Lust Or Love Episode 8

Lust Or Love

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πŸ’§πŸ’‹[Craving for her body] πŸ’§πŸ’‹
(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

πŸ’—Episode 8πŸ’—
Phoenix’s pov
Where the hell did the doctor went to for goodness’ sake. Even Cephar too?
I ran out of the hospital trying to look for them when I heard voices in the garage. A pleading voice and an angry voice.
I gasped when my mind drifted to the doctor and Cephar.
Oh no!
I ran towards the place and truly, it was what I’d expected.
“How dare you touch what’s mine.” Cephar growled at him, giving him one punch that made him land on the floor.

The doctor spouted out blood and I couldn’t help but gasped loudly.
“Am sorry, it was just a mistake. I promise never to do that.” The doctor winced, begging for his life.
Somehow I pitied him. His face has been disfigured.
Cephar looked up and saw me, he stopped what he was doing and walked to me.
He grabbed me by the arm and stared at me with a furious look.
Am dead. Really dead.
“You really wanna give your body to him huh?” He asked while I shook my head.
I know in his mind, he’d be calling a whore, slut and all that.
Tears threatened to fall from my eyes.
“No…am not trying to. He was the…….” My voice was failing me.
“He was the one who’s forcing himself on me” I completed.
He scoffed and took a quick glance at the doctor before dragging me forcefully to his car.
My arm was hurting and I dare not say a word.
What’s he gonna do to me?
Sarah told me no one annoys him, else, the person is dead.
He pushed me into the car and ordered the driver to drive. He obeyed and ignited the car engine and soon, we hit the road.
My heart was beating fast than normal when we got to his house. He came down before I could and asked me to follow him in his harsh tone.
I trailed behind him like an obedient dog.
He was actually going to his room. To do what?
He twisted the door knob and opened the door wide while he entered and also, me.
“How dare you leave this place to the hospital?!” He thundered while I flinched.

“Am sorry” I managed to say.
“Really? You’re sorry? Did I ask you to leave this place? Did I? You know what? You won’t be leaving this place till after 25 days. If you do, I won’t think twice in blowing your head off with gun” He snarled and pushed me to the wall roughly.
Grabbing my chin and making me face him.
“What …about my sister….won’t I check on how she’s fairing again?” I stuttered as I gazed into his eyes but quickly looked away.
He smile slyly and said, “I will take Care of that”
“I wish to see my……..”

“Just shut up!” He fired, using his hand to cage me to the wall.
He trailed his finger down to my cheek then my lips. He smiled at it and mumbled “Soft lips”
He brought his face closer and kissed my neck which made shivers run down my spine. He trailed kisses to my shoulder and used one of his hands to hold my waist firmly.
The Crazy sensation I was feeling was making me go nut. His lips went back to kiss me on the lips.
Oh! What a lushly lips he got! Damn juicy.
Am actually kissing him.
I didnt know when a moan escaped from my mouth. Did I just moan?
His hand slipped under my top and it stopped right at my bra cupping my breasts.
I wish I could stop him but am just here to do my job. A whore for 25 days. He owns me now.
Am all his.
He stopped kissing and didn’t even give me a glance before tearing my top off. I gasped and tried to cover my breast which were visible to him but he yanked them off me.

“You don’t try to cover what’s mine” He gritted and unhooked my bra.
I was feeling scared. Am gonna lost my virginity to him now.
My bra fell off and gulped down my Saliva as I watch him stare at me lustfully. He’d grabbed one of them and held it into his mouth.
He sucked on it and tweaked the other one. I threw my head back to the wall in pleasure.
He’s driving me crazy. Have never felt sparks like this before.
“Hmm……” I bit my lip moanfully.
His hand slipped down to my skirt and raised it up to my waist. Am getting naked in front of him.
Am eventually giving my body to him. All I need is the money.
His fingers touched my pant and rubbed it with my V. I let out another moan and grabbed his hair tight as he went back into kissing me again.
He slipped a finger into me, I yelped and pushed him away. I was surprised I just did that.
Is loosing one’s virginity that painful?
“Sir……..” I became dumb cause I lost words but all I did was shook my head.

He frowned at me and grabbed me by the hair with his eyes burning red.
“Don’t try to do what you just did. You’re mine now and I can do anything that pleases me with you for 25 days.” He roared.
“I can have sex with you anything, any day and you mustn’t deny it.” He added and pushed me to the bed.
“Pant off and legs spread!” He commanded then I knew I was done for.
Am doing this for my sister.
I closed my eyes waiting for him to come on top of me and use me like a whore.
πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺPoor phoenix. It is well.πŸ’ƒ
Someone should tell cephar that he should do it small small ooπŸ˜‚
Episode written by Uche Lawrence βœοΈ

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