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πŸ₯΅πŸ₯°πŸ‘‘ Final Episode 10 πŸ‘‘πŸ₯΅πŸ₯°

That incident really humbled my Father, That day he barely uttered a word.
Untill the next day, when his accountant called to inform him that the 500 million naira cheque has been approved for payment and the money had been deposited into the company’s account.
“Nkiru my child, I should have known you were telling the truth when you suggested I ask around, so that Kennedy is actually a somebody?” My father entered.
I didn’t utter a word but he continued. “our company needed just 300 million naira to bounce back but we got 500 million naira from Kennedy, he didn’t even wait to sign any paperwork or something, he gave out 500 million naira just like that, I’m still in shock and at the same time ashamed, my daughter, What was I thinking to assume that someone who wasn’t educated can’t be successful?” My father said remorsefully.
As I listened to my father, my thoughts travelled far, as I reminsced on the first day I had Meet Kennedy and even our first date and how I had told myself, that I will never date him, because he couldn’t speak good english, but that same Kennedy didn’t only stand by me when I lost my sight, he also saved my family from bankruptcy, tears was already clouding my eyes.
But when I remembered that I was in my father’s presence, I quickly wiped off my tears.
With the look on my father’s face, it seemed as if he had a lot to say, he was about to utter more words, when the doctor walked in to the hospital room.
The doctor politely requested that I leave, so he could examine my father to see if he was fit to go home.
As God will have it, That same day my father was discharged.
The doctor had advised that my father should avoid stress and eat only healthy meals. When my Father returned home, I noticed he was still dumbfounded and seriously didn’t know the right way to express how he was feeling. It was obvious, That the incident with Kennedy had threw his thinking faculty off balance.
My father was extremely disturbed and deep in thoughts. Since after his encounter with Kennedy, he wasn’t speaking much and was moody. And most time when he speaks he beats around the bush.
Thank God my mom was quick to notice that something was up and tried to inquire what the problem was but he wasn’t talking. She started panicking and felt something was wrong with her husband and that was when I told her all my father had told me in the hospital. My father didn’t utter a word as I told my mother everything he told me in the hospital, then suddenly, I can’t believe my eyes when my father broke down in tears, i and mom was shocked to the brim because we had never seen my father cry.
“Why are you crying? It’s not too late to make amends and Kennedy is a nice young man and I’m sure he doesn’t bear any grudge against you, if he was angry he wouldn’t had invested in our dying company” my mother said,
“It’s not just about that, is just that I feel horrible, I said alot of hurtful words to that young man and I humiliated him many times and I feel so ashamed,
Kennedy that I concluded was a nobody gave out 500 million naira just like that but the Ikenna that I thought was successful, gave me conditions, he told me he will only invest in our company, if Nkiru agrees to marry him” my father soberly said.
“What, Ikenna said that to you? Now I understand better, why you were taking everything personal, and you were forcing our daughter to reconnect him, just for your own selfish interest, how could you accept that condition in the first place?” My mother entered.
“Dad, so you were ready to sell me off to Ikenna just to save your company?” I asked in tears.
“And here I was thinking that your intentions were good” I added
“I was desperate, please forgive me my child” my father replied in tears
The atmosphere was highly emotional and all my mum could do was to try and get us out of the bad mood we were in. She tried to handle the whole situation but I was so furious and also in tears, I didn’t know when I told my father that I won’t forgive him and walked away in tears.
Unfortunately, My parents couldn’t sleep well that night as they kept thinking on how to make things right. They thought of several ways to win my heart again and knew that the only way to fully succeed would be for them to involve Kennedy.
Few days later, I was so surprised when I saw Kennedy and few of his family members in our house. I lovingly dragged him to my room, “what are you doing? Why will you appear in my house unannounced and who are those people?” I asked.
“Those are my maternal uncles, they are the only people who stood by me when my parents died, they would had done more for me but at the time they were very poor, but they made sure I had food to eat” Kennedy responded and i smiled.
” That’s good to know but you have not answered my question, why are you here with your uncles” I threw in.
“My love, I’m here to officially ask for your hand in marriage, we finally got your fathers consent, i was so excited when your father called me and gave me his permission to come with my family, Nne, I have always told you that I want to be your husband and not your boyfriend, you are too beautiful, to be just my girlfriend, let’s get married Nne” Kennedy told me and I blushed.
By the tone of Kennedy’s voice, I could tell that he was as excited as I was,
To be honest, it brought relief to my heart to know that my father invited Kennedy and his people so that they can officially ask for my hand in marriage.
I can’t believe my ears, this is the Kennedy my father initially didn’t want to even hear about. It’s amazing to know that anything can just change in a twinkle of an eye and make the strongest heart melt like wax.
“My father in-law told me that you are angry with him, whatever he has done, please forgive him, he is your father afterall” Kennedy finally entered and I hugged him.
“Nne, Don’t bribe me with hug oh, you know that man is my father now, you better behave oh, promise me you will forgive him” Kennedy added
And of course I promised, I was not even angry at my father anymore. He was desperate and one thing I have learnt all these years is that NO ONE IS PERFECT and that includes me.
“My Queen when we get back to the sitting room, please hug your father, the same way you hugged me now, Nnem, it will make me happy if you do that” Kennedy concluded and I smiled
Shortly afterwards, we went back to the sitting room and I went ahead to hug my father as Kennedy had suggested and my father was so elated that he whispered prayers into my ears and Kennedy was in smiles.
My father blessed me and once again he apologized for everything he did wrong and I told him that I was not upset anymore.
“Dad, you are the best father any girl will ask for, you always made sure I had everything, I have never dated any man for his money because you always provided for me, Dad I have forgiven you, I love you daddy” I told my father and he blushed.
Finally, Kennedy and his uncles officially asked for my hand in marriage as custom demanded, When they eventually did, my mother was the happiest woman in the world because she felt that her daughter had found happiness and she gave us her blessings too.
That day was the best day of my life, that day i wasn’t only engaged to Kennedy, also a date was set for our traditional and white wedding and I was surprised that it fell on my birthday.
When I told Kennedy that our wedding day would fall on my 23th birthday, he smiled so mischievously. It was obvious that he was behind everything and his plan was to make our wedding day more memorable for me.
If you are properly educated that’s cool but Don’t look down on people who are not, Don’t think that you are better because you are educated.
Some people are not educated but they are hard-working and because of how much they are graced, they became so successful that they can even employ educated people to work for them.
Don’t look down on people because they are not popular or because you think that they are not your type. We still have secret billionaires, these kind of people Don’t like noise or fame. They suffered so much that they couldn’t forget how to be humble because of that they always appeared simple and classless.
When God wants to bless you- He sends a person in your life! Pay attention, Don’t be too selective or you will lose that person.
You can find love in Unperfect people
LUST makes you act hastily like Ikenna, he wasn’t patient enough,he was so attracted to Nkiru because she was beautiful and immediately he proposed to her but when she lost her sight, he left. LOVE makes you act patiently like Kennedy, he waited patiently till he won Nkiru’s heart.
The End
A Story Written By naijalanded
Thank you for your time.

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