[STORIES] Ladies Common Mistakes In Relationship Episode 15


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👑🥀👑 EPISODE 15 👑🥀👑

I barely had returned to my room the following morning, when Mariam knocked and entered with a very sad and tired look. She really looked that moment like a night worker who worked without rest all through the night.
She wearily fell on my bed with a sigh. I sat beside her, with both hands on my waist and stared curiously at her with surprise.
“It’s over between Timi and i” she muttered, while i gasped in shock,
“What did you just say?” i heard myself ask
“My relationship with Timi is over” she announced again, i just breathed deeply and kept quiet for few seconds.
“How? What exactly happened?” i calmly asked,
“I confronted him last night about his ties with a cult group, he tried denying it but when i continued with my questions, he barked at me almost hitting me in the process. I gave him a condition to tell me the truth or kiss our affair goodbye, yet he ignored me till this morning when i left the room” she explained unhappily, while I smiled and held her left hand.
Even though i really never supported her relationship with that boy, i knew my friend really do love him, and so i had to be cautious and neutral when advising her.
I looked at my wall clock which read 7:30AM, bit my lips and stared at my friend. I planned going to school that fateful day but with the look of things i knew i might skip lectures again.
“Girlfriend are you very sure about your decision?, you are already into him which is a fact you can’t deny” i asked with a smile, but she kept quiet and pretended as if she didn’t hear my words.
Someone knocked on my door seconds later, which made me move my attention to my door. I waited extra two minutes before finally opening my door, where a nervous looking Timi greeted me with a forced smile.
“is Mariam with you?” he calmly asked with a searching look. At first I truly was at lost on what to reply him, but when i finally made up my mind to deny ever seeing her that morning, Mariam appeared behind me and shouted at him.
“What are you doing here, leave me alone” she barked before shutting the door on his face. Instead of leaving, he surprised us by knocking again for almost an hour, and it really appeared as if he wasn’t ready to leave my door alone until it was opened.
I really was uncomfortable and a bit sad, because I already have missed lectures for that day and still trapped in my room all because i was standing by my friend.
“I think you should have a little chat with him, you never can tell what he wants to say to you” i finally whispered to Mariam when i couldn’t endure his knock anymore. She tried to argue, but i gave her no chance, stood up and opened my door for Timi who quickly rushed to her side.
I never believed nor dreamt that someone like Timi could ever do such a thing for a girl,
“Is that what true love really means or is he just trying to defend his pride??” was the question i keeping asking myself as i left them alone in my room to fetch a bucket of water downstairs…….
I ran into Linda when i finally got downstairs. I smiled polietly and stopped by her side. She was well dressed up that fateful morning, with a big pink handbag slung on her right shoulder. The events of the previous evening instantly came racing into my mind and i glanced at her injured beauty with a heart filled with pain.
“Hi dear are you going to school?” i asked with a look of surprise, because after what happened the previous day i never knew she even had the strength to dress up for an outing.
“No i’m going over to a friend’s house, i’ll stay there till i recover” she explained with a weak smile. I truly was touched.
“That’s a nice idea dear, i’ll keep praying for you” i muttered with a friendly pat on her left shoulder. She nodded with a smile and left without another word. I really felt like crying that moment, but i held myself and walked to the water-pump, which unfortunately wasn’t working that morning. With a deep sigh i went to the extreme end of the backyard where the second water pump was located and equally where David and his friends do stay most of the time, smoking and doing some weight-lifting exercises, making that corner of our lodge highly avoided by students, but i had no choice than to go there, since i badly needed water…
I slowly went there with a fast beating heart, and just like i feared David and two guys sat beside the water-pump discussing seriously. I muttered some greetings which they ignored before quietly fetching water from the Tap.
“I will be in your room later” i heard David mutter with a serious look as i carried the heavy bucket of water i fetched. I said nothing to him, though i managed to force out a smile, which i knew he interpreted wrongly.
I slowly returned to my room with my thoughts focused on how to end his disturbance. Nothing so far has been able to stop him and with Linda finally out of the way, i knew i was in for a bigger trouble, and it just looked as if i jumped out from a burning pot only to land on the fire underneath.
“Oh Lord please don’t let this fire burn Samuel as-well” i prayed as i stepped into my room.
Perhaps it was my thoughts that blinded me or my fears that clouded my sight and prevented me from seeing Mariam and Timi engaged in a scuffle. But It was to late to avert disaster as Timi’s falling body crashed on me without warning. My head smashed on the wall, while his elbow broke my lips. My bucket instantly fell, watering my room in the process. Mariam screamed in panic…
Timi quickly composed himself, helped me to my feet and muttered some quick apologies. He really was very embarrassed, and avoided meeting my gaze out of shame.
Mariam quickly overcame her shock, rushed to my balcony, grabbed a clean piece of rag and started scrubbing my room with it. Timi joined her moments later, when he saw that i was alright, while i quickly carried my books which were neatly arranged on the floor and spread them out on my balcony to dry.
Truly the whole scene came as a shock and surprise to me, but it really was an accident so i blamed no one. Surprisingly Timi and Mariam worked harmoniously together like newly married couples as they scrubbed my room, their quarrels forgotten as if it never happened. I smiled in appreciation as i watched them, even though i still felt a little pain on my head.
“Timi really is a nice guy” i finally admitted to myself, because he displayed some attributes which i never knew was in him. “Sometimes casually reading a person dosen’t really tell us all we need to know, and most times we end up forming a very bad opinion about such person due to our casual observation” i reasoned with a sigh.
I quickly fried plantain which we all ate together minutes later, and i almost bursted into laughter as i watched Timi trying so hard to make Mariam smile.
“Please help me plead to your friend, she dosen’t understand how much i love her” he finally pleaded to me. I blushed and stared at Mariam without knowing what to tell her,
“Don’t give me that look Mary, he should first tell me if he truly belongs to a cult group or not, if he really wants me” she fired back. I stared at Timi with a shrug. He instantly looked down as if he was given a very difficult condition.
“Will the truth change anything?” he asked seconds later,
“I don’t know” she replied haughtily,
“Yes i do belong to a cult group” he muttered with a deep breathe.
A huge terrifying silence fell in my room as his confession registered into our head….
For the first time, i wished he had lied…
“No it’s a lie” Mariam screamed with a loud voice, while Timi humbly knelt by her side like a condemned servant.
I really was very shocked and stunned with his confession, because even though he did the right thing by saying the truth, it looked that moment as if he just poured water over a raging petrol fire.
I was very much at loss on what to do, and in a vegetable state i was as i watched the whole drama keenly. Mariam just looked like someone who just saw a ghost by the way her eyes blazed that moment.
I don’t doubt some folks who always argue that sometimes “a sweet well told lie is hundred times better than a bitter truth”. The tensed up situation that morning was enough to seal my belief.
“Baby it really doesn’t change who i am, please don’t let it come between our love” i heard Timi beg, but his effort only earned him a dirty slap which sound echoed in my room, leaving a huge lump in my throat.
“So you took me for granted all these while? she barked like an angry wolf, while Timi gently rubbed his left chin where the hot slap landed. Surely that slap really was so hot and terrifying. Only the force by which it was delivered and the sound which erupted from it was enough to deafen his ear for months. Yet he still knelt humbly as if the slap was nothing but a friendly pat.
“Oh what a man”
“Leave this room right now?” my friend barked, pushing him backwards in a violent manner. I instantly jumped up in his defence,
“Girl you are taking this too far, chill nau” i begged with a slightly raised tone, which made her stare at me with a surprised look.
I wasn’t blind not to notice that my friend was using her annoyance to abuse her boyfriend, who probably thought he was doing the right thing by calmly recieving the whole tantrum thrown at him. I knew Mariam clearly wasn’t with her mind and was extremely blinded with fury, which left me with no other choice than to intervene.
So you are now defending him abi??, how am i sure you two aren’t into this together” Mariam accused with an angry scowl,
“Oh Christ” i exclaimed….
“Timi please can you leave us alone” i calmly asked Timi who looked at me curiously,
“Don’t worry you will hear from us this evening” i assured him with a faint smile. He shrugged, stood up and left without another word.
I instantly faced Mariam furiously with hands on my waist after Timi had left.
“What was that outburst all about??, what is even wrong with you, what has gotten over you eeh??” i asked angrily, but she just kept quiet and bit her lips,
“Please you should learn how to control your anger, you are a girl, i won’t involve myself in your problems again, for all i care you can go pour kerosene on him and strike a match-stick mtcheew” i barked before lying down on my bed.
I really was very bitter and angry over her annoying comment, which made me pour out my whole mind to her without reservation, even though i later regretted it especially when i noticed the apology in her eyes. She truly was in a sorry state but such misguided comments are what i really can never tolerate.
“I’m sorry” i heard her apologize moments later. An apology which i knew took out much effort from her,
“Sorry” is a word which really has the capability of stopping fights, quarrels, disputes and even wars, but it’s also a very simple word which is very hard to say, considering our pride, because it means you accept being at fault.
“Common nah stop vexing, you know i wasn’t myself when i made that comment eeh” she pleaded and tickled me. I smiled sat up and faced her.
“It’s okay lets forget about it” i muttered with a smile, which made her hug me gratefully. Truly Mariam really isn’t the quarrelsome type and that also made our friendship very strong as if we were sisters.
“What do you think i should do about Timi?” i soon heard her ask,
“It all depends on you and how you still feel about him” i replied,
“I still do love him even though i hate to admit it, and i don’t know the reason i’m still feeling this way, you know how much i hate cultism and cultists” she poured out with a coloured face,
“My dear love is a very strong feeling which can’t be easily erased, moreover i just noticed he is a nice guy, so maybe its your destiny to change and led him towards the right path, i can only advice you to be careful and hold back a little portion of your heart” i advised,
“Don’t you” she tried to argue, but i instantly placed a finger on her lips,
“ssshhh, i know you didn’t sleep last night, so lie down, sleep and think it over” i advised like a nursery school teacher. She shrugged and obeyed without another word.
I smiled, laid beside her, took a novel from my travelling bag, began reading it, and soon found myself in fantasy land. A land of bright hopes where good dreams come true.
“I’m going back to him” My dear friend said to me, when she finally woke up around 4pm,
“That’s cool dear” i replied happily,
“But please you will follow me to his room” she begged, i shrugged and accepted.
An hour later after freshening up, we walked to Timi’s room together and knocked calmly on his door.
He opened his door seconds later, breathed deeply with hopeful eyes when he saw us, while Mariam winked at me before hugging him passionately. A very surprised Timi held her tightly and thanked me with his eyes.
I instantly turned and left for my room with tears of joy, satisfaction and relief in my eyes……

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