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EPISODE 18 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

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Written by naijalanded writer ✍️ 😊😊🥵
Dan sat in Drex’s room drinking alcohol , he kept saying things at the process that Drex got tired of him
“Why would she do that to me ugh? How could she leave me to meet her friend, why is she doing this to me” he said drunkenly and drex sighed
“I can’t believe this” he murmured and Dan continued
“She’s my girlfriend and I like her a lot, but she’s not always giving me the attention I want, I can’t even kiss her because of her darn friend”
Drex sighed again
“What have Daisy done in her past life to Make her end up with someone like this” he murmured again
“It took me a lot for her to confess to me, now why won’t they let me kiss her peacefully” Dan said
“You guys confessed to each other all thanks to me, I did a lot to make you guys friends” Drex said proudly
“Whatever, I’m so mad at her friend, I’m going to make her pay for this” Dan said and Drex scoffed
“Its not like you can do anything, by the way, what’s the name of her friend?” He asked
“I think its Anna or something, I’m gonna kill her” Dan said and Drex stood up
“What? Anna? Are you crazy? Why are you just telling me ?” Drex yelled putting on his jacket
“Ugh?where are you going?” Dan asked , drunkenly but drex didn’t reply him
He took his phone and dialed Daisy’s number
“Big sis, where are you?” He said after Daisy picked up
“I’m trying to get Anna home, I need some help” Daisy said on the other side of the phone
“Really? Text me the address, I will meet you there” Drex said and hanged up
“Dan, see you later” he said and ran out
“Are you leaving me too? I guess you guys love Anna more than you love me” he said and placed his head on the table
Daisy lifted Anna up
Anna was drunk and it was so hard to get hold of her
“Just wait, I’m going to kill you when you come back to your senses” Daisy said, tiredly
“Big sis” she heard
She looked up and saw Drex running to them
“Big sis”
“Drex you are here”
“Yeah, is she okay?” He asked and daisy shook her Head
“No she’s not, how is Dan?” She asked and Drex sighed
“Dan drank too, he kept speaking gibberish” drex said
“What? I should go back home then, you should take Anna home, I will text you her address later” Daisy said hurriedly and stopped the cab
Drex took Anna home,
“Where am I?” Anna yelled drunkenly and Drex scoffed
“How could you be so cute even when you are drunk” he said and made her sit on the couch
“I should give her some water so she could sober up” He said and turned when Anna grabbed his wrist
“Where do you think you are going you jerk” she yelled and stood up
“You should sit Anna, you are drunk” Drex said but Anna grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him
Drex’s eyes widened with shock as he didn’t know what else to do
Anna removed her lips and collapsed back on the couch
“You better remember this when you wake up” Drex said and smiled
Jackson sat in His room playing games on his phone with Mario beside him
“Aren’t you going to show me a picture of what Dan looks like I’m dying of curiosity” Mario whined
“Enough Mario, you gonna make me lose this game” Jackson said, not paying much attention to her
“Why are you guys keeping Dan’s face a secret, you should at least show me, you guys are my friend” Mario said and pouted
“Enough, if you know what Dan looks like, what are you going to do?” Jackson said with a serious tone and look
“Well, its not like I’m gonna do anything but…..”
“But what?” Jackson interrupted “are you gonna seduce him and make him like you” Jackson said and stared at her
“You don’t care about my feelings do you?” He asked
“Jackson, why are you getting so serious?” Mario asked
He moved closer to her and moved his head like he wants to kiss her but he didn’t
They were like this for a minute until Mario pushed him away
“What…..what..do you think you are doing right now?” She said and ran out
“Darn it” Jackson said and sighed
The next morning, Dan woke up with a serious headache
“I’m alive” he said and stood up,stretching his body
He walked to the kitchen to get water when he saw Daisy setting the dining table
He was also surprised to see the kitchen all messed up
“You are up” Daisy said and smiled
“Yeah” he replied and walked to the table
“Surprise! I made you breakfast myself” she said excitedly
The food they’ve been eating all this while were actually made Mr Luna or Drex
“I’m quite a great cook, my food taste like the only one you would have in paradise” she said proudly and Dan nod
“Ah…..I see” he said and took the spoon as he tasted the food
Food you can only have in paradise my foot!!!!
The food was salty and spicy
Its like he was given a punishment for tasting it
“So, how does it taste?” Daisy blinked
He looked at Daisy and then at the food
“If I tell her the food is bad, she would be heartbroken but if I tell its okay, I would have to finish everything on this table” he thought to himself
He looked at Daisy who was curiously waiting for an answer
“What should I tell her” he thought to himself and sighed
I’m sorry for the late post
Oya o, what do you think Dan should tell Daisy about the food

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