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πŸ’—πŸ’ž My Boss Wants Me πŸ’žπŸ’—

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πŸ’šπŸŒΏ Episode 9 πŸŒΏπŸ’š

❌ Xavier ❌
I muttered under my breathe , I’m not bothered about the fact they caught us in such position but for destroying the make out.
Mum you didn’t inform me you will be coming” I said and turned to see Jeanne beside me looking all red . You see what they’ve caused ? But wait! What was that even for?
Does it mean that if they haven’t come in something could have happened? Gosh she almost gave me herself .
Did I have to announce it to you before I visit my own son? And we are sorry to have stopped the beautiful moment right minky ?” She said
Yes mum ! We are sorry oh my! What if it was that make out that could have made me an aunt ? God! Mum wrong timing” she said dramatically throwing back her head .
Goo..od even… evening mum ” Jeanne stammered after what seems like a year . I almost laughed at the way she felt so uncomfortable with those questioning eyes on her like she just killed someone
Evening hunny I guess you are fine ” she said while Jeanne nodded
Won’t my sister in-law say Hi to me?” Minky pouted and dragged Jeanne away inside the room .
This is gonna be a long night, I pray they shouldn’t spend the night here .
” Sit Son ” mum commanded as she sat on the sofa.
I sat down opposite her waiting to hear what she wanna say. I know it’s not far
away from scolding me to pick a wife .
I mean I’m not ready for marriage after all I’m just 24 young to go into marriage but this woman here won’t let me be .
Why are you doing this to me son? I need my grandchildren and you aren’t ready to take a wife ..”
Mum I..”
Let me speak son , you have to get married else you will be forced into an arrange marriage Xavier ” she shouted this time more pissed . Gosh ! I hate to see mum angry and I’m always the cause of it .
And did she just say she will arrange a marriage for me? Not happening. She can do exactly as she said if I go contrary to her order .
I can’t be perfectly fine and allow someone choose a wife for me. Never!
You wouldn’t do that mum , I have a fiance” I lied while she grimaced.
Really? Are you serious? Who’s she ? Did I know her ? Tell me ” she asked eagerly. Maybe she thinks her son has turned into a robot that can answer many questions at a time .
You know her mum she’s Jeanne ” what did I just say? I’m so so dead right now. Of all girls jeanne’s name was the one that slipped out of my mouth. How do I explain this?
“I knew it! I saw that you love her and I must say you made a good choice. Thank you Son” she said excitedly. What the hell have I caused?
” Mum listen I …”
Cut it son I’m not interested in hearing more , I need to go see her already. See you later baby ” she said and dashed to where Minky and Jeanne is in the room I guess .
I’m so done for !
What do I tell Jeanne? I know she will be very mad if this gets to her . She isn’t even officially my girlfriend talk of fiance.
What do I do? Think Xavier think
Fuck it Xavier you are so dump” I hit my hand on the wall and walked off to the balcony.
❌ Jeanne ❌
I don’t think this evening is gonna be a nice one .
I can’t still believe the fact that I almost submitted myself to Xavier willingly . I can’t face him nor mum except for Minky who isn’t tired of asking me silly questions since she dragged me out if the living room .
Out of it Jeanne ” she tapped my shoulder staring at me .
Sorry I spaced out ” I replied.
So answer my question” she said and crossed her arm . I didn’t even know what she asked before I will think of the answer. My mind isn’t with her and you wouldn’t blame me for that you know .
I’m sorry I didn’t get your question” I said and smiled at her . She’s really a pain
in the neck adding to the headache in my chest .
” Okay, did you love my brother?”
The question really took me off guard that I choked on my spit . What sort of question is that?
” What!”
The question needs a simple answer Jeanne , if you can’t answer me then I take that as a yes so do you?” She grinned and placed her head on my thigh. Goodness lawd!
Of..co..course n..not, I don’t..love him ” I replied nervously.
Do I really love him?
No I don’t think I do.
But then why did I stammer ? This is so confusing! My heart is playing tricks with my brain .
Caught ya ! I know you..” she was cut off as mum walked in and perked me on the cheeks before sitting down looking all elated .
What’s up with her ?
Thank you hunny for accepting my son , I know he’s such a dickhead but inside that arrogant self lies a man with good heart ” she beamed while I stared at her expressionless. What’s she saying and what did she mean I accepted her son ? For what?
What did i miss mum? ” Minky asked
” Xavier proposed to Jeanne” .
Oh lawd carry me to heaven ! Xavier proposed to who? Me ? This woman got to be kidding me
” Wow! Congratulations baby girl and welcome to our family happen anyways” Minky shrugged and hugged me .

I know this will
I promise to be the best mother in law to you darling , I will show you what wealth and power looks like ” she gave me a side hug . That was when I know she
wasn’t joking, how possible will xavier propose to me in my absence? .
I’m sure he’s the one who told mum that lie, I just hope I will be able to get out of this .
As for Xavier? He’s dead already! ..
I smiled at them trying to play along and shook my head shyly.
❌ Xavier ❌
Were you able to know who sent them?
Yes boss , they told us after lots of torture
Very good! Who is the fucking bastard that almost killed me ?
He’s Chris Charlene by name
Get every information about him, I need him tomorrow I will rip off his head before handling the dead body to the cops
Done boss
Good .
How dare the so nicom poop Chris whatever try me? I must have him and give him
a reason to die.
I was boiling in anger when someone yelled my name from behind. Gosh!
It’s Jeanne.
Is my grave ready ? I think I’m gonna die already.
I’m so done for.
To be continued……..

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