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Lust Or Love Episode 9

Lust Or Love

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πŸ’§πŸ’‹[Craving for her body] πŸ’§πŸ’‹
(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

πŸ’—Episode 9πŸ’—
Phoenix’s Pov
Am doing this for my sister.
I closed my eyes waiting for him to come on top of me and use me like a whore.
I felt his finger on my naked thighs, but I still kept my eye closed.
I heard a lady’s first sex is always painful as hell and that’s one of the reasons why am still a virgin.
Yes am one of those ladies who are scared of the pains of losing there virginity.
But yet here I am lying on the bed of the most feared mafia king as his whore not just for one day but, 25 days.
Minutes past and yet he did nothing and I started feeling even more scared than I was before.

My thought became wide.
why is he not doing anything? or is he planning on how to kill me?
Now am thinking I made a bad decision by accepting his deal.
I would have just accepted the stupid doctor’s offer, it just one night.
But staying with this monster for 25 days I don’t think is a good idea.
What if he kills me or something.
then I won’t even be alive to see my sister healthy.
I slowly open my eyes only to see him removing his trouser with a stick of smoke in between his lips.
And my heart started racing, I thought he wasn’t going to have sex with me anymore.

I started hearing footsteps coming towards the bed and shiver ran down my spine.
Oh lord if you save me from this guy today I will be grateful.
“Open your godamn eye and get off the bed…” I heard his angry voice and I immediately opened my eyes and left the bed.
I was feeling so uncomfortable because this is the first time am naked infornt of a guy.
“Come closer…” he said calmly and I forced my feet towards his direction.
“kneel!…’ he said in a commanding tone and I obediently did, wondering what he wants me to do.
“Now do your work…’ he said making me even more confused.

or does he want me to give him a blow job but I haven’t done it before although I have seen people do it in the club house.
I quickly too my hand into his pants and brought out this massive d*ck and immediately my eye came in contact with it shiver ran down my spine.
So many thoughts came into my head, things like will he fit in me.
I sighed softly and started smoking his d*ck with my both hands and immediately a moan escaped him mouth.
I guess his enjoying it.

I took his d*ck into my mouth and started sucking on it, although it my first time I don’t want him to think am naive.
‘F*ck !…’ he moaned grabbing my hair forcefully and forcing him large size deeper into my mouth, making me chuck.
This is my fate and i have to accept it.
He removed his d*ck from my mouth and pushed me making me land hard on the bed.
He came on top of me and kissed me hungrily and my fears increased.
He trailed kisses to my neck and just like a flash he took one of my full sized bre*st into his hand, fondling it a bit.
He lowered his head there and took my nipple into his mouth and sucked on it then gave it a little bit.

“Ahhh…” I gasped lightly because it gave me a shocking vibration all over my body.

Without any warning he forced his large size inside me without mercy making me scream in pain.
He started riding me.
and it was like the was damaging my pu**y.
“you’re hurting me please…” I cried piercing my finger into his shoulder.
“Please…” I winced.
But my plead was on deaf ears.
Instead he started riding me even more faster than before.
“Argh!…” I yelled in pains.
My fingers piercing deeper into his skin as I wept.
“Please…. stop…” I whimpered.
The pains was too much for me to bear.
I felt my v parts expanding as his large size rested in me .
So deep and painful.
While I was crying in pains, he was busy moaning in pleasure without even acknowledging my pains.

Then it occurred to me that am nothing but an instrument.
An instrument use in satisfying his sexual urge for 25 days.
He touched my lips smiling lustfully and kissed on it.
“please… stop already” I moaned with tears rolling down my face.
Oh my God!
My legs were hurting.
Not only my legs but my waist and every other part of my body.
He placed his both hand on the bed and lean close to my ears.
He did a rough movement with his d*ck inside me and I screamed in pain.
“Arghhhh…” I cried like a baby, his the first man to make me feel so much pain.
“You’re hurting me…” I cried but I didn’t even get a sorry from him.
Now I know this guy is a heartless demon.

Instead he placed one of my legs on his shoulder.
He moved his d*ck back and pounced into me and this time I felt like dieing.
“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I let out a loud scream.
I pierced my fingers even more deeper into his skin making him bleed.
“Let go of me…” I cried and tried struggling out of his grip but he pined my both hands about my head.
I felt like I was gonna pass out any minute from now.
started shivering and soon I felt a cold liquid on my legs.
I looked only to see blood running down my legs.
I started wondering if his aware his hurting me.
“Please…” I continued begging him.
He waited for a while.
but all of a sudden it was like he got possessed by an evil spirit.
He started pouncing into me even more rough than before, making me scream even more.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Don’t worry you’re gonna be alright…” that was the last thing i heard before I blacked out.
πŸ’—Cephar’s PovπŸ’—
I looked at the lady unconscious on my bed and I got confused.
How can she be a virgin and a striper, is that even possible.
Oh God I shouldn’t have done this.
I don’t like having s*x with virgins because virginity is a bond between to people that my mom thought me.
But I just took her virginity because she’s in need of help.
And I most say she’s sweeter than any other lady I have ever had s*x with.
I immediately got off her and covered her body with a duvet.
And went into the bathroom to take my bath.
After freshen up and wore my red night robe and slide my feet into my flop and left the room.
I feel like killing someone right now.
That’s one thing about me if am angry at myself, I kill to make myself feel better.
I walked into my torture room were the stupid doctor was tied up on a chair.

Immediately my men saw me they all bowed there heads.
“Good day your Highness…” they all greeted in union.
And I just nodded.
“Well well well who do we have here? the stupid doctor who tried tampering with my property…” I said with an evil smile.
“Am sorry sir it wouldn’t happen again, please have mercy on me…” he cried.
I immediately lost my appetite to torture him.
I took a gun from one of my men and shot him twice on the forehead.
“What do we do with his body your Highness…” one of my men asked.
“Throw his body into the ocean…” I replied and they nodded and took him out.
“One day gone, 24 days to go…” I said licking my lips.
T. B. C….
One word for cephar?πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Don’t you think he was too hard on our dear Phoenix?πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
My eyes was closed when I was typing this episode ooo🀣🀣
Written by Authoress Vickie✍️

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