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[STORIES] BoyFriend Episode 5


EPISODE FIVE ( 5 ) 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🥵
(Who am I?🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️✍️ 😍😍💖🌹
Daisy and Dan both sat down peeling eyes as well as glaring at each other
It was already late and they wanted to sleep but Mrs Luna sat there supervising them
It was like hell for the both of them, their eyes were already burning up and they were starting to tear up
“Gosh…..I can’t Peel them anymore” Dan said and sniffed
“Shut up,will you? This is all because of you” Daisy shot at him and they both glared at each other even more
“Seems you guys need more onions to peel” Mrs Luna said with her arms folded
“What are you still doing here? Aren’t you going home” Dan said with his normal rude voice and Mrs Luna scoffed
“I can sleep here if I want to, this is part of my house too” she said
“But you’ve rented it out” Dan said
“Shut up you rude brat” Mrs Luna said and wanted to hit Dan but he moved back a little
Daisy sighed and continued peeling the onions
Actually, making Mrs Luna go to sleep will be a good idea for her to rest……
Suddenly an idea popped into her head
“That’s right,I can make her go to sleep” she thought to herself and smiled
“Mrs Luna, aren’t you thirsty? I’m asking because I’m thirsty and I wanna get myself a cold drink” She said and Mrs Luna nod
“Of course,I’m thirsty because of you guys” Mrs Luna said
Daisy stood up and walked to the kitchen,she took the glass cups and poured orange drinks in it, then she put a sleeping pill in one of the cups and walked back to where they were
“Here is your drink” she said and handed the one with sleeping pill to Mrs Luna
“Thanks” Mrs Luna smiled,she collected the cup and was about to drink it but she stopped half way
“What? Why isn’t she drinking it” daisy blinked
“Hey daisy,are you trying to make me fall asleep?” Mrs Luna asked and Daisy stared with shock,wondering how she knew
“No…no” she stammered
“Then why am I seeing a tablet here?” She asked and poured the drink away
“Are you stupid? If you were going to make her fall asleep then you should have used something powdered” Dan said and shook his head
Dan stood outside staring at a mirror in his hand
His eyes were already swollen and red
And its all because of those onions he peeled
“My handsome face has been ruined” he groaned
Daisy also came out with another mirror in her hand, she was also checking herself in the mirror
“I became so messed up all because of a tyrant” she said and rolled her eyes at Dan
Dan looked at her and smirked
“I’m not going to say a word” he paused and folded his arms
“By the way, why do you keep on speaking to me like we are the same age? How old am I?” He asked
“You?” Daisy and kept quiet for a while as if thinking of what to say
“He won’t believe me if I tell him I don’t know his age, but with his look, he looks more younger than I am” she thought to herself
“Well…….you are 20 yrs”she said
” then how old are you? ” Dan asked
“I’m 22” Daisy replied
“Then why are you dating me if there is 2 yrs difference between us?” He asked and Daisy sighed
“Enough with the questions! Its not like I’m dating you because I want to” she yelled and walked back inside
Jackson sat in his room checking out some of the ballerina company document when Maria entered
Maria is someone who has fallen in love with Dan for 5 years now
She is a close friend to Jackson but she is also one of those who doesn’t know exactly how Dan looks
Dan doesn’t have interest in her so he barely talks to her
Jackson also likes Maria despite knowing her feelings for Dan
“Hey, what happened to Dan?” She asked as she entered
“Maria?” Jackson called and stood up
“Where is Dan? What happened to him?” She asked as tears gathered in her eyes
Dan’s secretary, Fred,had called her to tell her that Dan died
“Maria…..” Jackson called and moved closer to her
“What I heard….its not true right?” She asked,Jackson closed his eyes and sighed
“I’m sorry Maria.. But its true” he said and she sat on the bed and burst into tears
“Why? Why did he die? I couldn’t even know what he looks like….so why did he die?”she said as tears dripped from her eyes
Jackson moved closer to her and hugged her
“Its okay” she said and patted her back
“If Dan didn’t die, you wouldn’t have remembered me” he thought to himself
Daisy was washing some of her clothes and the one Dan had on before when Dan came out with a towel wrapped around his waist
He just finished bathing but had no clothes to wear
“Hey,get me some clothes” he said and sat down
“What do you take me for? A maid?” Daisy smirked and continued what she was doing
“Then…. What am I going to wear, if I am your boyfriend, you should at least have my clothes or under wears” he said but Daisy ignored him
“Hey,I’m talking to you” he said and kicked the bucket Daisy was using to wash the clothes
“Hey!!!!” Daisy yelled and poured water at him
“I just finished bathing you fool” Dan said and wanted to pour her water when they saw Mrs Luna behind them
“Are you guys fighting again?” She asked
“No!we were playing…. You know water game” Daisy said sarcastically and shot Dan a deadly glare
“Dan, I brought you some clothes” Mrs Luna said and handed him a bag full of clothes
“Oh….thanks, I had nothing to wear anyway” he said and walked inside
35 minutes later…….
He came out and saw Daisy laying on the floor fast asleep
He bent beside her and moved his head closer to hers
“Now that I look more closely, she’s beautiful” he said and was about to touch her face when daisy suddenly opened her eyes
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Seeing Dan’s face close to hers,she punched him and his nose started to bleed
“I’m bleeding” Dan winced in pain and glared at her
“I won’t let it slide, I’m always overprotective when it comes to my face” he said and poured a bowl of soapy water on Daisy’s face
Mrs Luna and Drex both stood downstairs watching the both of them fighting
“Are they little kids or what?!” Drex grumbled and shook his head
“Drex,go and settle them” Mrs Luna said
“No,the last them I did,Dan punched me”
“We are using another method” Mrs Luna said and whispered something to drex
Dan and Daisy were still fighting when Drex walked up to them
“EVERYBODY STOP!!” he said in a thunderous voice and they both froze
“Drex?what are you doing here?” Daisy asked
“I’m Drex Luna and I’m going to be you guys babysitter from now on” he said
“Babysitter???!!!” Dan and Daisy chorused and looked at each other with shock
“Yeah,Babysitter, I’m going to teach you guys how to love one another” Drex and smiled evily

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