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[STORIES] BoyFriend Episode 4


EPISODE FOUR ( 4 )🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🥵
(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️ 😍😍💖🌹
They all walked to the Mrs Luna’s restaurant but Dylan kept staring at Daisy which was making her uncomfortable
Dan and Drex stood at the counter staring at Dylan
“Why is he staring at Daisy like that?” Drex asked and Dan smirked
“Is he aware she has a boyfriend?” He asked and Drex looked at him
“What is with you? Are you getting jealous right now?” Drex asked and Dan smirked again
“Jealous? I don’t get jealous” he said
Daisy walked to where Dylan was with a cup of coffee
“I don’t know who you are looking for but Mrs Luna probably knows,she will be here soon” she said after dropping the coffee and turned to go
“Excuse me” Dylan called and she stopped
“Well,I’m only asking because I’m curious but are you twin?” He asked and Daisy arched her brown
“Does the question seems ridiculous? I only asked if you are twin” he said and Daisy shooked her head as if to say No
“Young man” mrs Luna said as she walked up to them
Daisy slightly bowed and left the place
She walked outside and leaned on the wall
“Why is he asking if I’m twin?” She asked herself
She heard some footstep behind her,she turned and saw Drex
“Big sis,what are you doing here?” Drex asked and she sighed
“Nothing, have you seen quack?” She asked,Drex arched his brow innocently
“Quack?who is quack?”
“That guy,I mean Dan” Daisy said and drex scoffed
“Why are you calling him quack?” Drex asked
“Because he…..is fake” Daisy replied
“What do you mean?”
“He is a fake boyfriend and right now he is living a fake life because he doesn’t know who he is” Daisy said
“But I like him,you just have to pretend he is your boyfriend until he regains his memory but big sis,don’t end up falling for him” drex said and Daisy looked at him
“What do you mean?”
“If you fall for him,you won’t want to let him go” drex said and walked back inside
“What is he talking about?” Daisy thought and shrugged
She walked back inside and saw Dan seated on a chair like he was a customer
“Hey, you should work, why are you just sitting here doing nothing” she said but Dan ignored her
“Hey,I’m talking to you” Daisy said and wanted to touch him but Dan jerked her hand away
“How dare you touch me!” He yelled as everyone turned their attention to them
“Hey,I know you are arrogant but you should at least know how to communicate with people, are you a monster or what?” She said and Dan scoffed
“What did you just say?”
“I called you a monster,why? You don’t like the name?” Daisy said and Dan stood up
“I can’t stand you,out of my way” he said but Daisy stood still
“If I don’t move what are you going to do?” She grinned
Dan pushed her out of the way with his shoulder and she fell on the floor
“Why you little…..” She winced in pain
“You should have moved when I told you to” he said and walked away
Dylan walked to his mom’s house after Mrs Luna had shown him the direction
“Mom,I’m here” he said and his mother ran from the kitchen
“Dylan, you really came” she said with a smile and he nod
“Yea,I missed you a lot mom” he said as they hugged each other
“Dylan, I know it’s too early to say this but you should get yourself a girlfriend” his mom said but Dylan suddenly became dumbfounded
“Dylan, you can’t remain single for ever just because of Gwen’s death, you should….”
His mom didn’t complete her statement when he interrupted
“Mom please, I don’t wanna talk about Gwen” he said “where is my room?” He asked and his mom pointed to a room just beside the living room
He dragged his box inside as he brought out Gwen’s picture
He tried to control his tears but he couldn’t as tears dripped from his eyes
“Gwen, I’m sorry” he said
He wiped his tears as he recalled Daisy
“But how could they resemble each other so much” he thought to himself
In the night,Dan and Daisy both stood in the room staring at the bed
“Why is there only a room in this house?” Dan asked and Daisy sighed
“Forget it…..you should sleep on the floor, I will sleep on the bed” she said and Dan scoffed
“You must be kidding me, why should I be the one to sleep on the floor” he said
“Then what should we do? We have no choice….and I can’t sleep on the floor” Daisy said
“Then we should sleep together” Dan said and daisy looked at him with shock
“I said we should sleep together”
“I never knew you are a Pervert” Daisy said and Dan glared at her
“Pervert?” He asked and Daisy nod
“Yeah pervert”
“Then you must be a whore” he said and this made Daisy upset
“You know, I told you I’m going to kill you and walk to hell myself” she said
She looked behind her and saw a glass jug
She threw it at Dan but he was fast enough to dodge it
“Are you trying to kill me now?” Dan said angrily and pulled her hair
“Let go of my hair” Daisy yelled in pain, as she bite his chest
“Arrrgh…” Dan yelled with pain
“You dog!” He yelled at her
The door opened and drex and Mrs Luna entered
“You guys should let go of each other” drex said and wanted to separate them but Dan accidentally punched him and he fell on the floor
“Stop!!!” Mrs Luna said with a thunderous voice that made them froze
“Why are you guys fighting? Are you little kids!!” She yelled at them
“Drex,bring me the basket of onions” she said with a evil grin on her face
“No..Mrs Luna ,we will do anything but not the onions” daisy pleaded
“Then…will you move out” she said and daisy sighed
“How many onions are we peeling?” She asked and Mrs Luna smiled
“What?” Dan yelled with shock
“Peel it till your eyes bleed out blood” she said and smirked

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