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[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 9

Egg of life


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💚💚 EPISODE 9 💚💚

Susan was seated in her office, working on her laptop on the table and making a call same time when BRENDA came into her office on bended knees.
-(over the phone) let me call you back. (Suprised to see Brenda on her knees) what is this? What are you doing here? What’s the kneeling for? Susan asked.
-SUZZY MY DARLING SIS IN-LAW, (crying) please forgive me. I know you have a good heart. I know you are trying to melt out revenge for all we did to you. Please tamper justice with mercy and forgive me. (crying heavier than before ) believe me, it was my mum. She posioned our hearts, i mean chinasa, tony and i against you. That woman is evil. Please i have sat and thought, you did me no wrong, why all these hostilities. You are the best sister in-law any one can have. Please darling, forgive me.
-hmmm, get *up. Sit. This drama wasn’t necessary. You are bunch of leopards* and we all know leopards don’t change their spots. Incase you want to know *my mind, I AM NOT DONE DEALING WITH YOU ALL YET. You turned my husband into my enemy and made my life a living* hell and to execute more wicked plans you *came playing MERCY JOHNSON? I am too smart for this nasty pretence. Get your stupid self out* of my office. You and your family do not deserve forgiveness. What i have gotten myself into and the huge price I’m paying, you all caused it. Get out. And, tell your mum, she has one day, that’s tomorrow to vacate MY WAREHOUSE ,else …… I was busy when you came in, use the door. Thanks.
-AArrrrrghhhh, damn it, (hitting the stirring of her car) i swear to god susan, i will kill you. Arrrrrrghhhh, *screw you demon, screw you. What guts!!!!! Your warehouse indeed. I am so going to need TERRIBLE. I need to see that gold* digger go through TERRIBLE pains. I need to see mum. (She drove off)
-mum, in as much as I’m enjoying being in control, I’m suffering mum. I went to *renew the STUFF yesterday. According to the priest, i found favour before the great ISHI-ISHI. I had to go through the process of FORTIFICATION* .
-Wow, really, congratulations, meaning you are indestructible ? How many hours were you able to endure?
-mum, just three hours. I almost died. The pain was unbearable.(crying)
-ha! That’s just three months o. Kai, and that’s for the whole year.
-what???? For the whole year?
-my dear, that fortification *was what Saved me during your dad’s burial. I was able to hold on for 6 hours. I feel seriously ill after that. I was made* to swear before 5 *powerful deities to prove i didn’t kill your father. Not for ISHI-ISHI, they would* have killed me, even if i was innocent.
-mum, the worse part is all i was *asked not to eat. Mum, how can i live without eating fish, meat and chicken* even bitterleaf soup?
-(her mum smiled) if you die, will you be able to eat those things ? It shouldn’t be a problem avoiding them to be alive.
-i should also *avoid church. Mum, I’m in the choir. I should do away with any church stuff. I’m to serve only* ISHI-ISHI.(tears) what do i tell my pastor? The choir,
-my friend forget those people. When you were suffering, what did they do to help you.
-Ehen, mum, do you know what? Brenda came to my office begging.
-hahahahahahahaha you don’t mean it. What did you tell her?
-the truth of course, bunch of *leopards , i know them. Their new strategy won’t work with me. Ndi ara* . I even reminded her to help me tell her mum tomorrow is the last day. I need space in my warehouse.
-hahahahahahahaha my land-lady. Pepper them Nonsence. Ndi ara.
—————-THE NEXT MORNING ——————–
Susan was about leaving for the warehouse that morning when she was surrounded by gun men.
T for TERRIBLE has been contacted by Brenda.
-your end has come you swine . Terrible said.
-if you have functioning balls between your legs, i dare you to SHOOT.REPLIED SUSAN.


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