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CapCut is a smartphone software for mobile devices that was created to enhance the popular social networking site TikTok’s basic video editing tools. The application is free to download and use. CapCut Mobile, CapCut iOS and CapCut for PC all have comparable capabilities that let you add filters, overlays, direction changes, soundtrack, filters, and much more to existing TikTok clips. It also includes splitting, inverse, and several other modifying features to help you improve and professionalize your TikTok movies.

Features of CapCut Editor

1. Split Function

It’s straightforward to use, with a clear user interface. Simply open a clip, drag the cursor to the location where you wish to split the clip, and select the Split option. Since you can split the file keyframes to view the exact split place, you do not lose any film.

2. Slow and Fast Motion

Here you may also make slow-mo and extreme closeups clips. Select a predetermined rate proportional to the movie’s fastest pace by tapping on the Speed button. You’ll be enabled to see the movie’s length alter as you vary the pace, which is quite beneficial.

3. Add Music

CapCut includes a large library of free soundtracks that can dramatically improve the quality of your TikTok films. The sounds are of excellent quality, so you can effortlessly include them into your film by inserting an original sound and adjusting its location to complement the clip.