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EPISODE 23 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🥵🥵😊
Dan opened his eyes with a serious headache
He felt like his head were going to fall off
He looked around and found himself in a strange room
“Where am I?” He asked himself as he recalled some men forcing him in the car earlier
“Don’t tell me I was kidnapped” he gasped and searched his pocket for his phone but it wasn’t there
“Where is it?” He asked
The door opened and Mr and Mrs Dalton entered with Mario behind them
“Dan!” Mrs Dalton called and ran to hug him as tears gathered in her eyes
“I’m sorry but who are you guys?” He asked and his father, Mr Dalton sighed
“I can’t believe he lost his memory” he said
“Mario, thank you so much for bringing our Dan back home” Mrs Dalton said and held Mario’s hand
“Its not a big deal” she replied
“Our Dan? Back home?” Dan thought to himself and arched his brow
“Dan…… You became so gaunt, is it because you haven’t been eating well?” Mrs Dalton said, caressing his hair
“Could these people be my parent?” Dan thought to himself looking at Mr and Mrs Dalton
“I think they are, wow, my parents are both good looking, did I get my handsome looks from them” he thought to himself again
“Excuse me” he said and they all looked at him
“Is anything wrong son?” Mr Dalton asked
“I knew it, they are my parents, but I have to go and meet Daisy right now” he said to himself and looked at them
“I have to go” he said e stood up but Mario stopped him
“Where are you going to?” She asked
“I have to meet someone right now” he said and turned to leave when Mrs Dalton suddenly bursted into tears
“My poor son Dan, I can’t believe you can’t recall who I am to you” she said weeping
Dan suddenly felt bad as he stood without knowing what to do
“They are your parents, your biological parents, this is your home, this is where you belong to Dan” Mario said “you should have a talk with them even if its just a while” she said and walked outside the room, leaving Dan and his parent
She was on her way when she bumped into Jackson
She quickly look away
“What do you think you are doing right now?!” Jackson said in an annoyed tone
“I did what I should do ,Dan belongs here, he belongs to me” she said and Jackson clenched his fist
“Enough Mario”
“You should stop this too Jackson, I can’t just sit back and watch you do anything bad to Dan,if anything bad happens to him, I won’t forgive you” she said and walked away
Daisy ran outside, searching for Dan when she noticed his phone on the floor
“Was he kidnapped?” She asked herself
“Big sis, what are you doing here?” She heard Drex’s voice
“Drex, have you seen Dan?” She asked
“No, I haven’t, why?” drex replied
“It seems he was kidnapped, I saw his phone on the ground” Daisy said and drex’s eyes widened with shock
“What? What do we do? Should we report to the cops” Drex said
“No, you shouldn’t” they heard a voice behind them
They turned and saw Dylan standing with his hands in his pocket
“What do you mean?” Daisy asked him
“Dan went back to where he belongs to” Dylan said and Daisy arched her brow
“What are you saying?” Drex asked
“Dan went back home, so, you should forget about him now” Dylan said and smirked
Dan stood at the window of his room, looking at anything he could see
Manager Fred stood behind him
His parents decided to lock him up in order to find out who tried to kill their son
But Dan was already sick of it
He wanted to go back home
He wanted to go to Daisy
The door opened and Jackson entered
“Why are you here?” Dan asked without looking at him
Fred bowed before excusing the both of them
“So you were my cousin? And you even threatened my life?” Dan said and stood up from where he was sitting
“Of course, you don’t deserve to live” Jackson said and Dan scoffed
“I can’t believe I’m living under the Same roof with my enemy” Dan scoffed “I know you are the one my parents are looking for, you were the one who tried to kill me” he added and Jackson smirked
“You are so smart for you to have noticed that” he said
“But….why do you hate me so much?!!” Dan asked and Jackson moved closer to him
“The reason why I hate you is the fact that you lost your memory, you should regain back your memory so you could know how dangerous you were” Dylan said , glaring at him
The door opened and Secretary Fred entered
“Young master, your mom wants you to come to the ballerina company now” Fred said
Jackson took one more last look at Dan before walking out
“What is his problem?” Dan hissed
Daisy was working in the restaurant when she suddenly Started to feel queasy and irritated
“What’s wrong with me??” She thought to herself and continued working
She started to feel dizzy again as she held the table to avoid falling
“Daisy, are you okay?” Mrs Luna asked and she nod
But she knew she wasn’t okay
She felt like vomiting
“Big sis, are you sure you are okay?” Drex asked and walked up to her
She tried to stand properly but she lost stamina as Drex was fast enough to catch her but then she had already lost consciousness
At the hospital…..
Drex and Anna both sat with her ,waiting for what the doctor has to say
Fortunately, she was already awake
“What could be wrong with her?” Anna arched her brow
The doctor came inside and they stood up
“Doctor, what’s with her?” Drex asked
“Actually….. Miss Daisy is pregnant”
The news fell on all like a bombshell
“Pregnant??” Anna asked with shock
“Yeah” the doctor said and walked out
“Big sis, you are pregnant??” Drex arched his brow
Daisy only kept quiet without saying anything
She only had one night with Dan
Could she be really pregnant??
“Can we go now, I hate the hospital smell” she said ,standing up from the bed and removing the drip
She and Anna both walked down the street in silence
It was such as awkward moment between the two friends
Anna’s phone beeped as she unlocked it to check the text
“Daisy, All ballerinas are instructed to be at the company now” Anna said and looked at her
“Would you be able to go?” Anna asked and she nod
“Yeah” she replied
Anna stopped a cab and it took them to the ballerina company
When they got there, Anna excused herself, saying she has to meet someone before the meeting starts
Daisy took the Elevator to the company’s rooftop
She stood there when her eyes caught two people kissing
The backside of the guy looks so familiar but at first she didn’t wanted to believe it was the person she knew
She moved more closer when she saw the guy
It was really Dan, kissing Mario
“Dan?” She called as tears gathered in her eyes
Dan turned and saw Daisy standing very close to them
“Daisy??” He called
Daisy wiped her tears and ran down
She took the elevator and ran out of the Company recalling what the doctor told her
She is pregnant
She is pregnant for Dan but now, he is in love with another woman
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