[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 6

Egg of life


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💚💚 Episode 6 💚💚

Susan is sitted in her office when madam Sylvia walked it.
-just imagine the gold digger. Sitting on a stolen seat. Whatever you have used on my son that has made him despise us and love you, you had better start unusing it now or else, ISHI-ISHI will come for your head. You swine.
-hahahahaha, mother in-law susan replied, (she enchanted with ishi-ISHI’s slogan) “IKE DI NA AKWA NDU”.(There is power in the egg of life) I hope you can relate. AGWO ISHI-ISHI ANAGHI ELO IBE YA. (Ishi-ishi snake doesn’t swallow it’s kind) i hope you can also relate. Mama, unu merem thirty makachi(mama you guys really dealt wit me.) i know what you know. My candid advice, go home and mourn your loss i na nu? Have you heard?) Makana,okwa ifulu oche a, egwigom codedly.(you see this chair, i have come to stay). You can’t do anything about it. Please if you don’t mind, I’m very busy. Excuse me.
Mama was lost. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.
-susan, i thought you were a church girl. How come you know ISHI-ISHI?
-oh really ? Sorry to disappoint *you ma’am. Are you not a CHRISTAIN MOTHER?, Mother in isreal, and you shameless boast of ishi-ishi openly. Kindly hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. Your likes push* people into doing what *they don’t want to do. For once, let me see you and your daughters suffer. You had better* dance to this tune because you have no choice. I *know what you know. (Her phone rang. She picked.) hello, this is the office of the C.E.O of* TONY BRASS. (To her mother in-law) let’s call it a day.
-Gold, madam sylvia called. I’m finished. Argh! I’m finished ooooo.
-sylvia what is it? Nwa put yourself together biko. Who is making you feel this way ? Onye ahu ajukwara ese? (the person didn’t ask questions ?)
-My daughter in-law. She has ruined me (crying)
-what? *Sylvia, i can’t believe this. You are crying for *that cockroach ? Who is she? Esi be ya eje be onye? (Who knows her?) Nwa, you can’t* be crying ruin when you have ishi-ishi.
-now that’s the point. SHE IS A MEMBER. Gold i’m doomed. I’m about to loose everything.
-CHIM *OOOOOOO screamed madam gold. Ngwere agbakwanu aji ooooo. (My God, lizard has grown hairs) what ? Hmmmm, this is hard. Don’t worry* . We shall visit ishi-ishi tomorrow.
——-That night Tony called his mum———
-hello son, how are you?
-i don’t have time for pleasantries tony replied. You are to vacate that ware-house at park avenue in 3 days. My wife will be needing it for her lace material coming in this week. Failure to comply will attract forceful eviction. Good night.
-hello, hello, Tony you can’t be serious. This is so not fair. (He had already dropped )
I swear to God susan, i will kill you.
To be continued……….

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