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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (KBAB) Episode 1



The cook that Mr Donald hired last week locked the door after giving me food. I only eat twice in a week
I ate fastly and peeped through the window to see the person that my dad called a bestfriend leaving with his guards
They were up to 20 as they filled three cars and exited the mansion with him
I quickly took off the curtains from the windows as I realised that he left with all of them leaving the two that stood infront of my bedroom door
I used the curtains as a ladder to climb down the window …after climbing down I looked side to side and was lucky to find out that they were all really gone…without any hesitation I ran to the huge gate and climbed it quickly

I ran as fast as my legs could take me after I jumped off the gate. Even though no one was running after me I just couldn’t help it but think that someone was running after me
Tears filled my eyes as I remembered how his kids always hit me and poured hot water on my skin whenever they were stressed out
How his wife made me wash all their laundry including the many guards within 3 hours
How I would get beaten for being 2 minutes late with their breakfast or lunch
The only thing he didn’t let people do to me was sexual abuse…I remember how he killed his most trusted guard for trying to rape me
I don’t really know what kind of a person he is but I’m sure he is involved in dirty businesses
I looked at the bsck and one of Mr Donald’s car was following me…oh no
I quickly ran as fast into the road that was filled with many cars…how did he see me ?
I kept on running… I didn’t care if the cars on the road hit me….it was either I survive this or I die but going back to that heartless man wasn’t an option
Luckly for me the car drivers halted before they could hit me and swore on me but the only thing on my mind was the word run
I ran till i got off the huge busy road and saw a train…I jumped in it and at that moment Mr Donald’s car was racing with the train
My heart was beating really fast but his car was no match for the train as the train overtook him
I showed him a fuck you sign as I laughed happily…the train must be a food train
I opened the crates and found tons of yoghurts..I couldn’t help but eat them hurriedly like there was no tomorrow it was still morning and i didn’t mind if the train was taking me to China or Malawi

It was already getting dark as i jumped off the train to see a beautiful town with beautiful large buildings and people …People kept looking at me as I passed by their side
I couldn’t blame them…I mean I’m sure I was ugly as hell with my tattered dress and the scars that covered my whole body including my messy hair
As I walked through the city looking for a place to sleep cause it was already late.. I saw a huge golden gate. I couldn’t help but admire it
Gary was boldly written with diamonds on the golden gate “Wow…the person must be really rich” I couldn’t help but say it
My life was once like this…I got everything I wanted…counted as one of the richest teens

But one day things changed and I was glad Mr Donald saved me before I could die like my parents but now I wish I died with them
I quickly wiped the tears which were falling really fast from my eyes
I will just sleep on the small floor beside this golden gate and in the morning I will go looking for something to help me survive
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End of Kidnapped By A Billionaire (KBAB) Episode 1

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