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EPISODE 10 🥵🥵😊

Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🌈🌈🌈🌈

(He’s a girl🙀🙀😱)
After the party, the boys went back to the dorm in complete silence
After kai proposed to Lucy, they had been in awkward state
They couldn’t ask him why he did that
Kai walked to his room and sat behind the window as he recalled what his father told him
“Propose to Lucy” his father said
“You are my only son,I can’t let you go wasted” he said and Kai sighed
“I don’t want to get married,not with Lucy” he said and his dad scoffed
“Are you going against my word?”
“What if I say I am, you just said I’m your only son so why am I treated this way” Kai said and his father moved closer to him
“You were born out of wedlock Kai, so that makes your mom a concubine, I have a wife, don’t you get it”
Kai scoffed and clenched his fist as his father continued
“Kai, I can make you miss your mom forever” his Dad said and kai couldn’t anymore
“Dad!!” He yelled
“Just do what you are told to do, without Lucy, my company is nothing so we should make her a part of this family” his father said and grinned
Ivy walked inside the room and saw Kai sitting behind the window ,lost in thought again
“What’s wrong with him? I can’t believe someone as cold as him proposed to a lady,he was romantic though” she grinned and walked outside
She walked to the garden and sat there
She unlocked her phone and the social medias were flooded with Kai and Lucy news
‘Wow, I can’t believe they are getting married’
‘I have wanted them together, wish you the Best in life Lucyka couple’
‘They look good together’
Ivy read all the comments and smiled
“Why are you smiling?” She heard chris voice as he sat beside her
“I was reading people’s comments about Lucy and Kai, they were good, I think Kai is happy about it too” he said and Chris sighed
“I don’t think so, did you see the look on Kai’s eye earlier? Seems like he was forced” Chris said
“Really? But I’m sure Lucy was happy” ivy said
“That’s because their love is one sided, I don’t think Kai loves Lucy” Chris said and stared at the sky
“kai has been going through a lot lately, there are times I want to console him and tell him everything is gonna be okay but I can’t because he isn’t the type that listen to people” Chris said and ivy sighed
She walked back inside the room and saw Kai asleep
Seems like he was having a nightmare cause he was sweating profusely
“What’s wrong with him?” Ivy asked and moved closer to feel his temperature and he was really burning up
“No,please……… Don’t kill……..don’t kill my mom” Kai said from his sleep and ivy held his hand
“No one is killing your mom” she said
Skip skip skip
Next morning
Ivy walked out of the dorm when her phone started ringing
“Hey Rose” she greeted
“I think Trevor is on his way to your dorm” rose said and ivy arched her brow
“Yeah,your ex boyfriend” rose replied
Ivy looked up and was surprised to see her ex boyfriend ,Trevor
The one who killed her father, standing before
“Excuse me, are you the new member of Sykes?” Trevor asked and her hand started shivering
“Yeah” she replied
“Ah….I see, u look really familiar,have we met before?” Trevor asked and ivy started feeling uncomfortable and nervous
“Trevor” Chris called and moved closer to them
“Why are you here?” Chris asked and Trevor smiled
“I came to see my lovely brother” Trevor replied
“Jason, meet Trevor my little brother” Chris said and ivy’s eyes widened with shock
“What?your brother?” She asked and Chris nod
“Yeah,my brother”
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