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💭Betty POV💭
“arrrrhhhhhhh I just can’t believe this,how could Chris do this to me” she yelled angrily
“take it easy Betty and tell me what happened” Gracie said behind her
“am just coming back from Chris house and did you know what the jerk told me,he said he was inlove with someone else, can you believe that”
“I knew that the jerk is having an affair and when I confronted him about it he fired me” Gracie said angrily
“last year when we were at France, he told me that he wanted us to break up but I only thought he kind of needed a break, i never thought that he wanted us to split for good,I called his dad yesterday and he assured me that all is well but he had been lying,the dirty old man only wants his son to get married to me so he can inherit my daddy company but I won’t let that and I won’t let Chris go so easily, whether he likes it or not he will marry me”
“thats the spirit cousin,don’t let a damn Regina take your man away from you”Gracie said
” tell me do you have a picture of that girl ”
“sure I do, let me look for it” Gracie said as she looked through her phone.
Betty didn’t know why but she was feeling worried, worried about this Regina.
“here this is the witch picture” Gracie said and Betty stared at the picture, it really was her,Regina Davies, it’s been two long years since she heard from her,ever since the issue with john they’ve lost contact
“what’s it,do you know her Cuz” Gracie said
“I do know her”
“don’t tell she is the same Regina from your past” Gracie asked and Betty nodded
“she is the one, I cheated on her with her fiance” Betty said
“but you told me you both loved each other”
“that was what I thought too,after Regina threw us out of her life, we both continued our relationship but later on we found out that we weren’t compatible” Betty said
“well that’s all in the past, Chris is your present and future, you can’t let him go just because you feel guilty towards an exfriend” Gracie said
“and who told you that I feel guilty, I didn’t feel it in the past and I won’t now,if someone have to step aside it will be Regina,I can’t afford to lose Chris, I love him”
“that’s the spirit Cuz,you will fight against that whore and show her who the boss is” Gracie said
“why don’t I call a friend of mine over, I know he would love to split Chris and Regina apart” Betty said and picked her phone up.
💭Regina POV💭
Regina walked down the stairs feeling sad,she needed to be strong, needed to show Chris and Betty that their affair didn’t mean a thing to her,after all this isn’t the first time Betty will take the man she love.
she got downstairs and saw Jennifer ,she had really messed up last night, she had yelled at her sister,never in her life had she done something like that
“oh your awake,would you like to eat before you go to work”.
” no,jenny am sorry for last night”
“it doesn’t matter, you had a fight with Chris right”
“I don’t want to talk about it”
“fine I understand but know that if you need someone to talk to,am here for you” jenny said as she give her a hug
Regina went out of the house and saw a taxi and soon she was at the office.
she was about going in when she saw him arrive, he even had the gall to smile at her, she turned and began to walk into the building
“Regina, Regina” she heard him call her but didn’t answer.she didn’t feel like talking to him so she began to walk fast and instead of using the lift,she decided to use the stairs and luckily she didn’t hear anyone following her, he might have used the lift
she got to her office and saw Lucy looking at her desk
“hurry up,have been itching to know whats in the letter” she said as she starred at the rose and letter on Regina desk
“you won’t be knowing what’s in it because I don’t want to know” Regina said as she tore the letter and threw the rose into the bin.
“what’s wrong Reggie”
“I don’t want anything from that man,nothing at all” she said angrily and unknown to her Chris had seen her throwing it into the bin
“why are you saying that” Lucy said
“yeah Regina, I want to know why too” she heard him say behind her.
some workers were watching them why some weren’t
“I don’t want anything from you” she said lightly to him,only the both of them could hear what she was saying.
“come with me to my office” he said and didn’t give her any chance to refuse,he drew her into his office and closed the door.
“what’s wrong Regina”
“nothing sir,I just don’t want presents from you again”
“sir?like seriously are we back to being formal”.
” yes sir and if you wouldn’t mind I will like to go back to my post”
“what God damn post regina,what’s wrong with you”
“there is nothing wrong with me,I just don’t want you near me anymore, so please leave me alone” she said and walked out of his office angrily.

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