LΓ»st Or Love Episode 12

Lust Or Love

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πŸ’—πŸ’—Episode 12πŸ’—πŸ’—
πŸ’‹Phoenix PovΒ πŸ’‹
It’s really surprising to see the Almighty Cephar at the mercy of someone and not just someone but a woman when I thought he’s a demon.
β€œEmily I… ”
Inasmuch as I want to hear him say sorry to me I still feel like he shouldn’t be pushed. I mean I do want him to apologize to me but I’ll appreciate it when he does it sincerely from his heart.
Like seriously? From his heart? Mr. Cephar doesn’t have a heart I shouldn’t forget that.
I sits up and clear my throat.
β€œHe doesn’t have to. I’m fine. He didn’t hurt me. ” I gently said to the beautiful and elegant lady Mr. Cephar is trembling for.
β€œSo I’ll assume he has been hurting you then. β€œShe turn her face to Mr. Cephar. β€œYou weren’t taught how to treat a lady properly right? ” She added and Mr. Cephar made to sit next to me on the bed. To be honest I’m not comfortable with him this close even though he can’t do anything with me been that this lady I’m yet to know is here I still don’t want to feel his touch.
The lady placed her both hands on her waist looking round the room we’re in then sigh and went to sit on the seat close to the door.
β€œIt’s nice seeing you again Cephar except you’re….. ”
He cut her short by standing up immediately. I wonder what she wanted calling him.
β€œYou’re not here to stay are you correct? ” He ask her. This shows that he doesn’t want her around. It’s like her presence won’t allow him do what he wants to with me which is why I want her to stay. Please stay?
β€œI have two weeks to ruin your plans brother. Won’t you welcome me warmly. ” She said and for the first time since few days ago I smile. I mean real smile.
β€œWow she smiled. I’m Emily. Any name? ”
She isn’t just beautiful but nice and friendly too. I looked at Mr. Cephar who didn’t even spare me a glance so I’ll assume he won’t mind if I tell her my name.

β€œPhoenix.” I said and she made a funny face. Was my name funny?
β€œMore like the phoenix stoneπŸ—Ώ? β€œShe said smiling and I faced Mr. Cephar who roll his eyes at us.
” Phoenix Prya Adams. β€œI called my full name and she nod her head.
” So, Phoenix, how come you’re here with….. Cephar? β€œIt was like she has a special name she calls him but don’t want to mention it in front of me. Maybe it might be frog head, toad or even Jerk. Lol I doubt that’s the name.
Right, what am I going to say now? I can’t possibly tell her the real reason why I’m here cause if she knows, it might be trouble for me. Mr. Cephar might punish me afterwards. I’ll just have to come up with something but my stupid brain isn’t coming up with anything. Geez!!!!!!
β€œShe works here. As a maid. ” Mr. Cephar said and I turn my face to look at him and he gave me that β€˜ain’t you? β€˜Kind of look and I bow my head and return it to its normal position.
β€œA maid? I thought you said you won’t employ another pretty maid. ” Miss Emily said and instead of saying something he scratch his head.
What is going on here? What’s with the another pretty maid…… Is there something I should be afraid of?
β€œAlright fine. Tell your maid to get me something to eat cause I’m famished. ” Miss Emily said and I raise my head to look at her. Mr. Cephar said he’ll kill me if he sees me in his kitchen. Am I dying anytime soon?
β€œNo. She’s not in charge of cooking. She can’t be in the kitchen. ” Mr. Cephar said and instead Miss Emily hissed and stand up.
β€œNonsense. Anyone can enter the kitchen. Common Phoenix I need you to teach me some things. ” She said and held me up. I swear Miss Emily will be the cause of my death.
β€œDon’t worry I’ll make sure not to mess it up. ” She said slapping his face gently. I derive joy seeing Mr. Cephar in this position I mean I never thought there will be someone he’ll be so afraid of and can’t even stood up against.
Miss Emily still holding my hands led me to the kitchen as if she knew I might fall down if I wasn’t held.
πŸ’‹Cephar PovΒ πŸ’‹
I watch as Emily led her to the kitchen holding her hand.
She’s not suppose to get in my kitchen just like that. I’ve vowed to myself that aside those bunch of losers the next person to go in my kitchen is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and this cheap bitch is not that girl.
I have to stop them
I must stop them so I went straight to the kitchen but stopped on my track to listen to their conversation.
β€œI know virtually all Cephar’s maids including the ones he hired some seconds ago and you’re not one of them. Who are you to him? Be honest with me. ” Emily said. God, I’ll so kill this girl if she bail me out cause once Emily finds out what I’m up to with her, she’ll ruin my plans and free this bitch from me and I’m not ready to let her go yet.
β€œErm…. ” She began to stammer. I feel the urge to interrupt them but I need to know how much she value her life and that of her sister. I’ve warned her never to voice this deal out to anyone except if she wants to die and lose her sister.
She laughed. Her laugh sounds like that of my mother, they’re so beautiful and there is a dimple too which makes her……. Focus Cephar, just listen. A bitch like this can’t be like your mother. NEVER!!!!!!!!
β€œVery true you caught me. I’m not his maid. Actually, this is my first time of visiting him. I’m a friend. ” The silly girl said. I smile and decide to let them continue their chats. At least now I know that she can’t say another word.

πŸ’‹Phoenix PovΒ πŸ’‹
After having to say what I had to say I felt a bit guilty and that’s why I could not look her in the eye but I could feel her eyes on me.
β€œWhat? ” I said and raise my head to meet her gaze.
β€œAs I’ve said earlier I know all Cephar’s maids and I know them not to be as miserable as you are right now. So I’ll ask again, who are you to him? ” She ask again leaning on the kitchen counter.
I badly want to tell Miss Emily everything and how Mr. Cephar has been treating me but what if he’s eavesdropping on us?
What if he’s just by the door waiting to hear what I’ll say?
He has made it clear that if I ever tell anyone then my sister will have to pay with her life. God please what should I do knowing that I need Miss Emily’s help to get rid of my nightmare and save my sister?

β€œLook, you don’t really have to tell me anything but I know my cousin not to have a messed up girl as a maid. It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me but I don’t think I’m leaving anytime soon. ” She said slicing the onions.
β€œWhat do you mean? ” I honestly wasn’t given the right to ask questions or do anything out of my free will but I just felt like asking her this particular question cause if she stays that means Mr. Cephar will torture me less and there won’t be brutal and violent sex.
Please stay for the 25days.
β€œLet’s focus on what we’re cooking shall we. ” She said and wink at me.
Hanging around Miss Emily has been fun for me especially and she has helped me in so many ways. And been that she’s always around me, Mr. Cephar found it really hard to approach me. At times I don’t even get to see him and it’s a good thing right?
I and Miss Emily do virtually everything together except our bath of course and that’s an opportunity for Mr. Cephar to molest me. At times he made me take my bath 8times a day.
One of the awful night he sent me a text message (I now sleep in the same room as Miss Emily) to come meet him in the bathroom and as I was climbing down the bed I heard Miss Emily yawn and when I turn to face her she was already awake.
β€œWhere to? ” She asked me.
β€œI think I messed myself up. I need to bath. ” I lied again while she kept staring at me probably looking at where I messed up. Sorry Miss Emily but Elena’s life is at stake here. I have to do anything he ask me to or he’ll kill her.

She nods her head and I rushed out after my phone made another beeping sound. I went into the bathroom and met him there and on his hand was a condom.
β€œTurn around and be fast. ” He said and I look down his shorts to see the prints of his massive d**k.
β€œFrom the back hurts please. ” I cried and he slapped me on the face.
β€œYou don’t get to choose bitch. I do where I want and tonight it’s your a$$ I want to ride.
I watch in fear as he pull down his shorts and boxer and brought out his joystick then ask me to grab it. I move closer to him and held it. God, it’s so big and thick……
Since he has been banging me today happens to be the first time I’m holding his joystick.
β€œNow jerk off. ” He said and I gasp in hearing that. I told Miss Emily that I want to go take my bath and if she didn’t see me back on time she might suspect Mr. Cephar has hold me.
β€œYou won’t do it? ” He asked in a calm way and instead of an answer I began doing what he wants.
He start deriving pleasure as I hear him moan. His legs start to shake and he was dancing. I jerked his joystick for almost 20minutes before he ask me to stop and then told me to put it in my mouth. I hesitated but he gave me a deadly glare and I had to do it and not less than 5minutes his cums were all over my mouth.
If it happens that I died right now I hope my little sister will be okay.
β€œTurn around now. ” He ordered and I slowly did then pull down my panties and raised my top up then I felt his joystick penetrating into my a$$ and I let out a low moan. Not that of pleasure but pain. He made sure to let everything go in and so he began going in and out moaning in pleasure while I endure agonizing pain.
God, when will this be over?
Will I ever have my own freedom?
Will I die in his hands?
Or maybe I should just tell Miss Emily everything cause it looks like she’s the only person that can save me from a monster like Mr. Cephar……..
But, won’t I be endangering my younger sister if I did?
Please what should I do? 😭😭😭

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