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[STORIES] Bad Girl, Big Bully Episode 15

Bad Girl, Big Bully


Episode 15 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️😍😍✌
πŸ’œ KennedyπŸ’œ
I was given a sum of 400,000 thousand naira after dancing in an open place
I was so embarrassed
But people applaud me after dancing and that made me feel a little good
I turned to go when I saw jane starring at me
“what are you doing here? ” I asked and she folded her arms
” what else, I came to watch a high school boy dancing in front of a club ” she said and scoffed
” keep it a secret from moreen ” I said but she just shook her head


” you don’t want your girlfriend to know? Alright I won’t tell her ” she said and walked away
I wanted to ask her if she really has lung cancer but I just held back
What should I buy for moreen?
πŸ’ž MoreenπŸ’ž
I sat on my bed and sighed
I’m feeling somehow strange
I don’t know what is wrong with me
” Moreen ” my dad called as he entered my room and sat beside me
” dad, what is wrong? ”
” I am going to England, I need to check the company there, you know it’s been 2 years I’ve visited ” he said and I nod
” so while I’m away, I’m going to put Mr swift in charge of the companies here ” he said and my eyes widened
Jane’s father
No way
” no dad, he is already in charge of a company, why give him the remaining? ” I boiled
” that’s because he is the only one i trust ” a felt cold when my dad said that
Jane’s father?


” dad, will you stop trusting people especially that man ” I clenched my fist
” don’t worry moreen, have a good time while I’m gone ” he said and walked out of my room
The next day, I sat in my seat trying to study
I don’t want to bully again, if not I would have told someone to help me cheat
I should study sometimes too
But mhen, studying is so boring
In no time, I was dozing
I was about to put my head on the table when someone used a finger to push my head back, making my head to hit the chair
Someone who is nosy


“what do you think you are doing? ” I yelled as i rub the back of my head with my hand
” there is a needle on your table ” he said and walked to his seat
That punk
” mind your business ” I yelled at him
” OK if you say so ” he said and I sighed
I looked at my table and took the needle
Why is there a needle on my table
” Kennedy, did you put it here? “I asked
” if I did i would have just allowed you to sleep on it ” he said and the class snickered
I looked behind me and saw moreen glaring at me
I don’t care anyway
I still need to study
πŸ’œ KennedyπŸ’œ
” it’s your birthday moreen, where do you want to go? ” I asked but she wasn’t looking at me
” Moreen, are you ok? ” I asked and she smiled


One would know the smile was fake
” Kennedy, why are you getting close to jane? ” she asked and I arched my brow
” forget it, let’s meet in a restaurant ” she said and left
After school, I took the bus to the restaurant where we were to meet
” Moreen hi ” I sat opposite her
” I bought you a present” I said and brought out a small box and handed it to her
“a necklace? ” she said as she opened the box
” yes, it cost 300,000 thousand naira ” I said
She close it and handed it back
” Kennedy, let’s break up ”
She just broke Kennedy’s heart 😭😭πŸ˜₯

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