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[STORIES] Boys in love Episode 9




Written by naijalanded writer 🌈🌈🌈🌈

(He’s a girl😱😱)
They continued to glare at each other until the door opened and Lucy entered
“Kai” She called with a smile and looked at ivy
“Aren’t you the new member of Sykes?” She asked and ivy nod
“Lucy,Nice to meet you, I’m a big fan of yours” Ivy smiled
“What are you doing here Lucy?” Kai asked and gave ivy a ‘get out’ look
“I will leave you guys to talk” Ivy said and walked out
“Chris called and told me you are sick” Lucy said
“Chris again” Kai murmured
“I’m okay now” he said and stood up
“Where are you going?” Lucy asked as he took of his hospital gown and put on his shirt
“I have to visit my mom” he said
“Ah….I see” Lucy said and nod
She wasn’t happy though
Ivy walked back to the dorm and saw the boys playing a video game
“What are you guys doing here? I thought you should be in the studio” she asked
“We are taking the day off because of. But what are you also doing here? I thought you were with Kai” Audrey asked
“His girlfriend showed up so I had to leave” she said and her phone beeped
It was a text from telling her to meet in the nearest cafe
“Is that your girlfriend?” Chris asked
“No” she replied with disgust “Its a friend, I will be right back” she said and walked outside
Rose sat in the cafe waiting for her friend patiently
“Why is she so late?”, she asked and checked her wristwatch
She looked up and saw someone with a face cap and sunglasses ,Keeping the face unrevealed
” Don’t be scared,it’s me, Ivy” She said and sat down
“What’s up with the cap and sunglasses?” Rosé asked and ivy grinned
“I’m now a celebrity so I can’t go around with my face revealed” She said and Rose shook her head
“Don’t be a fool and listen to me, your ex boyfriend is back” Rose said
“What?” Ivy said and took off her sunglasses
“What do you mean?” She asked again and Rose sighed
“He came back to this country yesterday” Rose said and ivy stood up
“That has nothing to do with me, I’m going” she said and ran out
“Ivy, I didn’t kill your father, I swear” Trevor said and held ivy’s hand but she jerked it away
“You have so many evidence against you, why did you do it?why did you kill my Dad?” ivy asked as tears dripped from her eyes
“My father was always nice to you, so why…..” ivy said and Trevor smirked
Ivy looked at him with shock and arched her brow
“Did you just say your father was always nice to me? you are wrong, your father is the worst I’ve ever seen” he said
“So? Did you really kill my Dad?”
“Of course, I did, I killed your father with potassium Cyanide” he said and grinned evilly
Kai drove to his mother’s house and entered
But he was shocked when he saw his Dad sitting on the couch
It was as if he was waiting for him
“Kai” His mom called and walked downstairs
“What…what…are you doing here?” He said and his father stood up
“I have nothing Much to say, tomorrow is Lucy’s birthday, you must have forgotten because you are so cold to her,”
“There’s something you have to do tomorrow” his father said and he scoffed
“What if I refuse?”
‘”You may be adamant but you also have a weakness ” His father said said and looked at his Mom
“Don’t you dare lay a finger on my mom” Kai said and his father grinned
“I won’t, unless you do what I want”
The next day……..
Lucy’s birthday was going to be at her dad’s house
As soon as it was 7:00 pm, the place was getting crowded
There were many celebrities there
Skye’s were also invited
They all sat in the car chatting except kai
He wasn’t paying attention to them
“We should see Lucy before the party begins” Chris said and they all came down from the car except kai
“Kai,what are you doing?” Hayden asked but he was lost
“Kai” Chris called and tapped and he finally came back to his senses
“Aren’t you coming with us?” Audrey asked
“We can just go without him” ivy said
“Yes,I will join you guys later” he said and they all left him
Ivy and Chris were walking together as ivy kept looking everywhere
“I’ve never been to a celebrity’s birthday party before” she said with excitement
“Really?” Chris asked and she nod
“Chris” Lucy called as she walked up to them
Ivy was impressed by her beauty
She was dressed in a purple floor length gown and her hair was styled too
She was totally beautiful
“Where is Kai?” She asked
“He would be with us in some minutes” Chris replied
“Really? I thought he wasn’t coming, see you later” Lucy said and walked away
The lights suddenly went off
“What’s going on” Chris asked and the light went on again
They were all shocked to see Kai standing in front of Lucy
He brought out a small box from his pocket and knelt before her
“Lucy, Will you marry me?” He asked as everyone started clapping
“What?” Ivy said with shock


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