asked frowning, who is he? What is his name?
“Mr Montez. he is the father to Kira”
“Kira? do you mean Kira Montez my favourite female singer?
he nodded smiling , I never knew you admire her
“I do but not as much as my Nick”
“Your Nick”
“Erm.. I…I… meeen Nick”. I stuttered and he gave me a small smile
You really need to help me get into Delgado”. I pleaded
“I will see what I can do”. he promised me
* * * * * * *
Chase Delgado

I sat on the bed in my room trying to compose a song when the door opened and my elder brother Nick walked in
I tried to hide the book but it was too late
“What is that?” he asked sitting on the bed
“Nothing”. I lied
“Are you trying to lie to your big brother?” he scoffed
I shook my head negatively
“Then hand it over”. he yelled and I immediately did
He opened the book and glanced through the pages
“You are really doing a good job”. he remarked, I want to sing this song in my next album
“But I can’t Nick that is a special song I composed for my mom”. I explained
“What did you just say?”. he asked with a scoff?
“Nothing”. I bit my lips
“Good boy”. he muttered patting me, get dressed we are going to a concert.
“We?” I repeated and he nodded
“I am feeling sick”. I complained and he scoffed
“Don’t dare me little brother” He warned standing up and flashed me a smile before walking out of the room.
I picked the book from the drawer where Nick kept it and shred it to pieces
“When will all this stop?”. I wondered
I dragged myself up from the bed and went over to the wardrobe to change my clothes before heading down the stairs
I met Nick and his manager seated on the sofa obviously waiting for me
“I am ready”. I announced and they both stood
“It is going to be a big concert and we need you to give your best shot”. His manager informed and I smirked
The drive to the concert was a quiet one as Nick behaved like I never existed, he kept on looking into his phone.
“What a snub!”
The concert hall became noisy immediately we walked in, or should I say immediately Nick walked in.
The shout of Nick name filled the air and I scoffed when I saw a lady faint at the sight of Nick
“Is this for real?
Nick instructed me to maintain the same pace with him as we walked towards the stage . I guess he was worried about loosing his voice , yes his voice.
“Who is the guy beside Nick?”. I heard a female voice asked , he is way cuter than Nick
I turned to look at Nick and met his gaze, it was obvious he heard it
We climbed up the stage and the manager accompanied me to the back stage
“Just concentrate”. he instructed, no one must know Nick is lip syncing
“What song am I to sing?”. I drawled
“The last song you recorded at the studio”. he replied
I looked at him and scoffed
“You mean you don’t know the title of the song”. I teased
“Quit teasing Chase” he said. It is your song so you should know better
“So you finally admit I am Nick voice and Music”. I drawled
“Just sing Chase”. he instructed . I hummed the lyrics of the song before I started singing
I heard the crowd go wild as they sang along with me or rather should I say Nick since they all believed he was the one singing
The rhythm soon changed to a rock and roll and I immediately started another song . It was the first song I composed and also one of my best
I felt tears streak down my face as I sang
There is a song inside of my soul
It is the one that I have tried to write over and over again
I am awake in the infinite cold
But you song to me over and over again
So I lie my head back down and I Lift my head and pray to be only yours
I know now you are my only hope………
I was soon done singing and i heard the Crowd screamed Nick Name in excitement
I peeped through a little opening and saw Nick waving at his fans
“When will all this end?”. I wondered , I really loved singing but my own elder brother stole my dreams.
Do I really have a choice?
This is serious

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