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{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 2
By: Itz Pretty White

Viola’s Pov:
“Madame, me I no like this kind thing oo. How you go dey take me do drama for pesin house?” I asked squeezing my face.
“Vee, it’s just for sometime then you’ll be back. You know he’s f*cking rich and he will pay you any amount you want” she said soothingly and I hesitated before nodding.
“Madame na you say so ooo. Me I no go tolerate anything ooo” I said and made to leave but she stopped me.
“You’ll have to take a flight there right now” she said and I grumbled before walking out.
Ray’s Pov:
“Lucas, what’s wrong with you?” I asked when I noticed he was becoming restless and shivering.
“Oga this thing dey do my body somehow” he said shivering all over and I chuckled.
“Everyone should fasten their seat belts because the plane will land in a minute” the pilot announced and I buckled up before turning to see Lucas who was looking at the seat belt like the village man he is.
“Sir. Me I no fit sabi do this one oo” he said in his regular pidgin and I buckled the seat belt for him.
“Hey bro welcome” Justin said giving me a side hug and I shook hands with him.
“Hey little Anna” I said to his eldest daughter who’s 5 years old.
“We.. Welcome uncle Ray” she said in a baby tone and I kissed her forehead.
“Oh my god Raymond!” My eldest sister Georgina squealed jumping on me while I shook hands with her husband.

“Uncle Ray is back” the children yelled jumping on me.
“Oh.. Oh.. Georgina get them away from me… I can’t breath” I yelled in frustration and she began to pull them one by one.
“It’s okay children come now let’s go get some ice cream” she said and when they just heard the ‘ice cream’, they rushed after her.
“Mummy! Daddy! Raymond is back” Georgina yelled as she got into the house.
“Who’s he?” Anna asked looking disgusted as she stared at Lucas who was smiling and opening all his teeth for view.
Who wouldn’t get disgusted?
“Lucas you don’t smile with your teeth open like that” I whispered into his ears and he nodded smiling sheepishly and looking here and there.
“Lucas behave!” I half yelled into his ears and he continued nodding.
“Anna, he’s my secretary” I said and she nodded glancing at Lucas before running into the house.
“Let’s go” I said and we walked into the house.
“Hey mum” I said hugging mum and then dad.
“Hi son, you’re welcome” she said looking around and then her eyes landed on Lucas.
“Who’s he?” Mum asked looking confused.
“He’s my secretary and I told him to accompany me here” I explained and she mouthed an ‘oh’.
“So where’s she?” Mum and dad said in unison looking excited.
“Uhm…… actually…. she… I mean I… no… she’s busy so she’s gonna board the next flight to this place.
“Oh!” She said and turned to look at dad.
“Hope you’re not playing a game on us Raymond” Dad asked looking serious.
“No! If course not dad” I rushed my words and decided to go upstairs …
“I’ll just go to the room” I said and walked towards the stairs while Lucas followed me.
📲”So which cloth are you gonna wear so that I’ll easily recognize you and I hope you’re handsome, well built and you have 6packs?” She asked after we talked about payment.
📞”I’ll be wearing a yellow T shirt” I said and hung up..
Such a talkative!
“So when will she be here? I’m so anxious to meet her. Tell me is she beautiful?” Mum asked and I sighed.
She’s been talking since.
“Don’t worry mum. Lemme say she’ll be here in 2minutes or so” I said and suddenly someone entered wearing a fake smile.
“Hey darling. I missed you” she said walking elegantly towards me before embracing me.
“Mr man. Introduce me” she whispered into my ears.
“Uhm. Mum, dad – this is Viola and Viola, this are my parents” I said and she shook hands with mum.

“Good day ma. It’s a pleasure to meet you” she said and hugged mum before hugging dad.
“Aww. You look so beautiful… Raymond made the right choice. Gosh! You’re such a beauty… You’re so…. How can I describe you” mum exclaimed staring at her face.
She’s extremely beautiful – even more than Janet.
“Thank you ma’am” Viola said.
“It’s okay mum she needs to rest” I said and took her hand leading her to my room.
“Hi, my name is Raymond” I said offering her a handshake.
She looked at my hand in a disgusting way and sighed before looking at my face.
“And am Viola” she said ignoring the handshake and going straight to the bed.
“Won’t you take your shower first?” I asked and she hissed.

“Who shower epp?” She asked and minutes later she was already asleep snoring loudly..
I walked out of the bathroom and met her covering up the whole space on the bed.
Like seriously?
I shifted her leg towards the other side and laid down on the bed to sleep but she kept beating me with her legs.
And she’s also snoring loudly.
What’s all this nonsense.
Before I knew it she let out three loud farts and I had to cover my nose immediately.
What the f*ck?
I stared at her and shook my head before walking out of the room.
“Lucas! Lucas” I tapped him and he started shouting.
“Biggie… Biggie please don’t kill me. Oga, please save me” he yelled and I felt like slapping him..

“Shut up Lucas, it’s me” I said and he opened his eyes before sitting straight.
“So it was not Biggie.. I thank God” he said and I was forced to snort.
“Look Lucas, I’ve brought in an as-hawo…..
“Asha-wo?” He yelled loudly and I covered his mouth immediately.
“Oga you mean – ash-awo?” He yelled again…
TBC – This Lucas can put someone in trouble.
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