Kidnapped By A Billionaire (KBAB) Episode 2


“Josh hurry up with the car keys” I yelled at my personal guard as i descended the stairs with full speed
“Coming boss” he said but when I got to the living room i found him laughing while face chatting with some random bitch
When it comes to girls he will never change…”Josh”i whined like a 5 years old kid
“Bye Candice…see you tonight “he winked and ended the face chat
“You nearly ruined my night with a hot chick bro” he stood up and hit me playfully

“And you nearly ruined my meeting…I got 30 minutes to get to there or I lose my biggest client” I returned the playful hit and faked a frown
“Come on…one client doesn’t matter to the billionaire called Gary Barlow” he said and took the car keys from the glassy table
“You know Josh…you are this close to getting yourself jobless” I demonstrated with my fingers and he laughed
“We both know you can never fire a handsome personal guard like me” he said pointing at his face
“Whatever… I’m gonna drug you and change your face into a gorrila face some day” i said and he laughed
“And then you die ” he said and we both laughed as we exited the mansion… the maids and guards that surrounded the house bowed as we passed by and I just returned their bows
I just like bowing in return…Josh is the only male bestfriend I got
Ever since my father got him as my personal guard…I really got too attached to him cause he is funny,handsome and besides his playboy lifestyle he is loyal and over protective…I could say that I take him as a brother
We got to the red Lamborghini and he clicked the something causing the doors to open automatically
I got in quietly as I pressed my phone talking to my female bestfriend from work
As soon as I got in…a strawberry cologne hit my nose and I looked down to see a bra with the colour yellow
“Josh what is a bra doing in my car?” I asked as the gate opened automatically and he coughed as he drove out
“You see…holy molly!” he said and and I was forced to glare at him “I see holy molly?”i asked curiously but he wasn’t paying attention to me
I traced his eyes and saw a beautiful girl who looked breath siezed as my jaw dropped
She looked like an angel as she tried to tie her messy hair…even though her dress was tattered it still brought out her perfect curves

She has pink lips,pointed nose, blue eyes and deep dimples
“Omg”i said before I could stop myself “i thought I was the only one seeing an angel” Josh said with a dirty smirk and I new what it meant
At that moment I even forgot that I had a meeting as I opened the door and got out
“Hey what are you doing infront of my mansion?”i asked and she quickly got up causing her messy hair to hit her face
“I’m so sorry sir.. it will never happen again in fact I’m already leaving” she said and I found myself holding her hand to drag her back

Maybe she is new here cause every woman I’ve crossed paths with in this town will throw themselfs at me…whether poor or rich
“I can help if you don’t mind” I said and she rolled her eyes “Sir whatever your name is…I don’t need your help so bye” she said and jerked her hand away then started walking away
“She would have made a perfect wife with her perfect curves…I can imagine her on bed” Josh said and I suddenly remembered that I have 6 days left to find a wife
“Shit..10 guards outside the gate now!”i said into the little microphone and 10 guards came out running in few seconds
“Get the girl and lock her in a guest room till I get back from work” I said pointing at her as she walked and they shared confused glances
“Now!” I found myself shouting at them for the first time and they ran after her
“Let’s go”i said avoiding Josh’s gaze “Dude what are you doing?you know you can get arrested for kidnapping right ?” Josh kept on ranting while I rolled my eyes

“No one has the right to arrest Gary Barlow”i said and he laughed “Love at first sight” he said and I just chuckled
“Let me go.! I didn’t offend anyone you bastards” she shouted and they ignored her as they walked into my mansion carrying her
Our eyes locked and I found myself winking as Josh drove to work while winding the tinted car windows up
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