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EPISODE 16 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️😊😊😊🥵
4 years ago…
“Mom, I’m going to sit for my final exams, If you would please take me to the beach with you, I’m going to do well in my exams” Gwen said and pouted
She was in the car with Her parents, they just picked her from school
“Are you a little kid or what? You are 19, you shouldn’t be talking about beach just read for your exams, if you fail, I’m going to deal with you” her father scolded
“Honey, why are you always scolding her, you won’t even let her live freely” her mom said to her dad and rolled her eyes
“Gwen, your boyfriend hasn’t been visiting lately, is something wrong?” Her mom asked
“You mean Dylan?His mom is sick at the hospital, he would be busy for some time” Gwen said and smiled
“Aren’t you too young to be dating ugh? Why won’t you guys listen to me” her father yelled
“Watch out Dad!!!” Gwen yelled
Their car almost hit a car, Unfortunately the brakes lost control and the car kept running fast on its own
It started to spin and before they knew it, The door opened and threw Gwen out
She rolled in a bush and lost consciousness
Dan carried Daisy back home and laid her on the bed as he covered her with the duvet
He stared at her as he recalled how she had lost consciousness after seeing a picture Dylan showed Her
“What’s in that picture?” He thought to himself
The door opened and Drex came in with some drugs and water
“She is not yet awake?” He asked
“Yeah” Dan replied and drex dropped the drugs and water. “Make sure she use these drugs after waking up” he said and turned to go when Dan stopped him
“Is there something about Daisy that I do not know?” He asked but Drex suddenly became quiet
“Is there something so special about her that I do not” he asked again , Drex turned back to him and shook his head
“No, why, is something wrong?” He asked
“No, its nothing?” Dan said and Drex walked out
Dylan stood outside their house when Drex came out
He just looked at him and went his way
“He’s so rude” Dylan murmured
After some minutes, Dan came out , putting on his jacket when he noticed Dylan outside
“What are you doing here?” He asked
“How is Daisy?” Dylan asked and wanted to enter but Dan pushed him back
“What are you trying to do? Are you trying to go inside?” Dan yelled as they both glared at each other
“I should just go” Dylan said and turned to leave
“What was that picture you showed her?” Dan asked and he stopped
“Why do you care?” Dylan asked and Dan scoffed
“I’m her boyfriend” he replied
“Really? If you are her boyfriend then I guess I shouldn’t keep anything from you” Dylan smirked and brought out the picture
“Here” he said and gave it to Dan who collected it
His eyes widened as he saw the picture
“What? What’s going on? Why Is Daisy in the picture with you?” He asked
“This was my girlfriend who died some years back but she looks exactly like Daisy, why?” Dylan said and Dan scoffed
“Why? Are you trying to say Daisy is your dead girlfriend?”
“Cut the crap, Daisy is not your girlfriend, you are only mistaken, so STP bugging her and get lost” Dan said and threw the picture away
He walked to Mrs Luna’s restaurant and met her drinking beer outside
“Dan, you should be at home, why are you here?” Mrs Luna asked and Dan sat beside her
“I have something to ask you” he said and Mrs Luna looked at him
“Is there anything you know about Daisy” he asked and Mrs Luna sighed
“The truth is…..I saved Daisy just like I did to you, she was found laying unconscious in the bush just like you” Mrs Luna said and gulped down another cup of beer
“So, did she lose her memory like me?” Dan asked
“Yeah, she lost her memory but it was just for a while, she was quick to regain it”
“Really?” Dan said and arched his brow
“Then is she really Dylan’s girlfriend?” He thought to himself
Daisy slowly opened her eyes
She groaned as she stood up from the bed and walked to the kitchen to drink some water when Dan came running inside
“Daisy, are you okay?” He said and hugged her tightly
“Yeah, I’m fine, Will you please disengage the hug? I can’t breathe” she said gasping for air
“Oh…I’m sorry” Dan said and disengage the hug
“Are you really okay?”
“Of course, I am, I have to go to the ballerina class today” she said and walked to the room to clean up
Some minutes later, she call out and saw Dan also dressed up
“Where are you going?” She asked
“I’m going with you?”
“What? Why?”
“What do you mean by why? Can’t I go with you?” He asked
“Of course you can” Daisy said and smiled as they both took a cab to the city
Dan kept staring at her like he had something to say
“Do you have something to ask?” Daisy asked as they both walked down the street
“Well…Daisy, do you perhaps, remember something ?” He asked
“Something like what?” Daisy also asked
“Forget it” he said “she isn’t saying anything about Dylan, has she really forgotten him?” He thought to himself
Soon they got to the company and Dan saw the big picture of a guy putting on mask in front of the company
“Who is this?” He asked
“The son of the CEO” daisy replied
“Really? Why is he putting on mask?” He asked and daisy shrugged
“No one knows, he is always like that” Daisy said “You should stay outside, I will be back in some minutes” she said and walked inside
Jackson was in his office with Mario seated in the guest seat when secretary Fred ran inside to whisper something to him
“Sir, young master is here, he is outside the company” Fred whispered and Jackson’s eyes widened as he stood up and banged his hand on the table
“Is everything okay?” Mario asked
“Yeah” Jackson said and walked outside with Fred behind him
“Where is Mrs Dalton?” Jackson asked
“She’s talking a walk around the company” Fred replied and Jackson started running
Dan was walking around the company when he mistakenly bumped into Mrs Dalton (His mother) making her bag to fall
“I’m sorry” he said and they both bent to pick it
Their eyes were about to meet when they heard a very loud crash
“What was that” Mrs Dalton said and looked sideways
She turned back but didn’t see Dan
“Ugh? Where was the young man I was talking to just now??”
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