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Lûst Or Love Episode 15

Lust Or Love

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💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋

💗Episode 15💗
Phoenix’s pov
I heard someone choking not far from where I am. I walked closer to the dining and found Cephar choking.
I didn’t know when I rushed to him.
“You need water?” I asked.
“What did the hell do you think I need if not for water!” He snapped, coughing again.
I ran to the kitchen and took a bottle of water then a cup.
Quickly, I went to Cephar, poured the water in the cup and gave it to him.
He gulped the whole content and sighed.
“Thanks.” He blurted out.

Huh? Did he just say thanks?
Maybe I didn’t hear that well.
“You’re welcome.” I smiled, probably trying to confirm if he said that or not.
“Yeah, am welcomed.”
“Sit!” He ordered.
I sat down beside him, staring and expecting him to say something.
“Okay, you will be seeing your sister today.
Just today. I mean once in a week.” He said.
I blinked my eyes rapidly.
“Really? Am really grateful. Are we going now?” I asked him.
“Not now! Later. Maybe when I have a taste of your body. To the store, phoenix.” He replied, standing up while I got up too and follow him.
He still wanna sleep with me again.
Sillily, I missed his touch.They say he do touch me making shiver and all that.
I shouldn’t be saying. Yes, I shouldn’t.
I heard another footsteps away from us.
Cephar turned to me, “Don’t answer when she calls you. Else, you won’t like what am going to do next.” He warned, taking my arm and pushed me to a corner.
The footsteps became audible and it passes us. Then, I heard my name.
“Phoenix?” Emily called.
I looked up at him, he was giving me that- Don’t answer-look.
I kept quiet but still, I was willing to talk.
I opened my mouth to talk, to disobey him but he immediately kissed me.
Damn! His lips, so lush.
I didn’t know when I grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss.
What’s wrong with me right now? I don’t know.

“Hmm……” I moaned into his mouth.
His hand traveled down my waist and raised my top up, squeezing my breast with my lace bra.
I clutched his hair tight and shivered as his cold hands touched my back, then removed my bra.
He twerked my nipple with his thumb. He stopped kissing me and stared at me for a while before bending down to take my nipples into his mouth.
I bemoaned softly and i swear, I love it when he touch me.
I know am going crazy but whatever!

Even when I tried to keep my self away from him, something is really pushing me back to him again.
“Do you know you’re mine?” He suddenly said.
I gained conscious and tried to process what he said earlier.
He gave my nipple a tiny bite and said again,
“Your body is mine. It belongs to me, Phoenix” He whispered.”
“Cephar…….” I wanted to talk but he placed his finger on my lips, making me keep quiet.
“Don’t say anything!” He shut me up.
He took me up from ground and wrapped my legs around his torso.
He rolled my cotton skirt up and tore my pant off.

He slipped two fingers into me, preparing me, he brought out his fingers and licked it.
He knelt down and placed me on the floor gently. He unbuckled his belt and let out his massive d*ck out.
He bent down again and licked my V area cleaned.
He came back to kiss me, making have a taste of myself.
Down there, I was feeling his d*ck on my V.
Trailing kisses to my neck, to my shoulders till he got to my breast again.
I was lost. So lost.
What’s wrong with me whenever am with him, I can’t tell. I really can’t.
He shoved his dick into me. I gasped, clutching his cloth tight.
“Oh my!” I moaned.
“Hmm……” He plunged deep into me repeatedly while I kept moaning softly, biting my lips to keep my moan low.
Minutes Later, he released inside me. He got up from me and wore his trouser back then carried me to my surprise.
He walked to his own room carefully and placed me on the bathtub in the bathroom then bathe me.
Gosh! This is not the Cephar I know.

He placed me on the bed and lay beside me too.
My eyes were half closed. I saw him glanced at me and then, I slept off finally.
Cephar’s pov
I woke up to see Phoenix beside me sleeping peacefully like a baby.
I thought, ‘Have never slept this long before.’
I checked the time, it’s almost 4am.
It been long I slept well.
I glimpsed at Phoenix’s face once.more. Her hair covered her face. I moved closer removed the stands of hair on her face then kissed her forehead.
‘What’s wrong with me?’ I asked myself.
I don’t know is surely the answer.
Cause I really don’t know.

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