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โฃ๏ธ๐ŸŒน EPISODE 12 (FINALE) โฃ๏ธ๐ŸŒน
11am, Samuel’s family house.
“I think coming here is a bad idea, we should go back” i nervously muttered when we got to the gate. Mariam scoffed and shook her head.
“No no no madam, we ain’t going back, we are already here and we have to go ahead with what brought us to this place, moreover it’s hundred percent your idea” she said to me as she firmly held my left hand.
Without another word, we walked into the compound, cautiously with prayers in our lips. We soon got to the entrance door, stopped and stared at each other nervously.
“What are you waiting for? Common knock on the door nau!” she urged as if it was a very simply thing to do. I swallowed hard, shrugged and knocked gently.
Two minutes later the entrance door was flung open by Samuel’s mother, who stared at us with a serious but not mean look, breathed deeply and admitted us into the house politely, even though her smile was heavily cloaked with sharp coldness.
I searched for Samuel with my eyes as we walked into the sitting room, but unfortunately couldn’t locate him, which made me more uncomfortable, while his mum’s pointed gaze unsettled me greatly. I nervously settled on a couch with Mariam dutifully beside me.
“My son told me you wanted to speak with me?” the old woman asked after some minutes had gone by. I breathed deeply, rubbed my knees nervously, nodded and smiled,
“Please where is Benjamin?” i asked calmly,
“I sent him on an errand, i thought you only wanted to speak with me, don’t you?” she asked curiously with a burning gaze,
“Yes ma, his presence is really not needed” i murmured with a coloured face,
“Actually i came to render an apology” i stammered, while she drew forward on her chair, feigning surprise and pretending as if she wasn’t aware of what i came to do.
Her action truly unsettled me further, i was so nervous. I was doing something i haven’t seen any girl do and the old woman was making it more difficult for me with her intense behaviour.
I tried to continue with my apology but was unable to, all i was able to do was just to throw a nervous glance at Mariam who gave me an encouraging smile. I never knew rendering a sincere apology could be so difficult.
Just at that very moment, Samuel walked in with a lady right beside him.
“Hi Mary”, “Am glad you came as you promised”… he said has he sat on a seprate couch with the lady beside her.
At this point i was getting jealous seeing Samuel with a lady beside him. I garnered some confidence and apologized immediately to her mum.
“Its no problem Mary, have forgiven you long time ago”. “Hope you will be coming to my sons wedding next-week” she asked?
I was shocked and surprised at the same time!
At that moment Samuel threw a card at me; it confirmed what her mum just said, it was an invitation letter to his wedding with the lady right beside her…. Unfortunately, it was too late for me…I fainted immediately after reading the content of the invitation letter.
-The End-
Mary’s life was instantly thrown into series of Misfortunes the moment she dumped Samuel for Emmanuel who equally happened to be her Ex and first Love. Some called her problems “pay back time ” while others nodded with the words “karma at work ”. But the end result of everything is what actually matters in life..
I hope you gained one or two things from this story….
Your comments and criticism is highly welcomed!
Thanks for reading through!
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