Sex is the sweetest but still dangerous in some ways

Many people says that our forefathers married many wives has they like and polygamy in nature is true but olden days thinking is not now.

The world is full of jealous,hatred, wickedness,

They married many wives and those wives respect their husbands by not sleeping around with other men because some marriage where blessed and signed by a deties if you cheat you die or madness.
Our forefathers married them not using them and dumping them,hope you understand my where am heading too.
If you want to go far in spiritual strongest,reduce sex multiple partners,,you don’t know all,, remember inside is more hidden than outside.
Many ladies and men has committed their soul and spirit to one occult and wicked shrine, maybe for money, powers and fame and once they sleep with you,you are gone forever.
You don’t know everybody plans and secret hidden
You are about to do water work,you move on to sleep with different men or women after you called the spirituality evil because your work didn’t go,how can it go when you have exchange your spirit with many spirit.
You are free to marry billions of women as you want but to be going from one hole to another Is risky.
You are free to sleep with different men,but remember old age is still coming.
To be active in spiritual journey you need to know the type of people you have sex with.
Not every spirit is good or matches your own spirit
Know who you want to be and know that this generation is something else.
Do you know some ladies usually put charm in their private part,once you sleep with them all your destiny is damaged or you will be under their control for life.
Do you know some men is going about looking for many innocent ladies to sleep with to take their luck and Destiny.
Hope you understand sex is two body,mind, spirit,soul, meeting together,, exchanging many things both physically and emotionally, spiritually.
Remember no matter the life you live,you must be old to see your results,,save yourself and Generation.