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πŸ’ The HuntedπŸ’

πŸ’žShe’s mine! Protect her no matter what!πŸ’ž
By naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’ž

Chapter 3πŸ’

Author’s povπŸ’–
Kayden kept stealing glances at Arielle on his scooter’s mirror, her silk her was flawless flying with the wind.
She had a beautiful smile on her face which means she was enjoying the ride.
He loves making his princess happy even if its just for a day.
On the other hand Arielle was also stealing glances at Kayden but he was too overjoyed to notice.
Even Arelle herself doesn’t know why she feels so happy when she’s around Kayden.
Her touch alone makes him rock hard, Arielle was holding him tight by the waist.
Oh! How he wished this moment would last forever, how he wished he can have her in his arms forevermore.
Words were not spoken their hearts said everything that was left unsaid between them.
Now the moment he dreaded the most has came they were already at the college gate.
He wanted to go to a far away place where there can only be Arielle and him away from the horrible world that surrounded them, he wants the best for his princess she deserves the best because she’s the best.
“Brother Kayden we’re here”I said snapping him out of his thoughts
“OK princess have a nice day”he said.
I don’t know why but whenever he calls me princess i feel butterflies dancing in my belly.
“Hey Elle”only one person calls me that which is my friend Max.
He is a very handsome boy he has brownish hair, straight pointed nose and he is a little bit taller than me by just few inches but he’s not handsome like my brother Kayden thou why am i even comparing them? I thought.
I met Max on my third day in College I was this shy girl who didn’t have any friends so he offered to be my friend at first I didn’t agree because of my brothers but he didn’t give up he kept insisting so i agreed since then we’ve been good friends.
Many girls envied me for being friends with Max but I saw it as a normal thing.
Any normal girl would drool over how cute Max is but i only see him as a friend and nothing more.
Many girls in College wants to date Max.
“Who’s he? ” brother Kay asks clenching his jaw.
“Am Max, Arielle’s friend” Max introduces himself with his hand on my shoulder , but brother Kay keeps on clenching and un clenching his knuckles until they’re turning white I know my brothers are possessive when it comes to me so I’m not surprised.
They don’t like it when I talk to the opposite gender especially brother Kay.
That’s why I didn’t tell them about Max I didn’t want them to scare him away he is my best friend.
Oh no! I hope brother Kayden doesn’t hurt him.
Brother Kay snatchers Max hand away from my shouder and grabs him by his collar.
“If I ever see you that close to her then i will break every single bone in your body do you understand me little boy?”Kay thundred, Max nods looking scared of Kayden, he has never acted like this before his eyes suddenly darken.
Now I’m truly scared for Max.
Only one question strikes my mind why is he acting like this?
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