[STORIES] My Father Killers Episode 4 ( Final Episode )

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🍎🌹 CHAPTER 4 🍎🌹
(final chapter)

In the detective’s office where everyone is in a state of confusion, Inem finally steps out of the rest room and walks into the office.
“Pics Art!” Inem screamed.
Watching her closely, Juliet asked
“Who are you? How do you know that name?”
“Pics Art, it’s I. If you don’t believe, I could tell you the origin of the name” Juliet just stared.
“Remember that day in school, when we first met, you…”
realising that this was really Inem, she cut her short
“No no no no” signalling to Inem the presence of the adults in the room. A sign that the story was a secret.
“Is this what you meant by I’ld see you today?”
“Hey! Juliet what are you talking about?”
“Mom, she came to me in my dream last night. She asked me to stop crying because I would see her today. Best, so this is really you”
They hugged each other. All this while, Mrs Dickson just watched.
“Inem, can you tell us what is going on? Your body is in the mortuary or, is it not yours?” Mrs Becky asked with fear and anger in her tone.
“He gave me a new body”
“He, who? Better start talking”
Juliet had to a take a sit. This was going to be long ride.
Turning to face her mother, Inem started:
“Mom, the day I turned 13, a man started visiting me. He kept visiting me every night at exactly eight pm. He taught me to always keep to time. This man was always dressed in white and he’s really handsome.”
It seemed nobody wanted to ask about this man, so Inem continued.
“He had come to visit me that fateful night. The same night I died twice”
Inem just stepped out of the kitchen that evening with her uncle at her heels screaming at her. The wall clock in the living room showed that the time was eight o’clock pm. Just then, a man dressed in a white apparel walked into the house. At the same minute, Inem turned to face her uncle but received a knife in her chest instead. She dropped dead on her face. Her uncle ran to her calling her name and shaking every bone left in her. The man in white walked to her body and tapped her on the shoulder and she got up. As they turned to walk out of the house, she heard her uncle crying. She turned to see why her uncle was crying considering she was alive and fine. It was then she realized that in her uncle’s arms, she laid dead. Her uncle pulled the knife out of her chest and wrapped his shirt around her body. Every move her uncle made intensified the pains of the stab from where she stood.
“Am I dead?” she asked the man.
“Follow me” was all he said. With that, he took her hand and led her out of the house. Immediately they got outside, the house started burning. Inem tried running into the house to help her uncle out, but the man stopped her.
“You are dead” he reminded her. He turned to watch another corner of the house and Inem followed his gaze. She saw Rose, their neighbour throw a jerrican into the fire and run out of the compound. Then she saw Juliet run for the exit too. But she hit her leg and fell. She couldn’t get up. She kept gasping for breath till she passed out.
“What is she doing here?”
“She gave you the gift in your chest”
“The knife? My bestfriend stabbed me?”
“No, she was only trying to protect you. That stab was for your uncle”
Inem turned to watch the burning house again. She felt herself burning within the four walls of that house. She watched everything her father had ever worked for burn to ashes in one night. Red flames rose higher past the windows of that bungalow to it’s roof. She didn’t see her uncle come out. She watched herself die a second time. Then the man led her out of the compound.
“Who is he? Where did he take you to?” her mom asked with tears in her eyes.
“He took me to the beach where he drew something in the sand and asked me to lie in it. Then, he breathed into my nostrils and I came back alive with a new body. But, he let the pains from the stab remain. His name is Jesus”
“Jesus? Are you talking of miracles?” Mrs Becky asked with a note of sarcasn.
“Yes, a miracle. The same miracle that brought Juliet back to life”
“How do you know that?” Mrs Becky asked. Inem smiled.
At the hospital:
Inemesit and a man in white apparel stand holding hands beside Juliet’s sick bed. Inem seems to be in tears but none is rushing down her eyes. They are both watching Juliet and her mum. Mrs Becky takes her daughter’s hand in her’s crying. It is at this point Inem asks the man beside her:
“Is she going to die?” Inem asked the man.
“Unless someone prays for her. But not you”
Quickly, Inem went to where Mrs Becky knelt and whispered to her
“But you were busy searching for who spoke to you. I had to shout the next time I said it
because Juliet was loosing time. You prayed and he cleared her lungs and he breathed a
fresh breath into her lungs. That was his sign, preparing you for today. As for Rose, she
needs a psychiatrist rather than a prison. She has a psychasthenia best explained by a
“Yes mom. He sent me with a sign to you too”
Inem walked to her mother and raised her from her chair then left her to stand on her own. Mrs Dickson wobbled for a while and then stood still. Her legs no longer ached. Her bones were firm. She was healed.
“Do you need another sign?” Inem asked Mrs Becky. The young woman in response rose, hugged her once lost daughter with tears of submission then dropped to her knees proclaiming
“Indeed, there is a God. Jesus is Lord”

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