[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 2

Egg of life


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💚💚 EPISODE 2 💚💚

-mama,susan called. i have really suffered. (Sobbing) Tony has made my life a living hell mama. There was a night i slept late and that was because he ordered me to wash his clothes when i returned from work. I woke very late the next morning and was rushing to meet up with time cos i was really runing late only for him to request i prepare jollof rice.
-jollof rice? As lunch or dinner
-mama, breakfast o. I pleaded that he take tea, bread and egg i had already prepared. I also promised to prepare the jollof rice when i get back. I kissed him good bye and wished him a lovely day. Mama, the man locked me out o. I slept outside that night.
-.haaa! Nooooo. Susan, this is too much. You said you don’t want divorce okwa ya? Ngwa prepare, we are going to see ISHI-ISHI the great seer. Take this money, you will need it.
-dont worry mama, i have some money.
Mama…my friend hold that one, i know what im saying.
The place nawa. Very fearful. The old man was sitted as if waiting for them.
–what can i do for you please.
-great one, the dog has gone mad. We need to chain it.
-.whose dog?
-.my daughter’s
-let her speak for herself. Young lady, do you want your dog chained?
Susan was a bit confused. She looked at her mother who was giving her sign to say yes.
-how many crate of eggs can you afford?
-(looking confused and out of fear she answered) 10
-your bill is #100,000. (He uncovered some crate of eggs). I will give you one. Make sure it is covered. Place it anywhere in the house. Every three months you shall renew the egg. The dog wont back again.
Tony wrote resignation letter on his wife’s behalf and gave someone to submit it to her company.
Susan brought the egg home and did as she was directed. THE DOG CON REALLY DEY CHAIN!!!!! NO BE SMALL CHAIN….CHAI
——-to be continued…….

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