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Married Again (Crazy First Lady) Episode 2


(Crazy first lady😂)
Do Not Copy!!
Episode 2

The driver sighed and inserted his hand into his pocket. He brought out his cellphone and twitched.
Mom went closer to the car and began examining the tires.
“Who could have done such a thing?” The driver asked clearly confused.
Mom looked up at me and I smiled broadly.
“You cursed child! This has your name written all over it, Selena!” She rasped.
“Really mom? Oh, I’m sorry but I can’t read” I said enthusiastically.
She threw deadly glares at me.

“I’ve called someone. They’ll send another limo just like this one” The driver interpolated and mom smiled.
“This wedding will hold, whether you like it or not, Selena. In a few hours, you’ll no longer bear your father’s surname” she mouthed.
I shrugged and folded my hands together.
“Oh good lord! What have you done to your dress????” She yelled noticing the wonderful work I’ve done on it.
“It was an accident, mom” I replied grinning.
She clenched her fist fuming in anger.
Few minutes later, a black limo pulled up next to the one I ruined.
We all boarded the car and off to church we went.
“Its hot in here!” Mom cried trying to fan her face with her hand.
🚺yes, ma’am.
🚺i can barely breath!
🚺Oh heavens!
They complained.
“The AC is not working…!” The driver informed from the other side of the limo.
I smiled broadly as an idea sipped into my mind.
I pulled myself together and then released the fart I’ve been trying to suppress.
In a split second, everyone started reacting to the horrible odour.
They covered their noses and murmured.

“What did you eat Selena??!” Mom asked furiously.
“Nothing at all” I replied and farted all over again.

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