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[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 13

Egg of life


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💚💚 EPISODE 13 💚💚

It didn’t take *Tony 1 week to sell the magnificent NNAJIUDE MANSION. The house was bought by one of CHIEF* NNAJIUDE’S RIVAL. He bought the house and speculations has it that he was going to use it for CLUB.
Madam sylvia and her daughters were released to find out their house has been sold. Madam sylvia fainted. They were only allowed to take their clothes.
-Tony has gone mad. I can’t believe this. Brenda was furious. Tony sold the identity of his father to his father’s chief emeny. Mum, please wake up.
-(Chinasa was just crying) mum, please wake up.
They poured water on her, no way. They decided to take her to the hospital.
At the hospital, susan came for check up that same day. Madam sylvia was admitted into same hospital. The hospital is the family’s hospital. On sighting TONY’S CAR, brenda ran towards the car, picked up a heavy stick she saw near by and broke the wind screen to piece.
People were shouting. Security came after her.
-Get your silly Ass out here tony, you fool. (Crying) because of that witch he calls a wife, he turned against his family. That idiot sold our family house. My mum fainted.She is here because of that. He put us behind bars for two weeks, denied us access to our lawyer. Not for a policeman who helped us contact a friend, we would have died of hunger.
(People looked on her with so much sympathy.)
-You rendered your own mother and sisters homeless. Tony get your despicable self out. Tony come ooooooooout, I’m waiting for you and that witch you call wife.
Chinasa ran out.
-sis, she shouted. Whose car is that? Is that not tony’s car? Do you have any money *on you? I need to buy fuel and matches Because na to burn this car down they hungry me. If ah burn am finish, i* burn their house too, burn down the company and burn them finally.
They created a huge scene. People where watching. Tony who was upstairs with *his wife called the *men of the sars he previously used to come to *the hospital to pick him and his wife.
The men of the sars arrived the* hospital. As they escorted* them out, Susan went* to brenda.
-so you feel pain? Brenda, you feel pain? How nice. When you joined forces with your mum and *sister to make my life a living hell, were you not enjoying it? You and your miserable mother and useless sister turned my husband against* me. Three times, tony beat my babies out of my womb, *Thanks to your mum. I lost my only brother because your mum refused he stayed in our house. He was traveling back that night and had that ghastly accident that later took his life.Till* *date, my mum doesn’t know that your witch of a mother caused her only son’s death. She kept on working on my husband against* me. How i suffered. *Sleeping outside for one weak, denying me employment in the family’s company, alot to mention* a few. I have not started and you’re ranting. Please kill yourselves because as we speak, *every property belonging to the NNAJIUDES has been transfered to my NAME. I now call the shoots. I am now the* owner of everything. I will not tamper with your lifes but you will *beg to die by the time I’m done with you. Every teacher prays for his students to better than he is. Can’t you see i am better in this game now? Incase* you want to try anything stupid, i have personally made reports at the police *headquarters that you and your family are threats to my life. if anything, i mean anything happens to me, my properties or my husband, even my mum or any* of *my family members, you will go to JAIL. Kindly hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to* *story headquarters room for more exciting stories. You can go back to the village,* *that mansion is just rotting away. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME. As for the car, i really do not need that TAXI anymore* . Soon I’m getting the newest Mercedes product. Excuse me.
-screw you. Witch. brenda shouted. Arrrrrghhhh, what is this? Daddy where are you ? Brenda cried.
-Susan, if you have the guts, face me woman to woman, why moving around with **body guards. Gooooooosh!!! Arrrrrghhhh !!!, i can’t believe this. ISHI-ISHI is just a failure. A scam. Aiding some he was helping us* destroy. What an irony. Chinasa lamented.
,-you see, you *see what you and mum caused? I frowned at it. I refused to join. Now see. You can’t hurt her but* she is hurting you. All dad’s properties now in her name. You see?
-There are *lots of things that stupid girl does not know about ISHI-ISHI and cannot be told now. I just weep* for tony. My heart bleeds for my son and the future of this family.
-how mum? Brenda asked.
-hmmm, it is deep and it is heavy. You will not *understand. I am under an oath not to disclose this top secret about ISHI-ISHI to anyone not even a member. Especially those who haven’t gotten to the stage.(crying) each time i remember* , i cry for my son. But, it is an opportunity. I will pay back that witch heavily.
Susan got a call that her mum has been KIDNAPPED. They are demanding a ransome of 600 million.
Brenda’s response was shocking

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