presents Fast-Rising Nigerian artists that have successfully labeled their names on street charts.

10 Fast-Rising Nigerian artists that have successfully labeled their names on street charts

The Nigerian music industry has a range of Fast-rising Artists who have might not have found fame in its mainstream chart but have acquired a following on the street.

These artists have carved a loyal following in a competitive industry, becoming regular staples on Lagos DJs playlists.

Their style of music is defined by its gritty, raw nature birthed out of their struggles and hustling attitude.

Here are some of the Fast-Rising Nigerian artists that have successfully stamped their names on street charts;

1. Ballo Ranking

Beyond the fast-paced side of street-hop music, which focuses on themes of being youthful, wild, and free, there is a reflective and intensely religious side, with the vocalist lifting their voice to God with petitions for wealth and long life.

This is the type of music Balogun Olamilekan or Ballo Ranking, the son of a welder, has dedicatedly crafted. His voice has depth from the minute he says his name.

With hits like Never Die Poor, Never Stop Trying, and most recently, Holiday— an emotional song that is now circulating playlists in various parts of Lagos— the street-hop performer continues to steadily stamp his vocal fingerprint on the genre’s corridors.

2. Seyi Vibez

Although the Bariga-bred Seyi Vibez born Oluwaseyi Balogun is yet to have a mainstream hit single to his name, the singer is a fan-favourite on the streets of Lagos where the essential ingredients of street-hop were created.

With songs like 2020’s “God Sent” and 2021’s “Save Me” performed primarily in a mix of Yoruba and English, the Lagos-born singer exudes raw emotion over hip-hop-infused Afrobeats.

His vivid and moving storytelling laced over mostly trap-influenced instrumentals has translated to the artiste— who has referenced his humble beginnings as the son of a plumber— receiving millions of streams on Audiomack for his more popular songs like Pay Day, God Sent, and Catalyst.

3. Kabex

Abdul Kabir Olawale who is professionally known as Kabex (Emini Kabex) is a Nigerian indigenous rapper. Kabex rose to fame on Instagram as a result of his frequent freestyle video uploads.

The rapper who is friends with rising Street-Hop artists, Lil Frosh, Zinoleesky, and Hotkid was one of the upcoming artists featured by Zlatan on his “Lagos Anthem” remix.

The rapper who is fondly called Emini Kabex Ika has built a fan base for himself called the “Ika Family” and is also known for his diss songs aimed at fellow underground street hop artists like Davolee, Jaido P and the rest.

With hits songs like “Ilekun Ayo” and “Mafejopami“, Kabex has established himself as a fan favourite on the street charts and could be found on DJs’ playlists.

4. Otega

Apart from being a music genre known for its electric intensity and frenzied instrumentalization, the street-hop genre also includes heartfelt and emotional songs that represent the hopes and prayers of young people enduring under a system that is set up against them.

This is the type of soul-stirring street hop music that Otga, real name Stephen Oghenetega, creates, occasionally blending it with hip-hop to drive his point home.

After getting into the music business as a blogger, he used the income from that gig to launch a new career as an artist, initially under the name Otega Billz.

The singer began his career as a rapper on CQD‘s Stay Woke and afterward on Diamond Jinma’s Aje.

However, he put his singing on the front seat on his 2020 album, “Really Bhard in One Body”.

5. Zamorra

Zamorra is another artist whose sounds is bubbling and steadily gaining acceptance on the streets.

Born Adekunle Oluwashina Abdulateef, the 22 years old fast-rising Nigerian Afro-pop artist boasts of a sound that is calmer, matured, and inspirational.

He gained mainstream attention with his hit song, ‘Importanter” which featured SmallDoctor. Prior to that, he had dropped the motivational soul-stirring “Better De Come.”

He is currently signed to Edline Records.

6. Arezy

Ariyo Awodele Ezekiel is a musical force to be reckoned with. The Oyo State native rose to prominence after his single “Ori” became a hit on radio stations across the country.

The singer began his musical career as a chorister and instrumentalist in his church, where he was also a regular talking-drum (gangan) player.

Aside from music, Areezy is a well-known fashion designer who has worked with a variety of businesses. He was highlighted as one of the new guards of Street hop scene following the successful release of hit single ‘Ori,’ on which Oritsefemi later appeared in the remix.

7. Kashy

Not to be mistaken as Kashy Gordons, the late music executive owner of Cash Nations, Records, Kashy is an emerging Afro-pop artiste who recently came to the attention of the streets.

While not much is known about the singer, he released his official debut project titled Kashamadupe in 2021.

Furthermore, The project is 5 tracks long and features guest appearances by the likes of Zinoleesky, Lyta, Diamond Jimma, Seyi Vibez, and Flykid and showcases the unique blend of Afropop and street-hop.

8. Diamond Jimma

Another Street favorite is Kusimo Olawale Abeeb a.k.a Diamond Jimma, a budding artist who blends Afro beats and alternative music.

He made rave and stormed the Nigerian music industry with his hit track ‘AJE‘ featuring Otega.

Despite his wide skill set, he has amassed a sizable following for his inspirational style of music, which attempts to provide hope to the hopeless and motivate people.

Meanwhile, The Ogun-born artist has a way of keeping people inspired with his music.


9. Superwozzy

Awodoyin Oluwamayokun Isaac popularly known as SUPERWOZZY is a Nigerian indigenous rapper getting recognition in the entertainment industry.

From honing his musical talents in the church to winning the Etisalat Cliq Fest University rap battle while in FUTA, Superwozzy steadily built a career that has found earned a fanbase in the streets.

In addition, He is known for his 2020 hit, “Gratitude” featuring Barry Jhay.

10. Small Baddo

Small Baddo is no stranger to street music, in fact, his 2020 viral hit, “Who Dey” featuring Idowest was a regular staple on DJs playlists.

The song has propelled him to become one of the well-accepted artists on the streets.

10 Fast-Rising Nigerian artists that have successfully labeled their names on street charts.

1. Ballo Ranking

2. Seyi Vibez

3. Kabex

4. Otega

5. Zamorra

6. Areezy

7. Kashy

8. Diamond Jimma

9. Superwozzy

10. Small Baddo