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How to advertise on racksterly/racksterli


How to advertise on racksterl

So I’ll be writing an article on how to publish an advert on racksterly or racksterli today.
Many business owners have chatted me up to ask me many questions like; how I publish my advert on racksterly/racksterli? ; Did I get more customers advertising with racksterly/racksterli? ; How much can I use to advertise with racksterli? ; What are the strategy for an effective racksterly or racksterli advert? ; and more….
Before I start I will let to let you know that racksterli is different from racksterly
So I’ll be answering all of these questions today.

** Firstly you have to create an account and have a membership plan with racksterly or racksterli using the steps I gave in one of my formal posts here “How racksterly works” or click here to register immediately
(If you have an account already, go to the next step)
** So login to your account, Goldomc.com, after logging in click on the menu (the three slashes on the top right hand side). Check the image below

Then you have to look for Ads credit and click on TOPUP at the front..as shown below
Make payment of any amount you wanna add to your ads credit. After making payment, go back to STREAM as shown below
Then click on the pencil icon at the bottom right hand corner as shown in the image below.
As shown in the below image, you will be asked to fill the following CATEGORY(the type of business you wanna advertise), CAPTION (the title of the advert), DESCRIPTION (give a befitting description to the advert, make sure it’s enticing),
WHERE CLICKS WOULD GO(add a link where anybody that click your advert will be directed to, it might be a website link or whatsapp link), ATTACH MEDIA(Add an enticing image that suits your business, I do advise people to add their number to the image), HOW MUCH ARE WE SPENDING(the total amount you’d like to spend for the advert)
Once you are done filling every needed info, hot the PUBLISH link and your advert will be up in few minutes. (it might take Time in some cases)
Honestly I must say, advertising on racksterly or racksterli is very very effective, I have advertised on it before and I get at least 50 customers daily. So if you want to advertise on racksterly or racksterli, be rest assured you will get as much customers you want irrespective of location because people from different states and countries use racksterly or racksterli.
Though the minimum amount you can use to advertise on racksterly is $6. But I wouldn’t advise using $6 if you want more customers to your business.
Actually, as a starter or if you are testing racksterly advert for the first time, you can just start with that amount to test how effective it is. But I bet you would want to add more money after that test.
Though anyone can just go up their and make an advert on racksterly and get customers but if you’d like to get huge turn up and much more customers, I personally have some strategy you can make to get this done. This is what I use to make it much from racksterly.
I will be selling out an ebook on how to make an effective racksterly advert, this is not extortion or anything but I bet you would never regret buying this ebook.
It is just N3000 for January only,after which it increases to its normal price N9000.
Incase you have any questions, you can hit me up via the comment section below or message me on whatsapp here
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