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Married Again (Crazy First Lady) Episode 1


(Crazy first lady😂)
By Eunice Nwodu
Episode 1

I blinked for a few more times staring at my reflection in the mirror. I still can’t believe it was me.
I was dressed in a thick white dress with little diamonds all around the fabric.
I’m getting married.
After all I’ve done to escape the stupid marriage. I failed! It all crumbled…
I’m Selena. The last daughter of my father and also the most stubborn.
Last borns are seen as tiny helpless creatures that only torment the older ones well, my case is different.
I’m the craziest and mother often calls me ‘a living hell’.

Unfortunately for me, I carried low traits of a normal girl. I’m rough and prefers wearing jeans everyday.
My father despises me so much that his main goal since I turned seventeen has been to marry me off.
Not for the wealth but just to get rid of me.
I prayed that the suitors hate me at first sight but no – those idiots derive pleasure in getting married to a nineteen years old lady.
I mean – what do I know???
I reached for a pair of scissors lying on the wooden table. I reached for the side of the dress and began cutting it up the most ridiculous way.
I don’t care if my mother gets furious.
When have I ever cared?🙄
The door jerked open and the bride escorts rushed in.
“The cars are here, we are gonna be late for the services!” One of them yelled running around like a lost chicken.
I rolled my eyes and started walking to the door.
I cussed the shoes I wore as I left the room. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.
Complete torture!
“Slow down, Selena. You forgot your flowers!” Elizabeth cried racing to where I was.
I snatched the flower from her and threw it towards the window in the living room.
It smashed the glasses to pieces and everyone around gasped – astonished.

There was total silence as they couldn’t take their eyes off of me.
“Let’s go to the church, shall we?” I said hysterically before hopping and dancing out of the house.
“I said I’m not hungry!” I yelled slamming my hand on the desk.
Jesus Christ!
Why do some women behave like mosquitoes????

“Oh…I’m sorry, sir. Its just that I wanted you to taste my stew. I’m just sure you’ll like it. But…since you’re not hungry, should I give you a massage or something?” She asked and bit her lower lip seductively.
I sighed irritated.
“Grandma!” I called and after a few seconds, she came rushing in.
“Aigoo….What’s wrong dear?” She asked worriedly.
“I don’t like her. She’s too annoying” I muttered and her face dropped.
“You’re rejecting this one too??” She asked tiredly.
“Yes Grandma. I don’t want to get married to someone who’s only objective is to please me. Its so annoying and boring.

“You know what? We’ll continue this wife quest when I get back from America. I don’t want to be late for my flight” I groaned.
“Alright son. I understand but bear in mind that you can’t take over your late father’s companies without a marriage certificate and time is running out—”
“Yeah. I know that but I can’t be here choosing a wife when I’m needed in America. I’m sorry, but I have to go” I chipped.
I took my phones and got up to leave.
“Yes granny” I replied despondently.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She asked with a grin.
I smiled and went to her.
“Bye” I whispered and kissed her on both cheeks.
She hugged me briefly before I left the house. My guards were outside waiting.
Oh great.
We got outside the house and a long limousine was parked right before the porch.

I grinned as I remembered what I did to the tires of the limo.
Yeah…thats right.
I used a knife to pierce the tires so the air would seize out.
No matter what.
This wedding will not hold.
“What happened to the tires??” Mom asked alarmed.
I smirked.
This is just phase one.
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