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EPISODE 17 🥵🥵😊
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🌈🌈🌈🌈
(He’s a girl🙀🙀😱)
Audrey, Chris, Hayden and kai sat in their dorm with complete silence
“I can’t believe the CEO” Hayden said breaking the silence
“This is all Jason’s fault,she joined this group because of Chris and now we are all in trouble” Audrey said and they all looked at Chris
“Chris, I heard the reporters are also after you” Audrey said and Chris sighed
“I wonder if she is okay” Chris said and kai stood up
“Where are you going?” Hayden asked
“I’m going out, we have nothing to do since the CEO banned us from doing anything” He said and walked out
Ivy walked back to her house and collapsed on the couch
She took her phone and dialled Rose number again but she wasn’t picking up
“Is she busy? Even if she is, she should have texted me” she said
The door opened and Rosé entered
“Ivy, are you okay?” Rose said and ran to hug her
“No,I’m not okay……..where have you been?” She asked and Rose smiled
“Don’t worry about that, you must be hungry, I will prepare you pasta” She said and ran to the kitchen
“Now that Rose is here, I feel better” ivy said and Rose phone vibrated
“Rose, seems you have a text” ivy called and unlocked the phone
She was shocked with what she saw
Rose ran back and jerked her phone away from ivy
“What are you doing with my phone!” She said pretty upset
Ivy turned and looked at her
“Did…….. Was it you really you?” She asked as tears gathered in her eyes
“What do you mean?” Rose asked innocently
“Why did you do it?why did you really posted it?” Ivy asked and Rose sighed
“Who are you to unlock my phone, darn…..I should have given it a tight security” Rose said and smirked
“Rose…….you are my best friend, the only friend I have….. How could you……” Ivy’s voice trailed off and Rose scoffed
“Friend? Too bad,I never thought of you as my friend….to me, you are just someone who would be useful as a dog” Rose said
Ivy stared at her with shock
She didn’t believe those words were coming from her friend
She ran out of the house like her hair was on fire
Despite everyone staring at her,she didn’t mind them
She ran to a bridge and stood at the edge
“Not everyone can be trusted, even if the ones you rely and depend on will end up betraying you” she thought to herself
She stared at the water she was going to jump into and sighed
“That’s right……I can’t be humiliated anymore, I should die,once I die,everyone will forget about me” she thought to herself
“Ivy!!” She heard kai’s voice
She turned and saw kai running to her
“Ivy,come down,don’t you dare jump” kai yelled and ivy smiled
“You seems worried about me, even after what I said to you” she said and sighed “I’m sorry for thinking you exposed me” she added
“So….what are you trying to do right now,are you going to jump inside the river? I never knew you were this dumb, once a scandal about another celebrity arises, you will be forgotten” kai yelled at her
“No…….I don’t think I can be forgotten, I can only be forgotten if I die” she said and kai also climbed the bridge
“What are you doing right now” ivy asked with shock
“If you are going to die,then let’s die together” he said dryly
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