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EPISODE 23 🥵🥵😊
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🌈🌈🌈🌈
(He’s a girl🙀🙀😱)
Ivy and kai both walked to Ivy’s house holding each other’s hand
“I haven’t hold hands with you before” Ivy said and kai smiled
“Yeah,you were always cold” she grinned
“You should head back inside” Kai said and ivy found herself blushing
“Its nice seeing a guy walk me home” she said
“What? What about your ex boyfriend?” Kai asked and she sighed
“Trevor? He Never did such, whenever I tell him to walk me home just like a normal boyfriend would do, he would get all mad and ask if I’m a baby”
“Really?” Kai asked and she nod “although he was always mean…… I liked him….but he broke my heart and even killed my dad…….” Her voice trailed off and she stared at the ground
“Forget it….go inside” kai said and she nod
She walked to the doorstep and was about to open the door when kai called her
“Whenever you are in danger or in a lot of trouble, call my name out loud and I will be there, I will be your little savior” he said and Ivy scoffed
“What are you talking about?… Darn, you are so cute,don’t worry, I won’t get in trouble, I’m a strong woman” she said and walked inside
Hayden drove Lucy to her dorm as they both alighted from the car
“Thanks for the Ride, you didn’t have to do it though” she said and turned to leave when Hayden grabbed her wrist
“Are you crazy?” She yelled and slapped him
“Because I thanked you doesn’t mean you should touch me, don’t get on my nerves” she said and Hayden handed her wallet to her
“You dropped this so I wanted to give it you” he said
It was so obvious he was embarrassed and his eyes already turned red as if he was about to burst into tears
“I’m sorry” he said
Lucy collected her wallet and walked inside her dorm
Hayden drove back home and met Audrey waiting for him
“You are home” Audrey said
“Yep” Hayden replied and collapsed on the couch
“Where have you been? Don’t tell me you were with Lucy?” Audrey asked but got no reply
“I knew it, why did you like Lucy? I mean…..she’s proud,rude,adamant…gosh… I don’t like her” Audrey said and Hayden sighed
“I know….but she has her positive side too” he said and Audrey looked at him like he was crazy or something “has love brainwashed you or something?” He said and on the TV
“Is this your house? Why touch someone’s else property?” Hayden half yelled at him
“What do you mean? We’ve been friends for a long time, why can’t I touch your things?” Audrey whined
“I don’t know…. Just get out….” Hayden yelled at him
“No,I won’t!” Audrey yelled back
Skip skip skip
Chris sat in his room playing his guitar when Trevor entered
“You brat….I told you to always knock before entering my room” Chris scolded
“Whatever, hey bro……my ex girlfriend, ivy,do you like her?” Trevor asked and Chris looked at him
“I mean….she joined the group because she loves you….do you have any feelings for her?” He asked and Chris became dumbfounded
“I’m not sure” he said after a long silence
“If you love her tell me, if you don’t be sincere…..I’m going to do something fun” Trevor said and grinned evily
The next day……
After having dinner , ivy took out some trash to throw away
Her phone ringed and it was a call from kai
“Hey” kai said from the other side of the phone
“You finally called me, I missed you” ivy said and smiled
“I missed you too,do you wanna hang out with me?” He asked
“Yeah,what time should we meet?” She said
“I will be at your house in an hour” kai said and hanged up
Skip skip skip
The both of them walked down the street holding each other’s hand
Ivy kept staring at him
“Why are you staring at me?” He asked
“Well…..we are dating but ….we are only holding hands…” She stammered
“What?do you want us to kiss?” Kai teased
“Ugh?well…..” She didn’t complete her statements when some high school girls saw kai
“Oh my goodness… Its kai of Sykes” they yelled and this caught everyone’s else attention
“Darn it, I should have come with my face cap” kai murmured as they all surrounded him pushing ivy away
“Kai,can I get your autograph?”
“Kai,I’m a big fan,can I take a photo?”
“Kai,I really love you”
They kept on yelling and this made kai frustrated
He looked up but he was surprised when he noticed ivy had disappeared
“What? Where is she?” He thought to himself
Happy weekend💖💖💖💖💖💚💚💚
This was supposed to be yesterday’s post but I couldn’t post because of what happened to Facebook, I hope you guys understand

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