Omolara’s faith Episode 3

Omolara’s Faith

Omolara’s faith Episode 3

Continuation of Omolara’s faith Episode 2

Ijoba Orun, lere oni…”
Lara’s phone rang waking her up rudely from her nap. She squinted at her phone’s screen-
‘Mummy’ was all she could see.
“Hello?” she said in a sleepy voice.
“Iwon omo buru yen, what on earth is your problem?” Funke -her mother screamed into her ears.
“Mummy, is anything the problem?” she rubbed her eyes.
“Nonsense!” came her mother’s reply.
“People use what they have to get what they want in life, is anything wrong if I give my only daughter out to a rich family?” Her sounded aggressive.
Lara glanced at her phone screen again in terror, before placing back to her ear.
“Mummy, If I did something wrong, just tell me…” she began to say softly.
“Do I need to remind you of your deeds? You’ve become disrespectful, you no longer cook for your husband, you’re even threatening to leave your matrimonial home!” her mother queried.
“No buts, sho gbo? Rubbish! And let me remind you, don’t just come to my house if your husband divorces you due to your stubborness.” he mother shouted again.
Lara bit her lower lip.
the line went dead.

She stared at her phone in silence, what kind of life is this? Tony had told her mother fake stories about her. How can her mother be this selfish?
She pondered.
“Hello…” Tony intoned behind her.
She turned sharply, her eyes widened, how did he get there?
“So are you ready to turn a new leaf?” he wore a mischievous smile.
She pursed her lips, fidgeting at her dress.
“Go make me a mug of choco.” he ordered walking out of her room.
She swallowed hard, she felt her heart split. She ran her fingers gently on her chest.
“It’s well, I’ll survive, somehow, anyhow, one day,
it’ll be over.” she whispered to herself as she fought to keep back tears.
Lara wiped her hands on her apron, she pushed the flask of food away from her, before proceeding to peel some plantains.
Tony had called her earlier, to make a meal for two, as he was bringing a guest home.
Whoever the guest was? She shrugged.
She began setting the table when the door bell rang, she rushed to open it.
“Welcome” she said as Tony brushed past her.
She turned to look at the guest, she almost mistook the guest to be a male.
“Good day.” Lara said softly.
The guest was wearing a trouser suit, she was masculine, her hair cut very low. If not for the earrings, she could be called a male.
“Hy,” the guest said coldly.
“Errm, Sophy, have a seat, make yourself comfortable..” Tony began to say.
“Not so fast, won’t you introduce me to her?” the guest said with a low laugh.
“Welll…okay…, sophy, meet my Illiterate wife-Lara, errrm, Lara meet my cutie pie-sophia.” he chuckled.
Sophia laughed out loud.
“Well Lara, I’ve heard alot about you…” she extended her hand for a shake.
Lara shook her head in pain, she didn’t take sophia’s hand. She began counting her toes.
“Errm, sophy darling, lets proceed to the dining area, I believe she should have set the table by now .” Tony led Sophia towards the dinning room..
Lara watched them from the corner of her eyes, her eyes stung her as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“Hmm, she cooks well…” sophia said eating in mouth fulls.
“Oh yes! And that’s the main reason I’m still keeping her, else, she should be in her parents house by now” Tony said loudly.
“Oh sweerie, that was too rude…” Sophia laughed.
Lara walked lightly into her room, she went on her knees. Is this real? She thought.

She felt she needed to talk to somebody. Her mum was out of question, Deji isn’t in town for now. She decide to pray, though she doesn’t believe in prayers.
“God…” she looked towards heaven.
“I know you can see all that’s happening, do I deserve such treatments?” she sniffed.
“I have no one to talk to, nowhere to go…you are all I have now…my father is no more…” she sobbed.
“I heard you are a father to the fatherless, don’t forsake me O’Lord….help me dear father….” her body shook with sobs.

She laid on the hard floor, she liked its coldness, it gave her some sort of comfort.
Tony isn’t a human being…she thought. He is either a beast or the devil himself. He dared bring his mistress into their home…he knew there’s nothing she could do.
To Be Continued…. . . .

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