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EPISODE 19 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🥵🥵😊
“So? How does the food taste?” Daisy asked again
Dan sat hesitating on what to say when drex walked inside with a smile on his face
“Drex, what’s up, you should join us here too” Daisy but it seems drex didn’t here a word she said
He kept on smiling
“Drex,are you okay?” Dan asked
“No, I don’t think I’m okay” he replied and Dan walked to him
“Hey, what’s wrong ?” Dan asked
“Dan, I think I need to go to the hospital because my heart keeps on beating” drex whined and placed his hand on his chest
Daisy and Dan both looked at each other and then at drex
“He must have lost his mind” Daisy grumbled when her phone rang
“Yeah…you are here” she said as she picked up and walked outside
“So tell me drex, why are you so happy?” Dan asked
“Dan,I had my first kiss from Someone I’m madly in love with” he said, staring into the air
“Really?that’s great then” Dan said and sat beside him
“Drex, I’m in a tight situation right now, Daisy prepared me breakfast but….” He didn’t complete his statement when Drex cut in
“Don’t you dare eat it, big sis is a bad cook, she doesn’t even know the difference between sugar and salt” he said and Dan’s eyes widened with shock
“So, be careful, don’t you dare eat it or you gonna die” Drex said and the door opened as Daisy and Anna both entered chatting
“Why did you drink so much? You are not a little kid?” Daisy said
“You’ve said that so many times, anyway, thanks for taking me home” Anna said
“But I didn’t….” Daisy paused and saw Dan and Drex staring at them
“Drex, what are you still doing here?” She asked
Drex and Anna’s eyes met but Anna avoided him immediately
“You? Are you Anna?” Dan asked rudely and Anna scoffed
“You must be kidding me” she said and rolled her eyes
“I decided to revenge but I’m gonna forgive you” Dan said and Anna folded her arms
“Revenge? In what way have I offended you?” She asked
Dan also folded his arms and moved closer to her
“You keep on messing with my life, with your stupid excuses” Dan said
Daisy and Drex just stood staring at them
“What’s wrong with them?” Drex asked and daisy shrugged
“You are so rude” Anna said and Dan smirked
“So, are you” he replied
“Anna, you should eat” daisy said and drag Anna with her to the dining table to stop them
Anna sat down and tasted the food when she choked started coughing
“Water” she yelled and Daisy handed her a cup of water
She drank the water and glared at Daisy
“Did you prepare this?i think I’m gonna lose my tongue if I continue eating this” Anna said and stood up
“Does it taste so bad?” Daisy asked and Anna nod
“Yeah, it taste so bad” she said
Daisy turned but noticed Dan was not inside anymore
“He should have me that” she thoughts to himself
Mario walked inside The Dalton’s house on her way to Jackson’s room
She knew it was foolish of her to visit him even after what he did but she has no choice than to keep on persuading him to tell her what Dan looks like
She was on her when she bumped into a maid who was on her way to dump the trash outside and all the trash poured out
“I’m sorry, Mario” the Lady quickly said and bowed
“It’s okay” Mario smiled, dusting her clothes when her eyes caught a picture that has been squeezed
She bent down and took it , she stretched the picture and dusted it when he saw that it was a picture of Jackson and a strange guy she hasn’t seen before
“Who is this?” She thought to herself and walked to Jackson’s room
She met him in front of his mirror putting on his shirt
“Jackson” she called and walked to him
“I told you to always knock before coming in” Jackson said
“Who is this” Mario asked and showed him the picture
“Darn it…..I threw that away, why do you have it” he said
“Just answer my question” Mario said, raising her voice
“Its a friend of mine” he said
“That’s not true, I know all your friends, I have seen them all, the only person I haven’t seen his Dan” she said and noticed Jackson avoiding eye contact with her
“Tell me Jackson, who is this? It is not Dan right?”
“I told you its a friend!!” Jackson yelled
“Jackson!!” Mario yelled back
“Fyn, he is Dan” he finally said and Mario’s eyes widened with shock
“Why do you care so much about him? I told you Dan is dead” Jackson said
“No, he’s not, I know where he is” Mario said
“So?” Jackson smirked
“I’m going to bring him back” she said and turned to leave but Jackson grabbed her wrist
“Don’t” he said
“Let go of me” Mario said , trying to release her wrist when Jackson hugged her
“Don’t bring him back, because if you do, I’m really going to kill him this time, I won’t spare him” he said in an angry tone
Why do you think Jackson hate Dan so much??
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