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EPISODE 14 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🥰

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Written by naijalanded writer ✍️ 🥰🥰🥰

They continued to kiss until Daisy’s phone beeped, interrupting them
She moved away from Dan and checked her phone, it was a text from her teacher in the ballerina class
“Who is it?” Dan asked
“Its my ballerina teacher” she replied and checked the text
‘Daisy, you should resume back to class tomorrow’
She scoffed and threw the phone back on the table
“She must be kidding me” she said and carried her handbag
“You should eat, I have to go to the restaurant, you can join me when you are done eating” she said and turned to leave when Dan grabbed her wrist
“Wait a minute” he said and brought out the Rose flower drex had given him earlier , he stuck it behind her hair and smiled
“It looks cute on you, take it with you” he said and walked to the room
Drex took a cab to the city, on his way to his girlfriend’s house, in front of a cloth store,he saw a picture of a guy modelling for cloth
But the guy was having a mask on
“Is the mask also part of the dress?” He scoffed and moved closer to the picture
“I’m sure I’ve seen him before” he said to himself scratching his head
“His eyes looks so familiar, where have I seen” he arched his brow and shrugged
“Whatever” he said and turned to leave when he bumped into a young Lady making her bag to fall
“I’m sorry” he said and picked it up
He looked and saw a beautiful angel standing before him
“Oh my God” he whistle as the lady collected her bag
“Are you okay? You should be careful next time” the lady said and walked away
Drex stood with his mouth opened, staring at the lady as she walked
After some minutes, he finally came back to his senses and shook his head
“No,No,No, I shouldn’t be like this, I have a girlfriend more beautiful than she is”
He walked to his girlfriend’s house, checked himself in the mirror, spray some perfume and sighed deeply before entering
“Chloe, your boyfriend is here…….” He didn’t complete his statement when he saw what shocked him a lot
His girlfriend was kissing another boy??
The rose flower fell from his hand as he stared at them with shock
“What are you doing here??” Chloe asked in an upset way
“Chloe, what are you doing ?” Drex half yelled
His heart was broken
“Who is he?” The other guy asked and Drex shot him a deadly glare
“I’m her boyfriend and who are you?” Drex yelled and the guy scoffed
“Are you kidding me??!”
“Drex, I’ve always wanted to tell you this but let’s break up, I’m sorry to say this but whenever I’m with you, my hearts feels numb, I do not feel it beating, that’s when I’ve come to realize the truth drex, I don’t love you” Chloe said
Jackson sat in his room playing a video game when Fred entered and bowed
“Sir, you called for me” he said and Jackson nod
“Yeah, how is Mario doing?”
“She has been busy looking for young Master’s real face” Fred said still with his head bowed
“She’s trying her best, make sure to keep an eye on her, and also protect her secretly” Jackson said
“Okay, Sir” Fred said and turned to go but he stopped again
“Actually, I thought I should let you know this but I think some companies are still using Young master as their model for their advertisements”
“Really? You should let them know he is dead so they can get a new model” Jackson said and Fred bowed again
“Okay sir” he said and walked out
Drex walked back home but instead of going home, he went to big sis and collapsed on the couch
“What’s wrong?” He heard Dan’s voice behind him
“Nothing much” he replied “I had a long day so I’m tired” he lied
“Really? But your face doesn’t tell me that, you look like someone who got dumped by his girlfriend” Dan said and drex looked at him
“How did you know”
“I saw it with my spiritual eye” Dan teased. “But why did your girlfriend dump you??” He asked and drex sighed
“She said she doesn’t love me'” he said and Dan started to laugh
“Why are you laughing? Its not funny” drex said embarrassed
“Whatever, you should go home, why are you here, I have to poop, I will be back” Dan said and walked to the toilet
Drex sat alone sulking when he he heard some voices and footsteps approaching and he quickly his under the table
Daisy and a Lady entered chatting
“Our teacher sent you a text to return back for class” the lady said
The voice sounds so familiar to drex
“No, thanks, the Ceo’s child kicked me out, I can’t just go back” daisy said
“Oh….I should have told you this but the Son is dead”
“What?” Daisy’s eyes widened with shock
“Dead, why? How?”
“I heard he died in an accident” the lady said
Drex tried to look at the face of the lady
But he was shocked by what he saw
It was the beautiful angel he bumped into earlier today
” She’s Big sis friend??” He thought to himself with shock
“He’s dead, so you should come back” the lady said and her bag fell down
She bent to pick it when she saw a strange figure under the table
On seeing him, she screamed
Drex shocked the she saw him , he also screamed
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh”Crawling out from where he was hiding
” Anna, what’s wrong? ” Daisy asked when she noticed Drex Crawling out from under the table
Anna, seeing Drex ,screamed out again
Drex , scared by how Anna was screaming, he even screamed out more loudly
Their screaming went on like forever
“They must be kidding me” Daisy said and looked around for her earpiece
She plugged it in her ear and played her favourite Ariana grande song, putting in the highest volume
“Music is better than Noise” she said and sat down, looking at Drex and Anna who were still screaming
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