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[STORIES] The Hunded Chapter 6


💝 The Hunted 💝

💞She’s mine! Protect her no matter what!💞
Surprise chapter🤗😘
By naijalanded writer ✍️💝

Chapter 6 💖

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“Mm mm “the bitch Nolee hissed and i hissed back no one messes up with Arielle and and gets away with it.
She glared dangerously at me, if looks can kill i would be six feet under now. Not before taking her with me we can go together i still have some unfinished business with her.
Finally the spoiled brat Nolee cat walked away from our table with her two friends or should I say slaves.
“I wish i can pull that fake hair of hers out”i said boiling with anger, how dare she ask about Kayden.
“Calm down Elle you’re acting like a jealous girlfriend”Max said and I scoffed how can he say such thing? me jealous because of my brother Kayden, never.
But wait! was i acting like a jealous girlfriend? No I wasn’t I was trying to protect my brother from a slut like Nolee, she isn’t worth brother Kayden.
Finally lunch break was over i even lost my appetite because of that stupid Nolee.
4 hours later💖
Finally lectures are over now.
I love school but Nolee ruined my day for me gosh she’s so annoying.
“So see you on Monday Elle”Max said giving me a small hug.
“Ok Max have a great weekend”i slightly smiled at him.
“Should I come over to your place tomorrow? “Max asked and i panicked what if Kayden gets angry and hurt him again no i can’t Max is my friend I don’t want my brothers to act crazy around him.
“No no Max you can’t ” I quickly replied.
“Why? ” he scoffed.
“Brother Kayden and Alden are going to be there, you know how possessive they’re I can’t risk it Max, besides I’m going shopping with mom I will be busy”I said.
“Elle i don’t care about what your brothers will say, for god sakes Elle you’re 18 already you’re old enough to have friends even a boyfriend” Max said raising his voice a little.
Max always reminds me of how old i am to make my own decisions. I’m just scared I’ve always obeyed what my brothers said i can’t change it now, can I?
“Think about it Elle, just live a little stop being scared of your brothers for once and be you, you haven’t even gotten you first kiss yet” he said chuckling.
“Ok Max I’ll think about it bye” i said waving at him and he waved back.
I boarded a taxi and payed the taxi driver. I kept thinking about what Max said *stop being scared of your brothers for once and be you*.
I was so lost in my thoughts that i didn’t even realize that we’ve arrived.
I saw brother Kayden at the gate it looked like he was waiting for someone i suddenly got nervous somehow i felt like he was waiting for me.
What if he wants to talk about Max,what if he tells me to stop being friends with Max? He is the only friend i have. Almighty please help your child I quickly prayed.
“Good afternoon brother Kayden” i greeted nervously walking quickly past him. He scoffed loudly.
He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me gently so that my back can hit his rock hard chest.
My breathing suddenly hitched, oh god i couldn’t breath. I feel electricity flowing through my body.
I feel those sparks again, I’ve never felt these sparks whenever I’m near Max or when I hug him.
My heart started beating faster like a fat man was playing a big loud drum in my heart.
Time stopped, it felt like it was just me and him in our little world together.
His breath was fanning my neck, I found it so hard to breath.
My mind stopped, with goosebumps all over my body.
I couldn’t move, i couldn’t talk i felt so safe in his hands. Words just jammed.
My whole body vibrated like a vibrator with burning desires.
What’s happening to me? . What is Kayden doing to me?.
And then he said the unexpected “YOU’RE 1 MINUTE LATE PRINCESS” my eyes dimmed.
Wait!! WHAT??!!
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