[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 18

Egg of life


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💪💪 EPISODE 18 💚💚

Madam *sylvia came back to the city and rushed to the hospital. She was informed that BRENDA COULD NOT MAKE IT. Her body has been deposited* in the mortuary. Madam sylvia broke into uncontrollable tears.
At home, chinasa was just crying. Smypathizers filled the whole house. Madam gold was very much *around. She stayed with madam sylvia and chinasa for 2weeks. (Hmmm, if only she knew) she employed a cook and house keeper who would be attending to their* needs till it is time to travel.
Madam sylvia called madam gold one night……..
-babe, hmmmm, who could ever believe that tears will roll down my eyes because of SUSAN. I keep on wondering who introduced her to ishi-ishi. I am also wondering why ishi-ishi favours her. Hmmm, i have a plan. The ishi-ishi that worked against me, will work against her too.
-hmmm, I’m baffled as well, madam gold replied. Whatever you want to do to disgrace that low life, you have my full support. What’s the plan?
-hmmm, do you know isabel ? Tony’s ex. The former commissioner’s daughter?
-of course. I do. Hmmm, she is in town. Her mother called me on hearing brenda’s death. She told me isabel is now in Nigeria and will be staying *for six months. That six months will do me alot of good. I want to introduce ISHI-ISHI to her. Hmmm, i will so manipulate her that she will see reasons to fight* and get back tony. Hmmm,SUSAN SHOULD ENJOY TODAY. I am so coming with the weirdest heavy force. SUSAN, THIS WAR CONTINUES.
—————–TONY’S APARTMENT —————-
Mama ran out of the kitchen.
-susan ooooo, ncha emekwa ooooooo(the worse has happened )
-mama, what is it?
-the egg ooo.
-argh argh, you haven’t collected it?
-tony is boiling the egg!!!!
-JES….(She quickly held her mouth) mama, can’t you do something ? Scold him na. You should have scolded him. Afterall it’s your egg na. Hey, mama has killed me oooooo(she placed her hands on her head) mama, i have an idea, FAINT. Mama FAINT NA.
-Faint? How do i faint? I have not fainted before.
-kai, mama just fall na.
Mama fell, susan started shouting. Tony ran to the scene.
-baby, susan called, please come and hold her oooooo, she is too heavy. Lemme go and get water please.
-ok. Please be careful.
Susan,ran *into the kitchen, put off the gas, poured the hot water away and took out the egg. She carried a bowl of water* too.
-honey I’m *coming. I want to get towel. (She ran upstairs to her room and kept the egg. She took the* towel and ran off again )
-baby, tony called, let’s take her to the hospital.
-no ooo, **the hospital she just came back from? Lie her down here. Go and buy liquid milk. We have malt here. Go in the car please* . Hurry.
-ok. (Tony ran off)
Mama woke up. They burst into laughter.
-chai mama, you are too much. The *way you brought out your tongue almost got me laughing. Thank Goodness, the egg is safe now* . I need to see iSHI-ISHI NOW. Mama, you will stay here o. Incase he ask for the egg, tell him i ate it.
-susan, all these wasn’t necessary o. You have the power to ask him to put off the gas and give you the egg. Nawa o. Anyways,don’t you think it is too late?
-nooo, too late kwa? Mama, i can’t take chances biko. See you later.
Susan was trying to open the door of her car when the egg fell and broke. Blood every where. The egg contained nothing but BLOOD.
-MAMAAAAAAAAA!!! susan shouted.

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