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[STORIES] The Story of you and I Episode 4



Written By Wunmi Ijaola ✍️✍️
β£οΈπŸŒΉπŸ’š Chapter Four πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸŒΉ

Audrey’s POV
Oh Good, someone came to save me from this guy.
“Hi Kyle, Hi Newbie” A girl walked toward us and said.
“I’m Audrey” I don’t like being called Newbie.
“Meet Elena, my friend” Kyle said and Elena stretched her hands to have an handshake with me. Then we shook hands.
Wait! The first set of people I met were unfair but these ones, I’m so glad to have them.
“You are welcome to Wearous High School” She said to me and I smiled – remembering how I never wanted to be here at first b’cos I thought there won’t be nice people that would want to make friends with me but here they are; Kyle and Elena.
“So tomorrow, we would go on a tour around the school and I’ll tell you somethings you ought to know” Elena offered.
“Well, I already told her” Kyle said.
She gave him a light punch on his shoulder and said “When would you stop being a reporter?” and I laughed.
Right, he’s kind of a talkative but a jovial one.
“Whatever, Hey Audrey, I’m all yours tomorrow” Elena said to me.
“Err… Well, I do not need to go walk around school… There are guides and instructions that I can follow” I told her.
“Oh Okay.. ” Elena said and Kyle sticked out his tongue out to her mockfully.
Simon returned to the classroom and those girls were still with him, the three of them.. acting like mosquitoes. But seriously, don’t they have work to do?
As if he was looking for me, He ( The Simon guy) turned to where I sat and I freezed.
He scoffed and went to his seat…Maybe Kyle was right.. If I hadn’t leave, he would have been on my neck.
“So we’ll be walking home together, two of us. Elena’s driver has come to take her home” Kyle said when school dismissed, after I told him which way I would walk through.
Wait, how about him? I mean, since he attends this school..definitely he is from a rich home.
Why is he trekking home when most students were being picked by their drivers?
I didn’t bother to ask him these questions anyway, we began to walk down the lane.
“I won’t be going home directly, I would be stopping by at a restaurant” I told him.
“Why? Do you have a date with your boyfriend?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said giving a short laugh.
“Oh really? ”
Having a boyfriend is the second to the last thing on my Agenda. I need to learn from Mom’s experience…I don’t wanna make the same mistake she made.
I’m not saying I won’t have a boyfriend but maybe not too soon.
“Boyfriend? I and my mom just moved to this Wearous area, do you expect me to have one already?” I said not full giving him an answer whether I do have a boyfriend or not.
“Then why are you going to a restaurant before going home? ” He asked me.
“I just hope you won’t mock me” I said and stop walking “I want to work there” I told him and I saw his face expression, he looked – perplexed which made to stop walking too.
He stood in front of me, surprised.
“Ok, I can see you are so surprised and you are gonna laugh at me soon. I’m not a pretender and I never wanted to act like I’m super wealthy like you guys. I’m just some random girl living a random life, I still don’t know what I’m doing here and in your school” I expantiated yet he didn’t say anything.
“Would you continue to stay silent just because I told you I’m a poor minor girl? Ok, it’s fine if you don’t wanna make friends with me” I said feeling dejected then I began to walk ahead of him.
“No, I.. I’m just surprised” He finally spoke and caught up with me.
I scoffed:”Why? ”
“You courageously said the truth but I think it’s okay to be poor but to live a happy life” He said.
“What do you mean? ” I asked staring into his eyes.
“Unlike my family, we are not wealthy too, I’m not a wealthy guy” He confessed and I stood in bemusement.
“I had to attend Wearous High School for some reason too” He continued.
“Oh.. Okay” So, I’m not the only poor one.
“So what’s the unhappy part of it?” I asked but he didn’t say anything.
I looked up to his face and saw him and noticed his eyes were teary and a tear began to roll down his cheeks then another dropped.
“What’s wrong? ” I asked him.
He tried to smile amidst the tears..
“It’s just that.. ”
I interrupted him: “Ok, I’m so sorry if I made you cry”
“C’mon” He paused about to say something.
“My parents usually quarrel over the same issue and it’s getting out of hand. My house is on fire and it makes me sad. You see Audrey, you live with only your mom yet it’s an happy one.. ” He said.
I wanted to ask him what happened to his family and why he said his house is on fire? but I kept the questions to myself. I felt it was none of my business but I was so concerned. He will tell me what’s wrong when he wants to.
“Here we are” He said.
I looked up to the tall building in front of us..
Boldly written on it Eat – Rest – Relax, ERR restaurant.
“This is the restaurant” He said.
“How do you know I was referring to ERR restaurant?” I asked him
He smiled: “It’s a popular restaurant. let’s just say I guessed right” He said.
“Oh, thank you very much” I said and he smiled again.
“We are departing now, are you sure you’ll be fine? ” I asked him and before he could answer, I spoke further “See Kyle, I’m really sorry to have asked you a question that would hurt you to the marrow of your bone”
“It’s okay” “You are such a great friend, I’m glad we met” He said.
It’s not even hard to make friends here afterall.
My first day in WHS, I made two friends – a favourite one who is standing right in front of me. Who knows? He might be the charming knight in my shining armor.
What did I just say? Ugh?!
“So Bye Kyle, see you in school tomorrow ” I waved at him.
“Take good care of yourself” He said.
“Yeah, I will. You too” I bide him bye and watch him leave.
He is not bad as well..
I think he is more handsome than Mr Handsome, Simon.
I turned to the building which has sparkling beautiful lights.
I took a brief sigh and said to myself:
“Come on Audrey, I can do it” Then I walked into the restaurant.

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